How Gamers Can Optimize Gaming Experience Without Compromising Gadget Quality


There was a time when gaming was all about joystick and pressing arrow keys to move the character and kill the villains. But since gaming got much attention creators evolved the way gaming is in today’s era making it as virtually real as possible. While many gamers compromising regarding the gaming lags and bugs in their PCs.

It’s not always about buying the latest gaming laptop to enhance your gaming experience. Everyone doesn’t have the financial means to afford Gaming PCs as soon as they hit the store shelf. Let’s see a few tricks you can opt to optimize gaming experience without compromising gadget quality.

Just to give the gamers the best tip for better and enhanced online gaming experience, it is suggested to use a VPN for online MMORPG games. It not only bypass restrictions but it also helps to reduce latency and ping on major hauls.

Clean Up CPU And Memory Space

At times what we fail to recognize is the gadgets memory storage. The memory leads to systems halt as it needs storage space to run necessary functions. Disabling unnecessary startup apps is a fast way to free up CPU and memory space which will slightly improve the performance of your PC and gaming. As your PC loads, it consumes memory disabling these apps of no use enhances your gaming experience. What gamers do is, hard shut down PC from the power button losing the game data which wasn’t saved.

While utilizing Windows PC, it has a built-in tool to stop startup apps in the Task Manager section. If you are wondering which app is hindering the PC performance the you can simply check in the Task Manager system and see if it is enabled. If so, then disable the app and stop the issues causing by it in the PC.

Upgrade Graphics Drivers

If you’re a gamer, it’s beneficial to assume you’ve got either AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphics card under the hood. For optimum gaming performance, you cannot rely on Windows pre-installed graphics cards. If you use both the mentioned graphics cards then your PC is in good shape as both offers a wide range of latest drivers for their GPUs.

Its advised not to depend on the disk which came with your graphics card as they provide limited performance and would not handle games which require more juice to run. AMD and NVIDIA are round the clock working on increasing the game compatibility and fixing graphics anomalies, so you don’t have to blame the PC for its slow processor. The website of AMD and NVIDIA is filled with all the customer support providing compatibility with almost every consumer class graphics card based on one of the company’s GPUs. Keep in mind, upgrade to the newest drivers whenever you chose to switch to a new game.

Adjust in-game settings

Apart from focusing on the graphics cards and processors, tweaking in-game settings could possibly enhance gaming performance. At the expense of compromising image quality, you can manually control the driver’s graphics settings if reduced could cater to better performance. For some, the graphics card settings may seem to be a struggle, but the In-game control panel can be browsed easily.

Hypothetically speaking you can set these settings.

  • Setting Texture quality to minimum, medium or high
  • Reducing Initializing
  • Reducing resolution
  • Lowering lighting quality

By doing that you will eventually put less strain on the graphics card, reducing the chance of them heating up leading to better gaming output. How exactly? When the in-game frame rates are reduced, the game does not snatch all the power at once; it reduces the power consumed making the gaming faster.

Tempering Graphics Driver Settings

Downloading the latest drivers does not mean you will end up having top-notch performance. Few settings need tweaking to get optimized results, but one thing needs attention. Moderating with settings will hinder your image quality. That’s how it works, reducing image quality will enhance the gaming performance.

3D gaming settings are provided in the graphics driver’s control panel where you shall find the Manage 3D Settings menu in AMD’s Catalyst driver suite and NVIDIA’s

GeForce drivers. Going through the menu, you will come across texture filtering which cleans up mapped texture working for reducing lags on hard edges, Ambient occlusion, and Vertical-Sync. After lowering the level of texture filtering, it will directly increase the gaming performance. Hypothetically speaking Anti Aliasing should be pre-set to application-controlled, but decreasing the AA level will further enhance performance.

At times screen tearing artifacts can be seen while gaming which distorts the pixels for which it is advised to keep the V-Sync enabled to ultimately optimize the gaming experience.

That’s All Folks for your

Gaming Experience

At times the frustration of lags and hangs of the PC makes one want to throw their PC and ask their parents for a new one. Well, hold your horses and see what is causing the lags. At the least, your game processing can be made better without compromising gadget quality or switching to a new one. How? Well go to our blog, and you’ll be amazed at things that you surf while going through your game settings which if tempered can increase your gaming output.

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Junaid Hussain is a tech fancier who strongly believes that technology makes the modern world smarter. He’s a workaholic individual who never settles for anything less than great. Junaid is currently working for ReviewsDir to develop the strong community for tech lovers. His passion is work-work-work-and-party – and to wander with his friends.

Top 5 Pokemon that Everybody Hates- Honest Review

Pokemon that everybody hates

We have recently shared list of Pokemon that everybody loves but what about the pokemon that everyone hates? What pokemon are out there that the vast majority of people despise? And well today I’m here to answer said question. By giving you guys the Top 5 Pokemon that Everybody hates. Now of course not every pokemon on this list is hated by everyone, because that’s literally impossible to have. But these 5 pokemon are some of the most infamously hated in the entire series by a vast majority of the community.

Number #1 Male Combee:

Coming in at the number 1 spot we have a pokemon that has been the bane of my existence since its introduction in generation , Male Combee. Now if this were a list of pokemon that I personally hate, then this pokemon would be way higher up on the list. Just look at this video here if you need proof of that, but since this is about everybody’s opinion I’ve decided to have it just barely make the list. The reason why its lower is because I feel that male combee is kinda underrated in terms of hate, as not a lot of people even really remember this pokemon to begin with.

But for those who do remember this hot piece of garbage they can go on for days as to why this pokemon sucks literal ass. Firstly if we take a look at purely its design you can’t argue how dumb and stupid it looks. Objectively it’s literally just a honeycomb with wings and three stupid faces. But not only does its design look trash but stat wise combee is just as bad if not even worse.

Sure Bug buzz is great but you don’t get that move until level  and by that time you should already have a vespiquen. Oh yeah but that doesn’t really matter since the only way to get vespiquen is to have a FEMALE COMBEE. Yes that means if you have a male combee, you’re essentially stuck with it for the rest of eternity.

I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy. But honestly this wouldn’t be that much of a problem right? I mean how hard is it to catch a female combee? Well, considering the gender ratio is about % female let’s just say your going to be spending a long time slathering honey on trees. This might sound contradictory towards my stance on Salandit and Salazzle, but Salandit by itself doesn’t take hours to get, as well as the fact that you are able SOS chain them, making the process of finding a female salandit or salazzle much faster.

Number #2 Regigigas:

When it comes to Legendary pokemon, they’re always viewed as larger than life beings that can pretty much destroy anything without breaking a sweat. And in most cases that reigns to be true with the likes of rayquaza, mewtwo, dialga, palkia, zekrom, and of course the titans. But one of, if not the biggest disappointment out of all the legendaries to be introduced to the series has to be none other than the king of the titans, Regigigas. I mean it’s just not good is it.

Regigigas was hyped up to be this absolute monster by gamefreak telling us that it moved continents and created the regitrio. And when you take a look at its stats, it definitely seems to look like that’s the case. I mean base 160 attack and no statline besides special attack under 100, where could you go wrong? And well there’s two words you need to know, slow start. For those who don’t know slow start is an ability that halves the attack and speed stats of regigigas for 5 whole turns.

So that jaw-dropping  160 base stat is pretty much useless for  5 turns and that’s plenty of time for people to capitalize on that and take him out. I mean I know gamefreak had to nerf this pokemon, but did you seriously have to make it that weak. It’s literally unusable. And I have to say, it’s also kinda sad when your own creations, regirock, registeel and regice are literally stronger and more useful than you.

Number #3 Garbodor:

So we all know how much gen 5 gets ragged on for having bad pokemon so you gotta know that at least one of them were going to show up on this list. And since there are so many that are hated from the black and white games I’ve decided to limit the amount of gen 5 pokemon to just one. That may not make sense in the grand scheme of things, but its my list I do what I want. And with that said, this next pokemon, may sound contradictory considering it was in last weeks articles, but yes even though I like garbodor as a Pokemon I can’t deny the amount of hate this pokemon receives.

You cannot go to a single “Worst Pokemon” list on the internet without seeing this thing make an appearance. I mean out of all the quote unquote bad pokemon that came from unova most of them to people have some redeeming qualities. With the elemental monkeys it’s that simisage looks pretty cool, and with vanilluxe it’s got some tie ins to american culture, but Garbodor? Literally nothing about it to people is redeeming. It’s ugly, its garbage, and well its really ugly.

Even though that’s kind of the point people are repulsed by how much gross detail there is on garbodor’s design. I will say the pigtails and mouth can be a little much at times too, and these gross noodle fingers that shoots out liquid its just euhh, It’s disgusting! But at the end of the day it’s a pokemon based on trash and like it or not people don’t like looking at trash, that’s why naturally it’s always thrown out.

Number #4 Unown:

Next pokemon on the list somehow finds a way to top it. I mean, when it comes to disappointments, I can’t say there’s any bigger one than the Unown. I mean do we really have to go into it? These things have to be the most useless pokemon in the entire franchise. They’re weak, they know one move, and they have very uninspired designs. I mean they’re literally just letters and punctuation marks nothing much else to them.

Sure they didn’t need to be amazing designs and not everything needs to be competitively sound, but can they at least have some value in the game. I remember watching the rd pokemon movie with entei and the unown and saw how powerful all of them were and thought, hey maybe catching all of them would mean something. I mean they’re important enough to get there own movie, they gotta at least have some sort of relevance in the game right?

I spent days trying to catch all the unown, thinking that it would unlock me some super secret special event, but no I just wasted days of my life. And I know this is something people did as well as I see many posts online from people complaining about how worthless and useless these stupid things are. And considering you had to solve a puzzle to even find these things just adds up to it being a giant waste of time. Seriously gamefreak what was the point of all this?

Number #5 Zubat:

Yes, the number 5 pokemon that everybody hates has to be zubat. Now honestly there really isn’t much to explain here as it’s pretty much self-explanatory. Ever since the gen 1 games zubat has always been a thorn in peoples side simply because of how often you run into this pokemon in the wild. Especially when traversing through a long and annoying cave like Mt Moon or Rock tunnel. At these points in the game, you’re likely not going to have much money as you just haven’t battled enough or you’ve spent most of it on Poke Balls and potions, so it’s almost guaranteed you won’t have many repels to fend off these terrors of the dark. I mean look at these numbers. You have a 79% chance to run into zubat in Mt Moon and a 55% chance in Rock Tunnel.

That’s absolutely insane!

And if there’s the off chance you don’t have flash and you get lost in rock tunnel, you could have to deal with this (zubat cry) for a REALLY long time! And it’s not just the original Kanto games. Almost every single pokemon game ever made has Zubat appearing at least once, but usually more. It’s literally been torturing multiple generations of players, old and new. And if that wasn’t bad enough, in the only games that that zubat doesn’t appear in, being Black and White, we were cursed with it’s Unova counterpart Woobat, who appears pretty much just as often in caves as Zubat.

No matter where you go or what games you play, you cannot escape it’s curse. And even when you try to fight them off, they constantly hit you with annoying moves like Leech life, Supersonic, Astonish, and confuse ray. I’m convinced this Pokemon was 100% made with the intent to drive the player insane and I’m willing to bet anything that the majority of fans would agree. There’s no denying it, Zubat HAS to be the most hated pokemon of all time. If you are looking for best pokemon games and reviews you must visit Pokemonlog Blog

Top 10 Video Games 2019

Video Games 2019

Video Games 2019

Here we are, nearly halfway through 2019, and still looking forward to games scheduled to release. The 2019 lineup is impressive. Equally impressive is the video games that came out for 2018. It is hard to follow a very successful year, but they have managed to do so.

Below you will find the top 10 video games 2019, followed by the 6 best games released in 2018. Directly under the title will show the gaming systems they are available for. Also, if you want to know which video game console is best for you, go here: Tips for choosing your Video Game Console.

Top 10 video games (so far) for 2019

1. Apex Legends

PS4, Xbox One, PC

This is a heart-pounding, back to the wall gunplay game that is rating number one everywhere.  This game provides non-stop gun-fights with a storm of bullets that never end. The excitement of 3v3’s combined with a treasure of top-drawer weapons and the powers of the character, keeps your heart pounding. Apex is pushing to be a contender for the best battle royale games on the market. This is the first potential rival for Fortnite Phenomenon. The modern guns are top of the line.

2. Art School


Strange, weird, and oddly fun are just a few of the words players have used to describe this awesome game. The game was just released in February but has quickly gained speed. Using your MS Paint-like canvas, you are charged with doing various and random assignments. In your effort to be the best artist you can be, you are provided with a Al professor who will grade your assignments. These assignments are not easy. You have to grow in the game to get the tools you need to succeed. This is a thinking game and it is very life-like. If there are any folks around with liberal arts degrees, prepare to see them go into an art-world trance.

3. Baba Is You

PC, Switch

Just released in March of 2019, this puzzler is different than any 2D puzzler before it. It has four basic rules.

The flag is a win

Wall is stop

Rocks are to be pushed

You must push the rocks aside to touch the flag for the win

This sounds easy, right? Not exactly. You soon understand that all the words on the screen are a movable tile and you can modify each of the cardinal rules to complete a puzzle in an entirely different way. This brain teaser is highly addictive.

4. Devil May Cry 5

PS4, Xbox One, PC

This game came out in March and it was widely accepted. This game has been called sexy, stylish, and super-cool. The storyline is about Nero evolving into an actual major character instead of a dead weight. This game is equal parts Hot Topic, Fury Road, ad Showdown in Little Tokyo. It is filled with action and heart-stopping graphics.

5. The Division 2

  PS4, Xbox One, PC

This game is already being called the best loot shooter of the decade. This is a twisted tale of post-apocalyptic Washington, DC. You are sucked into the narrative from the get-go.  The shooter mechanics and a new drop-in matchmaking system is really cool but add a much smarter enemy and you have an unpredictable and customized gameplay.

 6. Hypnospace Outlaw


The strange simulation of internet culture in the 1990s makes this game instantly addictive. Players are expected to moderate Hypnospace, which is an online hub. They are charged with stopping hackers, scammers, trolls, and copyright thieves. Enjoy a puzzler that skewers politics. With that comes corruption, and social developments. Deal with out of control teens, punk rock bands, spiritualists (New Age) in a pre-MySpace world.

7. Katana ZERO

PC, Switch

Action platformer is a mix of art and action. Include a samurai quest and Katana duels and instant death. This game has an 80s feel and it has the best soundtrack. Enjoy the trauma of life and of death with a twisted and unexpected. Prepare to be mentally challenged. Expect combat sequences. Be prepared for timeless paragons while watching for Askiisoft execution.

8. Kingdom Hearts III

PS4, Xbox One

It is fair to say, no one knows what the heck is going on with Kingdom Hearts III. What we do know is the creators promised a conclusion that would blow our minds, and they have succeeded. The game is all about Sora’s great big adventure. The players are all-things Disney, The game pivots to include new players with old. This game welcomed in the first of the year with a release date of January 25th.

9. Life Is Strange 2

 PS4, Xbox One, PC

The beginning of the game is innocent enough. Two adolescent brothers who try to keep up with every second of life in Seattle. They do a search for party supplies. The search throws the boys into a catastrophic series of events.  This is a fun game and it will keep you on your toes. Listen for a flawless soundtrack from world-famous performers.

10. Mortal Kombat 11

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat, then you know the Mortal Kombat series is in a league of its own. The game is beyond action packed. It is full of wonders. It is one of the best fighting games with unreal fatalities. There are new characters and long-time favorites.

The graphics and storylines are second to none. If you have never played MK, you should. MK11 is the essence of quality games for a budget.

Top six games released in 2018

  1. Red Dead Redemption PS4 Xbox One
  2. Into The Breach PC Switch
  3. God of War PS4
  4. Tetris Effect PS4
  5. Spider-man PS4
  6. Subnautica PS4, XBox One. PC,MAC

So, there you have it the best games of the year and f last year. But, do not count us out. The year is not even half over and there is much more in the plans. Stay tuned, gamers. It’s going to be a great year.

So from this list of Video games 2019, which one do you have?

Enjoy more video games by visiting our home page.

Best New Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games

Gone are the days of games that had simple puzzles and people could invite facebook friends to participate in games. Nowadays, tons of new games are developed and available which allow a multiplayer facility to enjoy the whole thing more powerfully. These games include real Pap or co-o, multiplayer elements in the video games make them more interesting and challenging with more players involved. If you are looking to enjoy your time with your friends, here are the best multiplayer games.

Adventure Quest 3D

The latest multiplayer game on mobile is Adventure Quest 3D which has tons of exciting quests and dungeons to explore. It also provides complete platform support. The game can be played on both PC and a mobile phone; the game stands out from the rest because it has a great multiplayer platform with many people to participate. Since its release, there have been a few hiccups; however, the game is becoming more popular each day.

Asphalt Legends 9

It is a new popular game that is played very much like its older versions. The game allows players to unlock many cars and various races. The multiplayer capability allows many humans to play with the computer’s artificial intelligence AI or with other human beings, which is why Asphalt Legends 9 is an above average multiplayer game for the video game lovers. You can race quickly with any of your vehicles and the graphics are really very good. The game mechanics are simple. Some people complain that the latest version is a little too simple, but this is an arced game that is simple, yet super exciting.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a new first-person shooting game that has a traditional look. The game offers a bunch of terrorist threats, the job of the player or multiplayer is to wipe the terrorists out of the planet. The game has no in-app purchases that may affect the playing of a game. However, the players can buy customizations for their gear and compete with the best of their skills.

Cross Road

Cross Road is an arcade platformer, the goal of the game is to cross various streams and roads without killing yourself. The longer a player continues, the longer he or she can survive. The playable characters are great, which is why Cross Road is the best multiplayer game ever. It can take some time to get a grip and kill the enemies; the game is an ultimate entertainment for the whole family


Hearthstone is a card dueling game. The multiplayer game allows players to build a deck with various cards online and then duel other players. There is an option available to test the decks against computer controlled AI players. However, the players have to create a account and can easily switch back and forth with their own free will. The game has the privilege to be the older multiplayer games around, the balance of the game is not actually half bad and it is quite popular.


Minecraft is the sweet favorite of a young generation that is the most popular multiplayer game on any platform such as PC or Android. A randomly generated world in the game helps you to do pretty much whatever you want as a player. A cross-platform play on Xbox is also possible with the latest game updates. The games provide two exciting modes to the players including creative and survival mode. In the creative mode, you cannot die without a reason; survival mode spawns bad guys that can kill players easily. The game price is $699 that makes it a much better purchase than many other expensive games.

Why 2019 is going to be Big Year in Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

In the New Year 2019, numerous latest video games are scheduled to be released in the coming months. In late January, Kingdom Heart 3 has already emerged as a gift to video game leers. Some more major games are expected to arrive in the summer of 2019 such as the Last US: Part II on Play station 4. Nintendo game new version of Pokémon is also coming this year, the middle of 2019 will see many new video game launches. So why we think that 2019 will be the gaming industry year? Keep reading to find out.

The Year Started with Disney Games

If you love a ride into the world of Disney games, then 2019 is going to be a super cool year for you. The long-awaited arrival of Kingdom Heart 3 in January this year won the hearts of many in the world. Dragon Age also released in February 2019 that was all super hit. Here we will look at the most exciting and hottest video games of 2019 to be released.

  1. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is the favorite classic horror game that is nearly ready to be released in the New Year. Leon Kennedy is the main character in the video game Resident Evil 4, which is why Kennedy and Claire both get involved in a breathtaking adventure in the middle of a surprise zombie outbreak in the Raccoon city. It is the best treatment for someone who loves action and adventure games with a touch of horror; it will work great on the new modern consoles as well.

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

The famous gang of Rex, Buzz, and Woody is transferring from the actual motion picture to a video game in 2019 with Kingdom Hearts 3 set to release as a video game on Xbox One and Play Station 4. It is yet another exciting action game for the adventure lovers; when Kingdom Hearts 2 was released in 2005, it was a big hit on Play Station 2 and Disney characters are loved by everyone in the world. Alongside a cast of the Toy Story, Donald Duck and Goofy are also the characters of Kingdom Hearts 3.

  1. Apex Legends

It is a great shooter centered game available on a lot of gaming platforms in full colors. If you have enjoyed Titan fall games before, you will certainly enjoy Apex Legends made by Ripsaw Entertainment. It is an excellent first person shooting game and the greatest game for multiplayer mode. It is more of a Battle Royal game that is equally good for Play Station 4, PC, and Xbox One.

  1. Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry 5 was a similar game was released last year in 2018, it was released on the Play Station 4 back in March last year, however, PC users and Xbox One lovers also enjoyed that game. In America, the open world first-person shooter was enjoyed for the first time by so many people. Far Cry new Dawn is a sequel to that game.

  1. Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 has been a work of art that has been delayed many times in recent years. It is also the third game in the open world. The game allows you to enjoy big mobility and you can go where you want. The game is fantastic for Xbox One users as well as PC users.

  1. Anthem

Like Destiny, Anthem is also playable on the Internet in which many players can participate and each one has the ability to fly in the air. It gives an Iron Man style that allows players to play whenever they want. It provides a layer of exploration for the game lovers that are unlike any other game on the planet. This game looks incredibly gorgeous; there is not a dull moment in the game that does not allow users to get bored. Released in February 2019, Xbox, PC, and Play Station 4 all support the game.

  1. Metro Exodus

Metro series of video games is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland shaped by nuclear radiation. The theme of the game is set in Russia like many other games; it is an extremely unpredictable game that keeps users busy and mentally engaged. It provides extreme weather conditions in Russia and also deals with many nuclear monsters that make your survival difficult. It is a game about survival and humanity, which is why it finally exists the underground subway tunnels of previous games. It is the most gruesome mage of 2019; its success remains to be seen as it is equally good for Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC.

  1. Trials Racing

The eight most gorgeous game of the year 2019 is Trials Racing which is a pretty straightforward racing game. It pilots a dirt bike through stages that are filled with dangerous traps and pitfalls. If you have any experience with bicycle or motorbike games, Trials Racing is all about your taste.

So do you agree that 2019 is the year for the gaming industry? Share your opinion in the comment box below

How to Make SEO more Effective for Game Promotion?

Game Promotion

Video games are becoming more popular as compared to past decades with the cutting edge advancement in technology; thousands of daily searches relate to video games on search engines, which is why utilizing smart search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for game promotion or gaming site improves visibility and authority. Research reveals that game sites require different SEO techniques that involve thorough planning and research. For game promotion, let us explore some of the coolest SEO techniques that help to target the desired audience for your game site.

Major Factors

Before discussing these  SEO techniques, let us consider some of the important factors while creating your game site.

  • Know your gaming site well; it is important to know what kind of game site you want. For example, it may contain game proposals, game blogs, and apps. Gamers want to access the content that suits their desires,
  • Analyze the competition because there are many game sites on the Internet, which is why a proper competitor analysis can help to provide details about other game sites and latest trends to enhance your SEO game.
  • Know your community well so that gamers can interact and communicate with each other.

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Comprehensive SEO Strategies

Now that you know what factors are most important to consider for a gaming site, let us dive deeper into the ocean of SEO to make your game site more effective and productive.

  1. Create Video Content

Since the success of many game sites is due to posting videos on YouTube or Dailymotion, you should include streaming videos and video content to steadily improve your search results. The video can become a part of your social media campaign as well. Stick with a specific format for the video content and make it approachable and relatable.

Build Forum Links to Promote Game Site

There are many gaming forums and blogs on the Internet where gamers enjoy interesting discussions about their favorite games and share up to date news. Forums can help promote SEO and allow gamers to link back to your website easily.

Engage in Social Media Campaign

To reach your potential gaming audience, social media is the best platform that attracts thousands of visitors who can communicate with messages on social media and post their comments. You can receive a number of shares or likes to provide viewers a gaming-related content that touches their hearts. Therefore, the Facebook or Twitter page would certainly help to update the visitors.

Add Character to your Content

Your written content should also have some personality in addition to video content so that people find it compelling to read. Many articles and blogs interest gamers who are on the lookout to increase their knowledge; you can provide game reviews to guarantee good traffic from the Internet using high-quality content. A professional content writer who knows the strategy to create a stunning video game content can change the SEO results very quickly, therefore, find a writing style that is unique and excites users.

In the end, I would like to benefit all readers with one of the best free SEO tools which is very helpful for a gaming site. It will help in finding the flow of traffic on your site and evaluate where you are lacking behind. As it will be very beneficial to track ranking, hence it will let you know where your site is standing in the market. It will also show you recent tracks so that these steps will be more helpful in order to make your site perfect for generating good traffic.

Top Best Racing Games to Play in 2018

What is that key factor that makes a game great? It’s a combination of many things such as, graphics, characters, animation which makes a game great and fun to play. Gaming is also about pulling the player into the game as if you are there in the drives seat looking for the right moment to shift that gear to win the lap. For those racing junkies who thrive on that thrill, check out the list of some of the best racing games that you have to try in 2018:

Dirt Rally (Car Racing)

Dirt Rally is made by Code masters and is one of the most realistic car racing games you will ever find. This game possesses better handling models along with a more realistic feel. The game will feature a lot of sideways driving on side slopes which will make you feel you are actually taking a part in a real rally race.

Shift Two

This game will truly make you feel what it’s like to race at a higher level. This game has a dynamic view along with faint charges based on background. The view is one of the most amazing factors of this game as it switches accordingly as you turn without making you feel even a bit disoriented. The sounds effects are as real as it gets and will give you the feel as you are driving in real life.

F1 2016 the Best PC Racing Game

The fan of this game had to wait a long time before Code master finally brought F12016 back on track. This game has the most persuasive career mode you will ever see in any racing game. The career mode will push you towards your limits, to a point where you will lose your drive entirely if you can’t perform well enough.  Graphics and other features are very realistic and will blow you off your shoes. It also contains a time trial mode along with customization options, all the little things that matter.

Driver: San Francisco

Fan believes every arcade game should be as good as this one right here. This game features legendary rides from every era. It’s an old school loves a game that will take you back to the 70s era with the engines squalling and tires burning.  You will be driving through the small congested roads of San Francisco where you have to find your way to the top. One of the amazing features of this game would be that you don’t have to drive just one car as the game will allow you to switch your vehicles often. This is one of the most fun game or classic car racing fans that include many adventurous scenarios including car chase etc.

If you’re a hardcore car racing fan who is looking for a fun game to play this year. We suggest you give these games a try as they are the best and the most fun games to play in 2018 according to an article on Help with Dissertation.

Some Fun Games to Play in the Dark

Fun Games

Fun Games

While the dark is frequently connected with being spooky or baffling, the dark can likewise be entertaining. The dark is where numerous recreations those players of any age can play long after the sun has gone down. Fun games can be played during the evening outside or can be played inside in rooms with the lights off. Here are a few amusements to appreciate oblivious.

Phantom Stories

The dark is the correct setting to recount apparition stories. Join around a pit fire or sit in a dim stay with only a couple of candles lit. Everybody sits near one another. Begin the amusement off by saying, “Quite a long time ago… “And after that have the individual by you include a sentence. Each sentence should add to the story and identify with something spooky, for example, phantoms or trolls. Urge members to utilize their creative impulses to make it as wild a story as could be allowed.

Shadow Facts

A dark room is an ideal place to make shadow figures with your hands. Sparkle a spotlight or a light at a divider and move your hands in a way that makes shapes on the divider. You can make a wide range of figures, for example, flying creatures, rabbits and even beasts. Draw nearer or encourage far from the electric lamp to perceive how the shadow figures change the estimate. You can even have shadow figure races or a challenge for the most creative shadow figure.

Find the stowaway

Everybody loves to play find the stowaway. A man tallies to “10” while every other person covers up in a dark room. The searcher should discover individuals oblivious adding another wind to the exemplary amusement. Another type of find the stowaway oblivious is to have a man who is “It” cover-up. Searchers move around oblivious whispering “sardines” tuning in for a reaction from the individual who is stowing away. As Seekers exclusively discover “It,” they join the concealed individual in his or her mystery spot. The last individual is the following “It.”

Electric lamp Limbo

In Flashlight Limbo, two individuals hold electric lamps inverse each other a short separation parted. The electric lamps ought to sparkle at each other to shape a substantial shaft that someone else would limbo be able to under. A man can play solo by taking two spotlights and putting them in inverse finishes of furniture or items to make a shaft to limbo under. This should likewise be possible with music to expand the diversion esteem.

Any other suggestions? Please share them in the comment box below.

Beat Boredom with These 4 Fun Apps



At times nothing seems to stay for long except boredom. Annoying as it may sound, but it is really difficult to beat boredom, isn’t it? Despite not-so-easy hectic lives, we still appear to be reeling under boredom. It is quite possible that you may not want to do the same things that you have been doing all this long simply because they don’t interest you or they are not entertaining anymore. Well then, sit back and fasten your seatbelts while we take you on a whirlwind tour of 4 interesting and fun-filled apps to beat your boredom away into obscurity.

Battle of Polytopia

This is a free Android App and is a turn-based strategy game. Formerly known as Super Tribes, this adventure app is aimed at building the world by fighting the evil Ai tribes. Each player gets to lead one of the twelve tribes. He/ she have to conquer a square-shaped world by capturing cities. With every city conquered, the player earns resources that could be used for various purposes such as research technologies, deploy for training forces to lead combat or develop the region and add population. The objective of the game is to garner the highest score in 30 turns or destroy all the remaining tribes. Its easy-to-learn and cute graphics make up for a great pastime.


This is an interesting mobile app very similar to the board game Trivial Pursuit based on general knowledge. It is a multi-player game with seven rounds and is time bound. Each player competes with another player on multiple-choice questions on varying topics. With over 1200 topics to choose from and over 600,000 questions in their database, it makes an interesting game to play with people from across the world with interests in similar topics. You can also develop your own quiz and connect with millions of users across the world and share with them.


This is another free Android app. It is a fun app that lets you play with the Android bot. You can create an Android bot of your choice by giving it the desired shape, accessorizing it funky of flashy, clothes and colors of your choice and lots more. You could share your Android character as an emoji, picture or even as GIFs over chats, text messages, and posts with your friends. What’s more, you could create Android characters of your family members and friends, and share with them to have unlimited fun.


The traditional rummy has paved way for its interesting online format – online rummy. As a skilled based game, you play rummy online with 2 to 6 players.  Rummy online has managed to hold the same interest and excitement that has been associated with rummy. With different game variants, lucrative promotions and bonuses, players can enjoy the playing the game 24×7. The attractive themes, interesting graphics, innovative features like 2D/ 3D view of tables, chat options and efficient customer support add to making it interesting and popular to play rummy.


Today, the app market is flooded with many interesting choices of free apps. Mobile users may not only pick apps of their interest but connect with people from across the world while they share their interests and enjoy these apps.

7Sultans: Sweetness, Heroes, and Anime Girls Coming in May


7Sultans Games coming in May

The creativity of game designers is without boundaries – and even more so when it comes to casual games, especially slot machines. Slot machine designers have a pre-defined template to work with – a set of reels spinning, some buttons that need pushing, and similar elements that have to be included in the game. Imagine the creative minds behind the 7Sultans online casino who have managed to cook up a collection of over 600 slot machines over the years, not one like the other. And the 7Sultans adds at least a couple of new games to its game library each month, making it more diverse and attractive each time.

This May, the 7Sultans will add further three games to its library. Their topics are as diverse as ever, covering candy, anime, and heroic fantasy.

Mystery meets magic in Forbidden Throne

Forbidden Throne Game

One of the three games the 7Sultans is set to add to its lineup this month: neither the game’s description nor its promotional video does reveal any of its details. It promises the “ultimate quest”, though, which, combined with the amazing visuals shown, makes the game worthy of looking forward to. Its reels are filled with gems, symbols, and grimoires, and its special symbols show magical animals that resemble constellations, magicians, and warriors. A game to look forward to, for sure.

While not many details of the game are known yet, one thing is already certain: it will be released for desktop and mobile devices alike.

Sweetness comes

Candy Dreams Game

Candy Dreams will be the sweetest game released in the month of May. With an innovative setup and colorful visuals, the game will take players on a trip into a magical land filled with the sweetest desserts ever invented. To make it more attractive for players, the game will not only have a unique setup and a set of amazing bonus features but also 720 possible winning combinations with every spin. An attractive, playful game that will appeal even to the most hardcore slot machine player.

Another kind of sweetness

Magic Lion Symbol

The latest in a long string of Asian-inspired video slot machines, Fortune Girl mixes traditional symbolism with modernity in a uniquely playful way. Its reels are filled with traditional Chinese pieces of gold and silver, a suanpan (the Chinese abacus), and various others related to fortune and money. The game’s Scatter symbol is a Magic Lion – a symbol of valor, protection, strength and energy in Chinese culture – trigger the game’s Free Spins with features like a multiplier trail, and extra wild symbols added to the game’s reels.

All three games are set to be released in the first week of May.