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8 Best PS5 Survival Games to Play Today

ps5 survival games

PS5 is inarguably the best console to experience the survival games. The reason beings its comparability with AAA games and how it enhances the visuals of even a dull looking game. Survival games are frequently tagged alongside horror and psychological horror, and with detailed depiction of the genres, consumers find survival games quite enthralling. In this blog, we are unveiling the best titles to immerse in. These titles are popular for encompassing the survival element. And these video games have received frankly positive reviews. Let’s unearth the games.

01. Dead Space (Best PS5 Survival Games)

Dead Space is an enchanting video game that captures the thrilling psychological horror in jaw-dropping visuals and captivating gameplay mechanics. In the video game, players step into the shoes of Isaac Clarke, an starship engineer. Navigating uncanny routes in 26th century where humans have spread across the universe due to the shortage of resources, Isaac finds himself stranded on a large ship called USG Ishimira.

Amidst his struggles to repair the mining ship, his iteration of encounters with otherworldly creatures becomes ordinary. He must thrive and find a way out at all costs.

The video game is a remake of the 2008s iconic Dead Space. This remake includes visual enhancements, suspenseful environment, soothing soundtracks and also impressive gameplay.

02. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a suspenseful survival first-person shooter video game that emphasizes the lore as well as the character development. The video game centers on Artyom and his companions as they embark on intercontinental journey riding on a locomotive called Aurora. The crew is relentlessly searching for a safe platform, trampling devastated Moscow Metro.

The video game boasts open-world expansive maps, allowing players the requisite freedom to test their creativity. The gameplay mechanics are responsive and astounding, blending combat with stealth and exploration with survival.

The dynamic atmosphere, frame saturation, beautifully drawn characters and meticulously detailed graphics play a vital role behind the video game’s rating. The attention to survival category is not compromised a tiny bit, while carrying out the regular tasks players are always anxious about the haunting danger lingering.

03. Subnautica: Below Zero (Best PS5 Survival Games)

Astronauts’ interminable journey of discovering otherworldly life form is not escalating, but the scientists are still determined to contact the assumed existential entities. Realistically, they should pan their attention to unraveling the enigmatic inhabitants of the water, who are the real aliens. Subnautica: Below Zero explicitly convey’s that message and the representation of the proposition is spot on.

The video game takes place two years after the events of the original Subnautica. But you start fresh driven by new motivations. Your mission this time is once again to explore the ocean and investigate the reasons behind the disappearance of your sister.

As you explore, you unlock new areas lurking with dangers and challenges. Throughout the playthrough, your ultimate goal would be the survival.

04. Tormented Souls

Tormented Souls is a survival horror that is reminiscent of iconic video games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The video game is popular for combining modern graphics with dynamic camera perspectives. The video game’s lore is about Caroline Walker, who finds herself abandoned in a hospital with old medical equipment. With no clue about how she got their, she starts planning her way out of this enigmatic mansion-turned-hospital.

Tormented Souls, the name defines the contents of the video game, it showcases the existence of terrifying creatures lurking around to devour you.

The detailed environment of the video game adds up to the elements of horror and survival, players are terror-struck experiencing the gameplay of Tormented Souls.

05. Dysmantle (Best PS5 Survival Games)

Dysmantle is a post-apocalyptic open-ended adventure video game that combines escape and survival to create the ultimate captivating experience. In this video game, we simulate a character who has risen from concealed dwellings after many years. The player character finds vile creatures inhabitating the island, with no human survivors anywhere. The goal here is to escape while avoiding unnecessary attention, survival is the utmostly the first and the last resort.

Similar to other adventure games, the players have been provided with the freedom to explore handcrafted worlds, beautiful landscapes and shinny environments. The video game allows players to simulate the game with real-world activities, people can craft items, break anything and indulge in regular activities.

06. Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a city-building survival video game that allows players to simulate an ecosystem. Set in an alternate setting of 19th century, the players are plunged to the volcanic winter. In the game, your task is to manage the civilization and infrastructure of the last city on Earth. Your decisive decisions generate outcomes. As the ruler, you will be in charge of controlling the food supplies, preventing conflicts, and collecting resources. Moreover, building generators to create excessive heat, and extending heat zones is also essentials.

With high stakes, your rewards are exceptional. The enemy is set to launch all out attack on your civilization, therefore you need to be prepared for it.

07. No Man’s Sky (Best PS5 Survival Games)

No Man’s Sky is all about visuals and setting. It’s a beautiful game that captures the dynamic environment through its fascinating gameplay. No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival video game that takes players on a space exploration journey. As a player, you will be exploring and examining the life forms teeming on the alien planets. The video game features the infinite universe, where each planet brings unique challenges and are explicitly vast.

To survive the uncanny planets, players scavenge for resources, manage their supplies and fight their ways out against alien civilizations. The Bases aid players in survival. Generally, after crafting yourself a base, you can rest assured of any danger. Furthermore, for a better experience, the video game supports VR.

08. The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is a pure survival horror video game that can send shivers down your spine. In the video game we control Jacob Lee, an inmate held captive on Callisto, Jupiter’s moon. When a strange phenomenon transforms the inmates into monstrous creatures, everything is thrown into chaos. The players must navigate Jacob Lee out to a safe place, and investigate the reasons behind the occurrence of this monstrosity.

Players can experience the unique gameplay that combines combat with tactical approaches to survival. The video game features countless weapons and an arsenal of requisite items to engage in combat. The video game isn’t just visually beautiful, the soundtrack it boasts are heavenly to the ears. Hence, why The Callisto Protocol is compatible with all the platforms.

Conclusion: Best PS5 Survival Games

Our exciting journey comes to an end here. We explored the best survival PS5 games that take players like a storm, we are sure these titles captivated you too. If they did, make sure to comment your feedback in the comments section.

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