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Interested in becoming a regular contributor on vGamerz site? This is an informative blog that provides the latest video game news, opinion pieces and game guides for PC games, PS3 and PS4 games and Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, Nintendo games and Sega games.. This blog is not for link building program. Our readers are looking for information. They are primarily interested in learning about NEW games.

If you are looking to contribute to vGamerz, your content needs to be useful and unique to our readers. Please ensure that your content voice matches with our readers and respond to their needs.

You need to create unique, informative and desirable content in ways our audience is used to engaging with. Before submitting your articles, ask yourself “does my post stands out from the crowd? Is the content Useful and Unique for the readers?” if the answers are yes, don’t wait, please submit your articles!


About Post’s Title

First impressions are important! The best way of creating that impression is through your post’s title. Titles have the ability to grab the attention and intrigues readers enough to read some of the content. They draw people into reading more because they feel you’ve got something to say that they NEED to hear.

Effective titles are short, simple and easy to understand. They should describe (in a word or few) what readers will get in the main post.

Contributor, Why Contributing Is Good For You

Guest posting is one of the most important strategy for growing your blog readership, connect with new readers and get your name out there. You can get exposure, gain popularity and backlinks to your blog. Remember, by being a good guest blogger and adding value to someone else’s blog, you’re going to build relationships with other bloggers and increase your readership.

Our team of editors and administrators are constantly marketing and sharing the content published throughout the internet and the social media sites, helping our permanent contributors build reputation and recognition in the related industry.

If you are looking to get your name out there as a thought leader and industry expert while also helping grow your own readership, we welcome you to our blog. But before submitting your articles, please spend some time reading through the site to get a good idea of the topics and formats we publish.

We invite you to create an account as a Contributor. Please add a photo, a quick biography and all your social media accounts. At the end of your posts, we will feature your profile with all your information and all the articles submitted by you. It will be easier for readers to know you better and follow you.

Requirements & Terms For Permanent Contributor

In order to become a permanent publisher and write for vGamerz we have outlined a few requirements below:

  • All articles submitted must be well-written, unique, plagiarism-free and pass Copyscape. We carefully check and review all articles we receive for approval.
  • Articles MUST contain a featured image (1100x500px). Please check the image license information before adding it to your article. Any images with license restrictions must be properly accredited to their respective owners.
  • All submitted articles must contain a minimum of 1000+ words and use proper formatting (title, subtitles, paragraphs, white space etc,.).
  • Contributors are free to enter up to 2(two) external links to their articles and/orr social media accounts (direct and/or anchor text). All external links have no-follow attributes.
  • Please note, we will also include 1-3 internal links within the article according to its length.
  • Inactive author profiles (0 article posts) for a time-period of 30 days will be deleted from vGamerz.

To get started and become a regular contributor, please click contact us here: amdlc2010 @

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