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Top Arkadium Games: Discover the Best Free Online Games Arkadium Has to Offer

If you’re looking for engaging and fun free online games, Arkadium is home to over 100 free online games, most of which you can play instantly for free. These games have various levels, from easy to challenging, making them ideal for both novice and experienced players.

Whether you want to test your spelling knowledge, solve puzzles, test your general knowledge, or are just looking for the top addictive online games to explore, you are in for a treat. Our guide explores the best free games Arkadium offers its global fanbase, their categories, and how to play them.

About Arkadium Games

Arkadium is among the biggest creators of casual games and interactive content for grown-ups. The New-York based company was founded by a young couple, Kenny Rosenblatt and Jessica Rovello, in 2001 after they couldn’t settle an argument about who was better at Ms Pac-Man. And because they couldn’t find an online game to settle the score, they decided to start their own company.

Now it’s over 20 years, and Arkadium is proud to be home to the world’s most played games enjoyed by millions globally. The company has managed to develop the Microsoft Solitaire Collection and the modern iteration of Minesweeper, some of the achievements that saw the company appear in Forbes list of 14 New York Tech Companies to watch in 2016.

Arkadium games are available on Arkadium’s own website, where you can play without downloading them for free. You can also find them on the biggest game publishers, like AARP, the Washington Post, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Categories of Arkadium Games

For more than two decades now, Arkadium has been developing a diverse array of online games for adult players based on different levels, interests and skills. Here are the top categories of free games Arkadium has to offer:

  • Crossword Puzzles: Stan Newman’s Daily Crossword, Stan’s Newman’s Easy, Medium, Hard Crosswords, and Arkadium’s Codeword.
  • Classic Card Games: Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire Game, Free Online Classic Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire.
  • Brain Games: Sudoku, Family Feud, Arkadium’s Tile Match Flowers, and 8-Ball Together.
  • Bubble Shooters: Bubble Dragons and Arkadium Free Bubble Shooter.
  • Jigsaws: The Daily Jigsaw, Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle, and Jigsaw Blast.
  • Word Games: Arkadium Word Wipe Game, Scramble Words Game, and Wander Worlds.
  • Casino Games: Press Your Luck Slots, Arkadium’s Texas Hold’em: Tournament, and Bingo.

Top Free Online Games Offered by Arkadium


Arkadium has created over 300 mobile and online games, capturing the attention of millions of gamers worldwide, and it’s easy to tell why. The games are readily available at, they are easy to play, and are highly-engaging. With that in mind, let’s now review the top Arkadium games you should try out today!

1.    Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions is a 3D twist on the classic Mahjong. The objective is to clear the 3D cube by matching identical tiles and uncovering its layers before time runs out.

How to play

Look for pairs of identical tiles with at least one free side. Click on the tiles to clear them. As you clear tiles, more layers of the cube will be revealed. Keep matching and clearing tiles to expose the entire cube. The key to winning this game is speed. If you make a match in less than three seconds, you will earn a 2x multiplier. And if you are very good and match tiles with the same pattern, you earn a 5x multiplier.

2.    Family Feud

Do you love the family feud television show? You now have the opportunity to play it from the comfort of your home courtesy of Arkadium free online games. You can play this brain teaser with friends or family. The objective is to answer the questions correctly while racing against the clock. Each question has multiple answers, but giving the top answer earns the most points.

How to play

The Arkadium family feud game starts with three rounds of questions. Give as many answers per question as possible before time runs out to earn the most points. However, ensure the answers are correct because you are playing against other players. By the end of round three, the player with the most points moves to the next level, the fast money round.

In the fast money round, you’ll get five questions and can only give one answer per question. But if you manage to get a total of 100 points, you will be awarded 500 points.

3.    Daily Solitaire

The Daily Solitaire can be easy or hard, depending on the day of the week. Mondays usually have the easiest games, while weekends have the most difficult. But don’t worry if you are a beginner and don’t finish playing a round on a Monday. The progress will be saved, so you’ll proceed from where you left off. The objective is to build the foundation piles from Ace to King to win the game.

How to play

Arrange cards in descending order, alternating between red and black suits. Click on a card that can be moved to a foundation pile or another tableau column. The game continues until you’ve completed the foundation piles or no more moves.

If this game proves challenging, you can first try the classic version to gain some basic skills.

4.    Bubble Dragons

This bubbly game is all about popping bubbles and hatching dragons. Have you ever wondered how the world would be if dragons still existed? What if you had the power to bring them back? At least in this game, you do. The goal is to clear all the bubbles and hatch the baby dragons.

How to play

Aim your dragon launcher by moving the mouse or swiping on mobile devices. Shoot bubbles by clicking or tapping the screen to match three or more of the same color. Hit the eggs to hatch baby dragons.

5.    Outspell

How good are you at spelling? Test your skills by playing one of the best free online games, Arkadium, Outspell. The goal is to form high-scoring words on the board to outscore your opponent.

How to play

Start by choosing your desired difficulty. If you are a beginner, choose the ‘Easy level,’ but you can still start with complex levels if you are good with words.

Create words by connecting adjacent letter tiles horizontally or vertically. But remember, the first word must touch the center space.

Moreover, the more letters your word contains, the higher your score. Therefore use double and triple letter/word score tiles to your advantage.

After you’ve placed your word, the computer (or your opponent) will spell a word off of yours. The game continues with alternating turns between you and the opponent. Every new word must use at least one letter from your tiles and connect it with existing letters on the board.

The best part is that when you place the letter tile in a blue space, its point value is multiplied, and the value of the entire word is multiplied when placed in a red space. However,  if you are stuck with challenging letters or have no viable word options, you can exchange some letter tiles for new ones from the bag. However, keep in mind that exchanging tiles will cost you your turn.

6.    Block Champ

Block Champ is another free game Arkadium has to offer that combines elements of Tetris and Sudoku. The objective is to fill complete rows or columns with blocks to clear them.

How to Play

The game begins with an empty grid. Blocks usually appear at the bottom, and you need to place them on the grid. Here, you’ll be required to fill a horizontal line from end to end with blocks, and that line will disappear.

Your aim will be to create full horizontal lines to clear them and free up space on the grid. Each cleared line earns you points. The more lines you clear at once, the higher your score multiplier.

Think carefully about where to place each block. Try to create a flat surface and avoid leaving gaps that can’t be filled later. To add a twist to the game, you’ll have to clear a line of frozen tiles twice before they disappear.

But once you collect two lightning tiles within the same line, the line clears instantly. The game continues until the grid reaches the top, and you can’t fit the new block onto the grid. Once this happens, the game will end and your score recorded.

7.    8 Ball Pool

If you are a pool table fan, you will love the 8 Ball Pool free game at Arkadium. The objective is to use the cue ball to pocket your assigned group of balls (either stripes or solids) and finally sink the 8th ball while avoiding fouls.

How to play

Start by selecting the difficulty level — easy, medium, or hard. In this game, harder levels mean tougher computer opponents. Use your mouse to aim where you want the white ball to hit. Hold the mouse button, then let go to hit your ball (you will have either striped or solid balls.)  Hit your 7 balls into the pockets using the white ball.

After pocketing your balls, pocket the black 8-ball to win. Note that you have to pocket all the other balls before pocketing the 8-ball; pocketing the 8th ball before the rest is considered a foul.

One trick you can use is to make the white ball spin by hitting it on the side. This helps you control where it goes after hitting another ball.

8.    The Daily Jigsaw

Do you love solving jigsaw puzzles? If yes, just know you are not alone. Jigsaw puzzles have long been a favorite pastime for people of all ages. With the Arkadium Jigsaw game, you can solve puzzles with varying difficulty levels, from simple to challenging, and diverse puzzle themes like landscapes and adorable animals. The goal is to solve the puzzle and beat the clock.

How to play

Once you open the Arkadium Jigsaw game, you’ll see a collection of puzzle images waiting to be solved. Select a puzzle image that catches your eye.

Proceed to choose your preferred level of difficulty you would like to play with. Keep in mind that more difficult puzzles will have more pieces.

The chosen image will be broken into puzzle pieces spread across the screen. Click and drag the pieces to position them where they belong. Pay attention to shapes and colors to match pieces accurately.

As you move pieces closer to their correct positions, you’ll notice them snapping into place. Continue placing pieces until the entire image is reassembled.

Remember, some pieces may need to be rotated to fit correctly. So, click on the piece to turn it.

One trick is to ensure you use the image preview for reference while solving. It gives you a clear idea of what the completed puzzle should look like.

Additionally, start by finding edge pieces. They have straight edges and help form the puzzle’s frame. Last but not least, instead of randomly placing pieces, work on specific image sections.

Arkadium Games Competitors

Companies producing similar games to Arkadium include:

  • com: Founded in 2014, the company mainly deals with video games, consoles, and accessories. It allows gamers to play high-quality browser games for free, and it keeps updating its portfolio to keep players entertained.
  • com: The company claims to offer thousands of online free games, including arcade, funny, shooting, sports, and puzzle games. Be sure to check out the top addictive games from the platform.
  • com: The company offers thousands of free online games for old and young players, including action, sports, and racing games.
  • Here, you’ll get daily online crossword puzzle games to challenge your cognitive muscles. They claim to offer a new crossword daily.
  • com: The platform features free online games similar to those on Arkadium, including crossword, brain, and math games, as well as sudokus and memory games.

Arkadium Wrapping Up

If you are new to Arkadium Games, this Arkadium free online Games guide outlines several games you can try. These games are not only entertaining but also encourage cognitive development, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, competing against others or racing against the clock adds excitement to the gaming experience. With a game for every preference and level of expertise, playing Arkadium games free is a delightful way to spend leisure time and have a blast while exercising the mind.

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