Sony looks to be developing a PlayStation controller for mobile gaming

Japanese technology giant Sony has recently patented a design for a new controller. As discovered by the Video Games Chronicle, this controller looks to be designed for mobile gaming. If this mobile controller found its way to the market it would be a first for both Sony and PlayStation alike.

Interestingly, its design has more in common with the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller than the PlayStation 5’s DualSense. This may have been done because the DualShock 4’s design is slimmer and more suited to gaming on the go. Although it’s difficult to say given how early on in development this controller is.

The next step for mobile gaming

playstation mobile controller god of war

The specifics of how a PlayStation mobile controller would work are unclear but we can make some educated guesses. Its design has what looks to be a slot where a user could insert their mobile device. Presumably, this slot would be adjustable to fit a wide range of phones.

Since PlayStation controllers have Bluetooth enabled already that would be the easiest way to pair it with a phone. Interestingly, this is already possible with existing DualSense controllers. Although it obviously doesn’t have a slot like the above patent limiting its use for mobile gaming

This move isn’t too surprising as Sony has been eager to move into mobile gaming. In March the company’s president Jim Ryan announced that Sony is looking to “publish some of our iconic PlayStation IP on mobile.” That means the likes of Gran Turismo, God of War, and Uncharted could be available on mobile in the coming years.

Therefore, having an official controller for mobile gamers to use seems like a good idea. There are already similar products on the market but none are as well made as either the DualShock 4 or DualSense controllers. Regardless, there’s one thing that’s certain. Now is a good time to be a mobile gamer.

HD Texture Pack for San Andreas Remastered adds what Rockstar won’t

san andreas remastered hd texture pack preview

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been universally slammed by gamers and critics alike. With it currently sitting at an embarrassing user score of 0.7 on Metacritic, it’s fair to say that fans are not happy. Many feel that Rockstar was lazy and did not give the games their due respect. To make matters worse, a fan made HD Texture Pack for San Andreas Remastered looks to be doing exactly what Rockstar won’t.

That’s right, it is making San Andreas look good. The mod is available on Nexus and aims to overhaul the textures present in the remaster. Once it is finished the hope is that it will make San Andreas Remastered look as good as it should have done to begin with.

Upstaged by a mod

san andreas remastered hd texture pack gameplay bike swamp

It isn’t a good look for publisher Rockstar Games that it has already been upstaged by a fan-made mod. Just two weeks after release the mod maker has already improved the roads, highways, pavements, and various floor textures. In this short time frame, this HD Texture Pack is already looking great and gives San Andreas Remastered some much-needed life.

The downside is that right now all of the new textures are rendered in 4K. It may look nice but such a high resolution makes for large file sizes and a demanding game. Given that the vanilla game isn’t well optimized in the first place these enhancements may cause further issues.

Also, this HD Texture Pack for San Andreas Remastered is nowhere near being complete. This means that you should expect a lot of inconsistencies in visuals whilst playing. Some areas will look fantastic whilst others dated.

To Rockstar’s credit, it has acknowledged the trilogy’s issues. The Grand Theft Auto publisher has promised to address the various technical issues. Despite this it seems unlikely that without the help of mods they will ever be worth buying.

10 Best Upcoming Games of 2022

Best Upcoming Games of 2022

It seems like we had been all united in saying a final goodbye to 2021 and welcome to 2022 only just a few moments earlier. However, for a variety of purposes, major video game developments planned for 2020 and 2021 have been postponed to 2022. Since this has been challenging for video games in the last several years, it also indicates that 2022 will be a huge surplus. So, let us look further towards the coming year 2022. And discover the best upcoming games of 2022 rather than staying in the past!

1. Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights - best upcoming games of 2022

Announced to be postponed until 2022

The first pick for the best upcoming video game of 2022, developed by WB Games Montreal and published by Warner Bros, is an action role-playing, fighting game, and adventure game.

Gotham Knights are set in an open-world Gotham City. There are four playable characters; Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood. The playstyle and fighting abilities make them unique from each other.

In a rise of crime and lawlessness, Bruce Wayne / Batman (voiced by Michael Antonakos) and Police Commissioner James Gordon died.

This game was planned to be released in 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

2. Monster Hunter Rise (PC)

Monster Hunter Rise - best upcoming games of 2022

The launch date of Hunter Rise (PC) is January 12th, 2022.

The 2nd pick for the best upcoming games of 2022 is Monster Hunter Rise. It will definitely be one of the most anticipated PC games. However, it may have caused controversy on the Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise is an upgrade of the series. This upgrade will give fans all the adventures, palicoes, and demons. And on that, they can smash a stick at, elaborating on what made Monster Hunter World so amazing.

3. Elden Ring

Elden Ring - Best upcoming video games of 2022

Elden Ring launch date is January 21st, 2022. 

Elden Ring, the video game from Soulsborne designers From Software, will most likely come up in search of the word ” long-awaited,” mostly in all the dictionaries. However, with mounted battle and cloaking permitting you to tackle challenges in a variety of manners, this appears to be a major shift for the team. As a result, Elden Ring is immediately taking hold to be one of the best upcoming games of 2022, although it will be launched in January 2022.

4. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon II - Forbidden West - best upcoming video games

The release date of Horizon Forbidden West is February 18th, 2022.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a breathtaking open-world video game as well as an online game. This game submerges players in an entire post-apocalyptic planet devastated by horrific, excessively autonomous robot majestic creatures. The chase for PlayStation 4 and 5 holders will shortly proceed once we get to move Aloy west to more aquatic regions all over Yosemite Valley and San Francisco. We haven’t heard anything about Horizon Forbidden West on PC so far, but we’ll be waiting to watch both with bated breath.

5. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 - upcoming video game in 2022

The Gran Turismo 7 will be released on 4th March 2022.

The arrival of a Gran Turismo game, which demonstrates to everyone what next-generation visuals look like, is among the precursors of a new platform cycle. Gran Turismo 7 is expected to be no exception, with stunning graphics separating it from previous Gran Turismo video games.

Launching in March, you’ll be able to play on your PlayStation 4 or 5.

6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl


April 28th is the new release date of  S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl.

It is somewhat incredible to think that a new Stalker game seems to be on the way, but we still have the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Core of Chernobyl is launching to Computers and Xbox Series X/S.

Video game is always interesting to play and discover. The very first video game in the collection in 13 years, intends to bring us back to Pripyat. Stalker 2 will certainly build up to be one of the best upcoming games of 2022, taking us into a range of exotic locations and adventures. We could hardly wait to go and get our hands on each one!

7. Starfield

Starfield-upcoming game in 2022

The initial release date of the Starfield video game is November 11, 2022.

Starfield has two releases to speak of usually. At the start, it’s a creative departure for Bethesda Games Developers since it will be their first non-Fallout, a non-Elder Artifacts video game in a long time. That’s quite fascinating by itself. The other is more dramatic since it will find us discovering a completely new sci-fi world by taking to the skies. In contrast, its creator, Bethesda’s famous Todd Howard, has been referred to as “Space Simulator.” Nice?

8. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - 2022 best upcoming game

The initial release of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is expected anytime in 2022.

Source: Google

The name “Hideki Naganuma” will drive a certain type of fan’s heart to skip a beat. The iconic developer behind Jet Set Radio and its Future returns with a video game, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, that gets influence from these kinds of two video games while also adding some nifty free-running skills to the mix. Although no exact release date is set yet for the best upcoming games of 2022, that is why the curiosity is becoming strong.

9. God of War: Ragnarok

God_of_War - 2022 best upcoming video games

The God of War: Ragnarok is scheduled to be released in 2022.

God of War: Ragnarok would definitely win the award for the most desired game if one existed. The process will include at least three years following the earlier video games, looking deep into Norse mythology, in this sequel series to 2018’s God of War, which relaunched the lengthy series. It seems ready to be a breathtaking experience filled with terrible battles and amazing views, then that Atreus has grown up. We will stay updated for a verified release date in 2022 and let you know when we find out!

10. Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbal Space Program 2 is 2022 upcoming video game

Kerbal Space Program 2 is scheduled for release in 2022.

The first game was a fantastic adventure of allowing players a lot of freedom and observing them constantly bursting missile launchers, basically studying space physics through experimentation. Kerbal Space Program 2 appears to assemble on everything that formed the first game so intriguing, pushing us for the first time into interplanetary space. There’s no official release date yet, but Kerbal Space Program 2 is expected to arrive in 2022 on Xbox and PCs.

So, these are some of our picks for the best upcoming games of 2022. Although the future is indeed very exciting and full of surprises than the present time, that is why we are sure that there will be something that will steal your heart and will come out from nowhere.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 | Expected release date?

The Legends of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Release Date

The 2017’s action-adventure game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is under development by Nintendo. It is expected that it is in a completely new direction. Not only on the Nintendo Switch but it is also regarded as one of the best games of all time.

The new title, which you think is something that you have very little knowledge of right now, has a lot to live up to. And many fans are hoping that Breath of the wild matches up to, if not surpass, its predecessor.

The story of The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 will start from where the original game left off. And at the E3 2021 Awards Show, it was recently awarded the Most Anticipated Nintendo Game in June 2021.

However, because of the continued secrecy of Nintendo, players will be anxious to learn more about Breath of the Wild 2. The series of Legend of Zelda is still going strong, with a sequel to Breath of the Wild on Nintendo’s agenda.

The release date of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Nintendo has not revealed an official release date for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

The only thing that we know is that it will be released in the coming year, 2022. But still, it is not confirmed yet that it will be released in the first half of 2022 or the next half.

For the time being, Nintendo is holding their cards close to their chests. So we may expect to hear more insights on that topic whenever more trailers are released in the upcoming days, weeks, or months.

We will update you soon about this part of the article as soon as the Japanese giants reveal more details. That is why make sure you stick with us to get updated. Stay tuned!

Fans of the Legend of Zelda! Are you excited for Breath of the Wild 2 to come out? Do you think this game will be as entertaining as the previous one? Or do you think this game should be abandoned entirely? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and inform us.

Bobby Kotick considers stepping down as CEO of Activision Blizzard

activision ceo bobby kotick step down

It would be an understatement to say that things are not looking good for Activision Blizzard. The huge AAA publisher has been under investigation for various breaches of worker rights over the last few months. But somehow things look even worse at Activision. There are evidence found that CEO Bobby Kotick is part of the bad portion.

This follows Kotick’s previous statement that Activision would do everything possible to improve the company’s toxic culture. Yet his ability to do so is now being questioned with many feeling that he is part of the problem. According to Wall Street Journal, Kotick is ready to “consider leaving the company,” if things don’t improve.

Uproar at Activision

activision hq

Several Activision employees have demanded that CEO Bobby Kotick steps down. Furthermore, there is the expectation that the company’s shareholders will be able to select his replacement without his input. There are many reasons for Activision to leave its past behind.

This development follows both PlayStation and Xbox announcing that they will be investigating their relationship with Activision. It’s unclear what this could result in but at the very least it’s unlikely that either will be looking to directly work with Activision anytime soon. If two industry leaders and a state government aren’t enough to force change then nothing will be.

Currently, it is clear that the Activision board is in support of Kotick. Although their support is beginning to waver as more and more reports come to light. Their biggest concern is that Kotick was aware of the allegations and actively attempted to hide them from the public eye.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Activision. The games publisher announced its intentions to fix its culture by making a variety of changes.

However, if Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is the man to achieve that is to be seen.

Halo Infinite won’t have a co-op campaign or Forge until May 2022

halo infinite co-op campaign seasons 2 at least

Recently, 343 Industries’ head of creative design Joseph Staten spoke to Eurogamer about Halo’s future. In the interview Staten was asked about when fans can expect a co-op campaign to be added. Unfortunately, Halo Infinite will not have either a co-op campaign or even a forge mode until at least Season 2.

Season 2 hasn’t gotten an official release date yet. According to 343 Industries though the earliest it could arrive is May 2022. That means two of Halo’s signature game modes will not be playable for at least five months after launch. This will be disappointing for those that were looking forward to playing through Infinite’s story with their friends.

Why not at launch?

halo infinite co-op campaign forge gameplay

Simply, neither game mode is ready yet. Despite Halo Infinite being delayed by over a year it appears that some features like its co-op campaign are still not finished. Of course, delaying an unfinished game or feature is for the best but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

In Staten’s defence, this announcement hasn’t come out of nowhere. As he states: “At the time that we talked about campaign co-op and Forge I said our goal is to ship campaign co-op in Season 2 and our goal is to ship Forge with Season 3. Our goal still remains what I said before.”

Developer 343 Industries has been transparent about the fact that neither of these modes were likely to feature at launch. This doesn’t make it any less disappointing but at least potential consumers knew exactly what they were getting.

Before the developer can even think about adding these modes there are more pressing matters to deal with. Halo Infinite’s slow battle pass progression has been the talk of the trade and is the number one priority for 343 Industries right now. It will be interesting to see what adjustments are made to amend this.

A Guinness World Record Holding 9-foot tall Video Game Atari Joystick

9-foot tall Video Game Atari Joystick

Mary Flanagan was the very first person who thought about finding a way to make random people play the game with each other in 2006. She came up with a solution to build a video game Atari joystick that is 9-foot in height. This joystick was made to the Guinness World Records 2022. This is ‘wow’ online gaming news.

Atari Joystick Details

According to Flanagan, this controller is around 14 times bigger than an original CX40 controller by Atari joystick. The materials like rubber, steel, and wood are the main materials of this joystick. House of Technologically Termed Praxis owns this product. You can find this Atari joystick in the ZKM Center of Art and Media, Germany.

The basic idea because of which Flanagan decided to build such a thing was to make something so big that many people would work together to operate it. Flanagan collaborated with fabrication experts from Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York to give reality to this idea.

Flanagan said while talking to CNN that even moving this controller is hard. She also said that storing this piece of equipment was also a challenge. She sometimes had to store it in some far-off place if there was a long gap between shows.

Operation requirements

You can use this Atari joystick to play classic Atari games like “Centipede” and “Breakout,”. The only cons of the size are that you need a partner to operate this huge Atari joystick. However, a short version of Atari is also available inside the joystick. Flanagan mentions that the joystick could be connected to anything. Flanagan said it is hard to score high using this joystick as people don’t move their whole bodies fast enough. Furthermore, keeping good coordination also slows people down. But all this alters our perspective about the games, and we can overcome these challenges by practicing together.

Designers’ background

Flanagan started her career as a game designer in the 1990s. She was also the creator of “[domestic]” known as the first autobiographical video game. In addition, Flanagan is the author of many books related to video games. As a result, she has a better understanding of the digital culture and how to use it to highlight the issues of society and change situations through video games, and that’s exactly what she did by building this joystick.

Flanagan was not expecting to be featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. However, the biggest goal Flanagan had other than bringing random people closer was defamiliarizing the parts of their everyday life.

For the time being, Flanagan is involved in developing a “feminist Artificial Intelligence”. The main purpose of this program is to only involve the work of women artists. This is to find out the biases present in the algorithms. However, Flanagan believes that the project she is working on, the joystick and video games, can become an essential tool for increasing meaningful interactions between strangers.

Final verdict

At some point, Flanagan stated that, in her view, games are small universes. She also stated that we can create a lot of possible futures in these universes. Then she added that she had a firm belief that one day we will be able to recognize the power of games and will be able to break barriers and interact with each other through games.

“Stay Safe” launched to spread awareness about public safety in Dubai

Stay Safe Online video game

For enlightening the precautionary steps to live a safe and stable life in Dubai, the police department introduced a new online video game. The main reason for launching this game was to promote the insights of COVID-19. This game also focused on showing the necessary safety precautions like using masks and gloves. Another goal of the game is to promote understanding of all the positive traits. Along with this, the game also focuses on negative attitudes and actions. It is important to make it clear to everyone.

Stay Safe on Social Media

Moreover, the online video game Stay Safe includes a variety of entertaining contexts. This covers widely performed behavioral patterns. Almost 48, 153 gamers from different countries appreciate it a lot. Not only for gamers, but this game has a positive effect on social media users too. On social media, videos based on this game have gained millions of views by its release in just 15 days. Approximate Views on the videos based on the game are 11,440,344, including 1.6M YouTube views and 7,288,818 Facebook views. Moreover, the Twitter posts got approximately 252,781 views over the same period.

Why it is unique?

Stay safe is a unique online video game designed to promote public security and protection awareness efficiently. It is available in five different languages such as Arabic, English, Indian Urdu, and Filipino. This game describes the spreading of the virus from one person to another and focuses on the significance of washing hands, using face masks and gloves, and preventing going into crowds. By playing the online video game Stay Safe, you can improve your communication skills for properly interacting with the public. The game’s content is developed by The professionals who develop games’ content has a purpose to serve the nation. They want to help people understand behavioral patterns in society. Your time and hard work will be minimized as well as you can still have fun by playing the game.

Artificial Intelligence and the game

In Dubai police, the general director of the artificial intelligence and smart services department, Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, mentioned that the online video game Stay Safe highlights the significance of promoting awareness among the public community. Moreover, he also stated that using online video games as educational games is a very productive process. Irrespective of race, age, nationality, or ethnic group, the game can cover a larger section of society since everyone has their mobile phone to run. Further, he said that by making the correct decisions, players could earn points in the game and try different results by the retry option offered by the game.

Then Deputy Director of Al named Colonel Hussain Bin Ghalaita in Dubai police explained that the virtual technology institute created the game completely. It went on to explain by the investigation of games which are based on learning and education by Dubai police. Earlier, by Turbo League and Dubai Drift or many other games downloaded by Apple or Google store over 33 million times, Dubai police had researched the educational games and their influence on the public community.

GTA: The Trilogy ugly rain has been fixed by the modding community

gta the trilogy rain fix mod

Good news! The ugly rain in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has been fixed. In the remaster the rain lacks transparency and obscures the player’s view. At night this problem becomes even worse with visibility reaching laughably poor levels. Thankfully, the GTA modding community has addressed this and fixed the rain in GTA: The Trilogy.

Rain Fix V1.1 by GTATrilogyMods was uploaded over the weekend. This fix makes the rain mostly transparent, preventing it from affecting the game’s overall visibility. It can be installed for free although the creator does have a Patreon page for those that want to support them.

Rain rain go away!

gta the trilogy rain ugly

Installing the mod is easy enough. After downloading the rain fix mod head over to your GTA: The Trilogy install folder. Place the “Gameface” folder from the fix into here. If asked to replace an existing folder, say yes.

Owners of the Definitive Edition may want to keep an eye on this page as more mods will be coming in the future. These will likely start out as simple quality of life fixes but additional content mods may follow later.

Of course, it isn’t just the ugly rain that players are annoyed with. GTA: The Trilogy has all sorts of problems that mod creators are now tasked with fixing. An example of this is the remaster’s limited music list which doesn’t have several of the songs included in the original games.

It’s ironic that Rockstar is relying on its modding community because the publisher hasn’t treated them well. Its parent company Take-Two Interactive recently used DMCA strikes to have three GTA IV mods taken down. Furthermore, in the past it has been known for attacking fan projects that it doesn’t approve of. Regardless, with Rockstar being silent on the remaster’s problems fans will now have to pray that mod creators can save them.

Xbox Live subscribers can redeem two additional free games for November

Microsoft has revealed that Xbox Live subscribers will be entitled to two additional free games. These are Dark Void and Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Although this offer does come with a catch. These games will only be available for those in South Africa and Brazil. Thankfully, there is a workaround for users located outside of these countries.

All you have to do is simply create a new account in either of these regions. Once this is done, you’ll be able to download both games freely and then play them on your regular account. This is easy enough to do but for those curious, there are YouTube tutorials like this one out there that can help.

What are these games?

xbox live free games dark void gameplay

This is worth doing for all Xbox Live subscribers as free games are always a good thing. But some of you are probably curious as to what the two offered games are and if they are even worth redeeming. And whilst one may not be great, the other is certainly worth playing.

The worse of the two offerings is Dark Void. Dark Void is a sci-fi action-adventure game that was released in 2010. It was developed by Airtight Games and published by Capcom. Unfortunately, it wasn’t well-received at launch with many critics feeling as though it was a missed opportunity.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said of Hydro Thunder Hurricane. The iconic powerboat racing franchise first launched in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast. Despite its old age it is widely considered to be one of the great racing game franchises ever made.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane was the sequel to the original having released on Xbox 360 in 2010. It features much of the classic’s gameplay but with updated visuals and other various improvements. If you haven’t ever played it, now is as good a time as ever.