Blizzard reveals Sojourn’s abilities ahead of Overwatch 2 beta

Sojourn overwatch 2 abilities kit

The Overwatch 2 beta gets underway on April 26 and will feature one of the game’s new heroes, Sojourn. But developer Blizzard Entertainment isn’t making fans wait to see her abilities. A new gameplay trailer dropped showing off what Sojourn can do and it’s got people very excited.

Sojourn’s primary weapon is an electrically charged automatic rifle. Named the Railgun it has two firing modes. One is a fast fire rate comparable to Soldier: 76 whilst the other is a high impact shot suitable for delivering finishing blows. Despite being a projectile weapon the rounds it fires travel very quickly. This makes the Railgun a strong medium to long-range weapon.

Furthermore, she is an exceptionally mobile hero. Sojourn’s Power Slide ability allows her to quickly slide to gain horizontal speed and then leap into a high jump once the slide is finished to gain vertical speed. This lethal combination makes Sojourn one of the most mobile heroes in Overwatch 2.

Her tactical ability is Disruptor Shot. When used this ability fires an energy shot that slows down any enemies within its range. Also, damage will be dealt to anyone who cannot get away from it fast enough. It looks as though Disruptor Shot will pair well with other abilities and ultimates.

As you’d expect from any badass fictional railgun, her primary weapon can also fire a huge beam of energy. Her ultimate ability Overclock charges up when used and then unleashes a piercing beam that deals massive damage.

Get involved

overwatch 2 sojourn abilities feature

The Overwatch 2 PvP beta begins in just under two weeks but not everything will get an invite. If you’re interested then be sure to sign up as soon as possible. This can be done over on the official Overwatch website. Beta participants are selected based on a variety of factors including region, when you signed up, and your computer hardware specifications.

Cyberpunk 2077 will receive a DLC expansion sometime in the future

cyberpunk 2077 dlc expansion feature

We recently got confirmation that Cyberpunk 2077 will receive a DLC expansion in the future. The confirmation was given by developer CD Projekt Red’s quest director Paweł Sasko. Sasko made these comments on a Twitch stream that was spotted by Reddit user KamilCesaro.

On the stream, Sasko was asked if expansions to the existing story are planned for Cyberpunk 2077. Sasko answered by saying that he couldn’t give too much away but that he assured fans that “we are working on expansions and other stuff for you.” He didn’t detail when it would be coming but the reassurance that more content is planned should be enough to please most fans.

The question regarding DLC was asked as a follow up to the recent Patch 1.5 for Cyberpunk 2077. This patch has been very well received with it fixing several key problems with the open-world RPG. Most notable is that it can now take advantage of the superior specifications next-gen consoles possess. This support helps create superior performance and better-looking visuals.

Given Cyberpunk 2077’s huge issues at launch the optimization that has followed is impressive. In Performance Mode, it now runs at 60 frames per second with dynamic 4K resolution scaling. Alternatively, Ray Tracing Mode runs at 30 FPS at 1440p but provides the best visuals possible.

What a turnaround

cyberpunk 2077 sports car 4k gameplayWhen it was first launched Cyberpunk 2077 was not well received. It was full of bugs and performance issues that ruined the gameplay. On consoles especially it was rough with frame drops into the teens not being uncommon.

Sixteen months later and Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t just doing better, but also looking ahead to potential DLC. The core game is now good enough that expanding upon it and giving players more to enjoy is worth considering. Comeback stories of this degree aren’t unheard of but are by no means a given either. CD Projekt Red deserves credit for sticking with Cyberpunk and turning things around.

The new Need for Speed game might be a next-gen exclusive

need for speed next-gen exclusive 2022 feature

Recently on Giantbomb’s premium show Grubbsnax, Jeff Grubb provided some insight into the next Need for Speed game. Grubb believes that Need for Speed will be a next-gen exclusive this year. That means that it will not receive either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One port.

Grubb commented: “If you are an NFS fan who has bought a next-gen console, here’s some news; it’s next-gen only. They are shifting to next-gen only.” In the same segment, Grubb also confirmed that a new game should be coming this year towards the end of 2022.

Of course, the idea of Need for Speed only being published on next-gen consoles is far from confirmed. This is just a rumour albeit one from a proven source. Also, Grubb doesn’t mention a PC version although it is assumed that is in the works too. Publisher Electronic Arts have released a PC port of Need for Speed for almost every instalment. It would be strange if it stopped doing so now.

Interestingly, Grubb also mentioned the potential location for this year’s Need for Speed. He thinks there’s a good chance that it will be set in Miami. However, he did concede that this wasn’t guaranteed.

Will the delay pay off?

need for speed most wanted 2012

Need for Speed was originally supposed to have a new game last year but it was delayed. Electronic Arts decided to push back its signature arcade racer so that developer Criterion Games could help work on Call of Duty: Warzone.

This next-gen Need for Speed game will be Criterion’s first entry in the series since Most Wanted in 2012. The last four instalments have all been developed by Ghost Games which are currently going through a restructure. Let’s hope that Criterion’s return can push Need for Speed back into its previous position as one of the all-time great racing games franchises.

Chocobo GP patch fixes numerous matchmaking related bugs

A recent patch for Chocobo GP has fixed numerous bugs related to its matchmaking. Labelled update 1.0.4, this update follows a troubled launch that resulted in the kart racing game only receiving a score of 64 on Metacritic. Given the Nintendo Switch’s lack of racing games, it was disappointing to see how mediocre this new addition ended up.

Although Chocobo GP will never be a great game this patch does at least make it a competent game. Previously, finishing fourth or higher would result in the player getting eliminated due to server lag. This is no longer the case.

Furthermore, this patch makes it so that Chocobo GP doesn’t get stuck at the rankings screen at the end of each race anymore. Other bugs targeted in this patch include players not starting in sync with one another, laps corrupting for no reason, and two of the same player existing in a race.

To round off the patch notes developer Square Enix promises that further support is planned. These updates will keep coming with a long-term goal to “improve the player experience.” Although with how buggy Chocobo GP is this is only one step in what is likely to become a marathon.

It’s not just buggy

chocobo gp patch gameplay

This patch for Chocobo GP may address some of its bugs but that isn’t the game’s only issue. In a desperate attempt to cash in Square Enix launched it with some of the most predatory microtransactions in the industry.

The developer can tweak its gameplay and patch bugs all it wants but this problem won’t go away. The aesthetic makes it clear that this is supposed to be a kid-friendly karting game yet its business model closer resembles that of a casino. Poor reviews, a plentiful of bugs at launch, and its nasty monetization make it difficult to care about Chocobo GP even after patches like these.

Overwatch Remix Event let players earn old skins ready for Overwatch 2

Blizzard has begun teasing new events in the lead-up to Overwatch 2. Amongst these are the Remix Events for Overwatch which will be exciting for many players. These Remix Events will allow players to earn old skins from past events in preparation for Overwatch 2.

Each Remix Event will offer various challenges that can be completed. Completing a specific challenge will reward a specific skin. Each challenge will only last a week so if there’s a particular skin you want be sure not to complete the challenge in time. These skins are time-limited so once they are gone you might not be able to earn them again in the future.

The Remix Event for Overwatch will replace all traditional seasonal events. That means that there will be no Archives, standard Anniversary, or Summer Games this year. Although given how stale these events had gotten over the last few years, I don’t think too many players will mind. After all, this is a great opportunity to land some fan-favorite skins that will transfer over to the sequel.

This event will be delivered in three separate parts. This is being done to enable the developers to balance resources between this event and the development of the upcoming PvP beta for Overwatch 2. Blizzard states in its latest blog post that it will be delivering more details regarding the event in the coming months.

Overwatch is back!

overwatch remix event mercy returning skin

People online like to exaggerate that a game is dead whenever its player base declines slightly. However, in the case of Overwatch, those claims may have been fair. Blizzard’s neglect of its iconic hero shooter had led to all-time low player counts as gamers moved on to other titles.

Seeing the sequel get closer to launch and the Remix Event spark life back into Overwatch is incredible. There was a point where it started to seem unlikely the franchise would ever recover. Let’s hope that this signals the start of better days and Overwatch can become great again.

FIFA brand to be ditched in favor of EA Sports Football Club

ea sports football club feature

Publisher Electronic Arts is reportedly dropping the FIFA name from its hit football simulator. Moving forward FIFA will instead be called EA Sports Football Club. Trademarks for this new name have already been confirmed although it is unclear if the switchover will happen this year or next.

Last year the idea of a name change was touched upon but nothing was confirmed. However, in a recent internal meeting, EA’s boss Andrew Wilson stated that he believed the FIFA brand is “an impediment,” to progression. He even went as far as to state that, outside of World Cup years, all FIFA brings is four letters to put on the cover.

The decision to move to EA Sports Football Club is at least partially financially driven. Rumors circulating the industry say that the FIFA organization was looking for double the license cost to use its brand. EA does not feel that this is a worthwhile payoff for what little it gets out of the deal.

A future without FIFA?

ea sports football club stadium

If EA does choose to drop the FIFA name that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting FIFA games anymore. For one, the newly renamed series would be FIFA in all but name. We have seen a similar transition in the past when Championship Manager was rebranded as Football Manager. Even though the name changed the gameplay did not.

Also, there’s little to no doubt that FIFA will try to sell the license to someone else. Don’t be surprised if a competing sports game publisher like 2K Games takes the opportunity to enter the market. EA will need to consider that switching to EA Sports Football Club could open up the potential for new competitors. If that risk is worth the money saved on the license is going to be a tough judgement call to make. For all of us though more competition is always good so this should be a positive change.

GTA+ is Rockstar’s latest attempt to monetize Grand Theft Auto Online

gta+ grand theft auto online v

Rockstar Games has announced GTA+, a new subscription service coming to Grand Theft Auto Online. The service will cost $5.99 a month and be exclusive to the current generation console versions of GTA Online. That means that this new service is only being offered on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

So, what do you get for your money? Subscribers will be given $500,000 of in-game wealth each month. Furthermore, each month will provide unique benefits varying from free cars, properties, and reputation multipliers.

The first month which runs from March 29 to April 27 will include the Principe Deveste Eight supercar that comes with Hao’s Special Works upgrade. GTA+ members will also receive The Auto Shop property in La Mesa, waived car meet fees, a free yacht upgrade, and various cash and rep bonuses. Rockstar also hints at members receiving content that they “may have missed out on,” so don’t be surprised to see time-limited content make a return.

The milking continues

gta+ free garage

Grand Theft Auto V first launched in 2013 on generation seven consoles. Yes, as in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. GTA Online followed two weeks later completing what many view as one of the most complete video games ever created. Its sales supported this too with GTA V becoming the most profitable video game in history.

Unfortunately, Rockstar wasn’t happy with this level of astronomical success. Over the years it has milked Grand Theft Auto dry for every dollar possible. GTA+ is just the latest example of this and almost certainly won’t be the last.

The sad truth is that a lot of players will buy into this. Rockstar isn’t doing these things considering the risks because there are no risks. The most dedicated Grand Theft Auto players will continue playing regardless. It’s a classic case of the Sunk Cost Fallacy. No one wants to be the guy who admits that they’ve wasted thousands of hours of their life.

The Overwatch League has no sponsors despite starting in two months

The new season of the Overwatch League kicks off in just two months. The hero shooter’s pro league is one of the most popular esports in the world but it has had some struggles. The latest problem that The Overwatch League is facing is its lack of sponsors greatly limiting the revenue that it can generate.

Following the sexual assault allegations against Blizzard, last year all of the league’s sponsors withdrew their support. Six months later and it appears as though these companies have not changed their stance. Considering that these supporters previously included huge backers like Coca-Cola, State Farm, and TeamSpeak, this is a real problem.

For these companies, there is a risk involved with re-signing with the Overwatch League. If another controversy was to surface or Blizzard fails to address the concerns raised by many, they would have to withdraw again. That is not a good look from either a PR perspective or a financial one.

However, the head of the Overwatch League Sean Miller has stated that there are ongoing negotiations with potential sponsors. Miller claims “Our plans for the season have been in the works for some time now, and we look to amplify those plans, obviously, with any potential partner.”

Season 5

overwatch 2 pvp beta

The fifth season of the Overwatch League will go ahead even if it cannot secure sponsors. The opening games are to be played on May 5 with New York Excelsior and the Los Angeles Gladiators up first. From May 5 to May 9 eighteen games will be played in total.

Season five will be played on Overwatch 2, the long-awaited sequel to Blizzard’s popular 2016 hero shooter. The pro teams are already practicing on an early access build that players will get the chance to try out once the PvP beta releases in April.

Gran Turismo 7 has been offline and unplayable for over 24 hours

gran turismo 7 servers offline

Gran Turismo 7 launched two weeks ago and the consensus is that it’s a good game. In many aspects, fans consider it a return to form following the less-than-ideal GT5 and GT6. However, it isn’t perfect by any means. A recent update has backfired causing Gran Turismo 7 to stay offline for over 24 hours.

The offending patch was Update 1.07 which was supposed to be a routine balancing patch. But an oversight in it has forced developer Polyphony Digital to perform maintenance. That maintenance period has now passed 24 hours meaning that paying customers have had to go a whole day without access to their game.

To make matter worse, the patch that caused Gran Turismo 7 to go offline was already controversial. It aims to nerf various methods of making credits causing the racing game to be even grindier than it started.

Technically, Gran Turismo has always been a grindy franchise so this may not seem too bad. Unfortunately, the developer’s motive for implementing this change is not to increase GT7’s difficulty. Instead, it was done to tempt players into buying microtransactions. Gran Turismo 7 offers all kinds of microtransactions that can help a player skip some of the grind. By making the grind less enjoyable the developer is hoping that more players will pay up to save time.

A workaround

gran turismo 7 lamborghini customization

Technically, it is still possible to play Gran Turismo 7 in offline mode. By disconnecting your PS4 or PS5 and then booting the game it will still launch. Although the experience awaiting you is probably not what you were hoping for.

Loading and processing time can be very long in offline mode. Equally, certain game modes and gameplay functionality are disabled when not connected to the internet. It’s better than nothing but players are hardly going to be happy with this makeshift solution.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ‘Final Trailer’ gives us our best look yet

sonic the hedgehog 2 final trailer tails

In 2020 Paramount released Sonic the Hedgehog, a live-action movie rendition of Sega’s signature platformer. Even though the initial designs were criticized the final release was well received and a sequel was already underway. Two years later and the Final Trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has arrived giving us our best look at it yet.

The new trailer showcases both Tails and Knuckles who will be making their debuts in this film. Furthermore, we get some further insight into Doctor Robotnik’s fate after we last saw him stranded on the Mushroom planet. On his adventures, Robotnik discovered chaos emeralds and believes they are the source of ultimate power.

The plot will revolve around Robotnik using the chaos emeralds to bring the end of humanity with Knuckles and Agent Stone assisting. It’s up to the heroes Sonic and Tails to stop them before it’s too late. The Final Trailer also provides a release date for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It is coming to cinemas worldwide on April 8.

Those who enjoy some good fan service won’t be disappointed. For one, the promo poster for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a direct homage to the box cover of the original game. Equally, Tom’s ringtone is the as memorable as ever Green Hill Zone theme. These little touches show that the team behind Sonic 2 care and want to get things right.

A familiar voice

sonic the hedgehog 2 final trailer poster comparison

Something fans of the game will probably notice is Tails’ voice actor. Paramount has chosen to cast Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Tails continuing her role as his VA in the games. The Final Trailer revealing this may not sound that surprising but Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is in the minority to make this decision.

Most Hollywood film adaptations ditch the original voices in favor of big names for marketing purposes. Considering that Idris Elba is voicing Knuckles the idea of a different VA for Tails was probably considered. Overall though this seems to have been the right choice with the community looking forward to the sequel.