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PS5 New Discord Feature, Finally Adding

PS5 New Discord Feature

PS5 has introduced a new discord feature that has made communication much easier for gamers. The new feature that gamers wished for in their games is direct console calls through Discord, which will indeed mark a decisive change in cooperative video games. This new feature allows players to join live calls through their consoles without the need to exit their games.

The New PS5 Discord Feature Will Ease Up The Communication

Gaming and communicating simultaneously on PC is a piece of cake, but when it comes to a staggering gameplay experience on the consoles, it’s not as pleasant as you might assume. This new feature is subject to user appeal, and certainly, PS5 is also looking for feedback that could improve several facets of their consoles. The feature is now live on PS5 and to activate it, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the device you are using is up-to-date, you can check for updates and install the latest patches on your console.
  2. Head over to the user settings, and find the connections menu, there you will be able to link the PlayStation account with the Discord account.
  3. To enable the new Discord voice feature, you can click the normal process and choose your PS5 console from Discord. Whether you are using a PC or mobile, the PS5 voice connectivity option is exact in both devices.

This would allow you to connect with friends from different regions of the world. Everything is just one internet connection away. At the moment, the feature is already available in several locations of the world. However, it has yet to be introduced globally. PlayStation recommends users keep an eye open for imminent updates. Which potentially might prevail changes and also the way how we perceive the gameplay.

What’s your perspective on the new PS5 Discord feature? Tell us in the comments. If you want to connect with us, use our Facebook and Instagram.

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