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Strongest Video Game Characters: Our Top 10 Ranked

strongest video game characters

The medium of action games is patently extensive because every video game strikes players with incredibly stronger characters, outranking each other with the strongest of abilities. Action games started being pinnacle during the ephemeral upscaling popularity period of the arcade golden age, which was initiated in the late 70s and lasted until the mid-80s. From the beginning of the Golden Age to the modern gaming age, there have been numberless games that feature alluring and strong game characters. Here’s a list of the top 10 strongest video game characters purely sorted in the order of special powers, abilities, and motivations.

10. Lui Kang – Mortal Kombat

Lui Kang represents Mortal Kombat with his ruthless and relentless fighting style. His uniqueness shines in his unpredictable fighting style. Known for his projectile and fire-based attacks, the character perfectly describes what it means to be brave. Lui Kang is a potent fighter, adept in martial arts, and is familiar with many fighting styles. While achieving these feats is humanly possible, he earned the status of Fire God Liu Kang after merging with a version of himself from a different timeline. This fusion allowed him to ignite everything with the bare minimum movement.

Lui Kang formerly served as the Keeper of Time, he served as the entity that maintains the balance all across the universe.

His hard work and dedication to winning allowed him to emerge as the champion several times, overthrowing enigmatic and eerie personalities.

09. Diablo – Diablo (Series)

Diablo, the Lord of Terror, is a persistent Demon and is one of the prime evils. This one of the strongest video game characters is the primary antagonist of the video game series and is shown to have remarkable capabilities. Diablo is familiar with the abilities of reality warping and possessing mortals and also has a knack for Dark or Shadow and Fire magic.

The evil boss’ powers and abilities vary across different games, all of his transformations ooze dark energy and immense power. Diablo is certainly one of the strongest forces in the game, but his power is simplified in the games. Which is why the true shape of his powers is yet to be demonstrated.

Diablo’s physicality isn’t his only triumph card, his persistent style of play crowned him with the name The Lord of Terror. He has some creative ways of resurrecting. Diablo’s raw power is what defines him the best, he is a terrifying demon.

08. Bayonetta – Bayonetta (Series)

Bayonetta and Dante have most things in common, both are physically strong, have superhuman speed, limitless mana, an arsenal of countless abilities, and are invincible. Being a true Umbra Witch, brimming with confidence and pride, she possesses a remarkable set of skills that perfectly sums up her character.

Bayonetta is shown to use different weapons, ranging from suited for long-range combat to close quarters. The diversity of her weapons benefits her in fighting different sorts of enemies, these weapons make her a formidable force. Here are some of the indestructible weapons she uses: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Prelude, Minuet, Toccata, and Nocturne.

Bayonetta is a beautiful woman with a voluptuous figure, black hair, grey eyes, and her hair tied with two red ribbons. She is also among some of the hottest anime characters.

07. Dante – Devil May Cry

Most of us have been immersed in the world of Dante, but the sense of how strong he frankly is just never emerged in our minds. Dante is quite literally the strongest character in Devil May Cry, and he doesn’t need to prove it. The character is a hybrid of demon and human, his father was the Demon Knight named Sparda who joined ranks with humans 2,000 years ago to drive his race off and protect humanity all because of a human woman who he had fallen in love with. Dante being one of the two twin sons of Sparda inherited half of his father’s power. But with hard work and his never-backing personality, he has become one of the strongest video game characters and features in most creators’ top 10 famous character lists.

Despite his close-quarters combat style, his true strength is undisclosed. He can use demonic powers, quick healing, nearly interminable mana, and durability. However, his character has never faced someone who could draw out his potential power. Dante has used several weapons but “the Rebellion” has been his closest partner and is among the iconic weapons. His maniac personality proves him as one of the top 10 strongest video game characters.

06. Asura – Asura’s Wrath

Asura can be defined as the Demigod with the rage of Hulk and power equivalent to that of Son Goku. His fighting style is similar to the World War Hulk, he grows stronger when he gets angrier and his anger knows no bounds. Moreover, fan speculations reveal that he can have infinite powers if he achieves ever-growing anger.

Asura stands out due to his brute and absolute physical strength, while he is physically massive, it’s absurdly astounding for a character his size to lift Mars in just their base form. He was also able to beat Great Wyzen, one of the seven deities, to a pulp with just a single punch. A reminder that Wyzen is as big as the Earth, probably bigger.

Asura’s mind-boggling physical attributes are what he is known for, his strength leaps past the normality and his Mantra exceeds highly every time he transforms.

05. Kratos – God Of War

Kratos’ abilities and powers aren’t deteriorating with his aging, instead, he is aging like a fine wine. The character started as a powerhouse dull-witted raging God, but after slaughtering hundreds of supernatural entities including Gods and Demigods, he earned the purpose of living a tranquil life, avoiding unnecessary fights.

Players once again witness Kratos setting fire to the battlefield with his extraordinary powers. Kratos is mostly equipped with Blades of Chaos, Blades of Olympus, and Leviathan Axe. These weapons of his are inspired by Greek and Nordic mythology, representing weapons of ancient gods.

Kratos’ immortality and super strength unveil that he is no ordinary God, he is a God of a different caliber, among the likes of Zeus, Thor, and Odin. Physically, he is among the strongest video game characters.

04. Arceus – Pokemon

Arceus is functionally undefeatable. The Alpha Pokemon is part of the Pokemon series and is among one of the strongest characters in the franchise, coming to exist before even the universe. Arceus is an experienced deity who is also smarter than any Pokemon in the series.

Arceus, the creator of the universe, has an exclusive ability called Multitype. This ability allows the user to change its type based on what plate or type-specific Z-Crystal they are holding.

Arceus is strong enough to destroy what he created: The universe. Moreover, if the Pokemon intends to wipe out all existence, they can do the work in a split second.

03. Giygas – Mother Video Game Series

Giygas is a dark character who influences harsh environments and bloodbaths on his path. The character is the primary antagonist of the three role-playing video games, especially appearing in the “EarthBound” game. Giygas equips immense psychic powers, even conceptualizing them is beyond scary.

Life Manipulation is Giygas’ ultimate ability which allows him to manipulate inanimate things and life forms. This ability can make any inanimate object come to life. The malevolent force is known as the “Universal Cosmic Destroyer” because he can influence any entity for his benefit. Giygas haunts his prey with his dominant abilities, creating an unsettling environment. He is an alien with a distorted appearance and is one of the strongest video game characters who is powerful beyond imagination.

02. Kirby – Kirby (series)

Kirby is a sweet character, liked by all people no exceptions. He is the protagonist of the classic Kirby video game series. The character is a small and spherical blob-like creature who appears to be pink. His demeanor is cheerful and his personality is positive, which overshadows his concealed power. Kirby may be a charming and delightful character but that’s just his appearance. In the video game, he is the strongest character in his universe and a force to be reckoned with.

It’s hard to believe that an innocent-looking creature can be stronger than the gods like Kratos or Asura. Kirby is far more powerful than you might assume, his signature ability is inhaling and throwing out objects like projectiles. His copy abilities allow him to transmigrate his abilities to people of his race. To sum up his powers: He is indestructible, faster than the speed of light, and can knock a meteor about the size of Earth out from the observable universe.

01. Demi-Fiend – Shin Megami Tense 3: Nocturne

Kirby has the power to pinch the universe and is the strongest harmless-looking creature, but there is someone certain who could light up the platforms on fire, making a staggering fight facing off against Kirby. Demi-Fiend is the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

Demi-Fiend is a half-demon, whose actions decide humanity’s and the entire universe’s fate. The character can regenerate at an unbelievably rapid rate even after being erased from existence. Demi-Fiend isn’t affected by Multiverse if it collapses he remains. Additionally, he isn’t bound by time.

This suggests how impeccable he is. While he is an absolute unit, he has never let out his true strength due to not colliding with someone of his quality.

Conclusion: The Top 10 Strongest Video Game Characters

Just when you thought superheroes from DC and Marvel were the strongest works of fiction, the video games showcased characters that defied rational principles. These enlisted video game characters behold abilities that no mere mortal can withhold, and most (if not all) characters have immeasurable capabilities that make them the strongest existences of their respective universes. Despite having distinctive abilities, different personalities, and dissimilar appearances, they all have one thing in common and that’s their strength. Every character in the list will leave you in awe, as they all are exceptionally likable.

There you have your top 10 strongest game characters. The list wasn’t perfect, and could never be but it still has room for improvement. Which is why we are asking for suggestions through the comments. If you want to connect with us, navigate your way to Facebook and Instagram.

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