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If you are a business looking for sponsored post, we are giving you the opportunity to have your articles featured on vGamerz site. we do require a payment for sponsored articles. Please review the sponsored post requirements before submitting your articles.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post Requirements

We aim to be a friendly, safe and welcoming entertainment game site where readers can get the latest news related to video games.

To have your sponsored post featured on, you must adhere to the following rules when writing the article:

  • Your article must be done for readers and not for Search Engines. It should come with more than 1000 words and with a featured image of 1100×600 copyright free.
  • Your article must be related to games and/or entertainment: video games, PC games, PS Games, Xbox games, Sega games, etc…
  • All content must be 100% original. We do not accept or feature copied article. You are allowed to feature quotes and sayings as long as you mark them with “ ”, but the rest of your article must be unique. Be creative, funny, and add a personal touch to your post. Have fun with your posts and don’t be afraid to share your personal views.
  • Please revise and proofread your article before emailing it to us.
  • You are allowed to add 2-3  outbound links including your link (1) and 2 authority links (high authority websites, not competitors).
  • As editing the sponsored post involves human time, we charge a small amount of $149 per article. Payment should be done upfront via Paypal to amdlc2010 @
  • If you can’t pay for your article, we can submit it for free. Please follow the guidelines here: Write as a contributor.

Please note: The vGamerz team reserves the right to edit and adapt the submission of your sponsored post to meet our editorial standards. Editing the article involves human labor, and therefore will not be removed from the site after it’s posted. We will also include 1-3 internal links within the article according to its length.

If after reading these requirements, you still have questions, please email us at amdlc2010 @

Thank you!

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