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10 Best Hack and Slash PC Games To Play In 2024

hack and slash games pc

Hack and slash games is an extensive game category that provides hundreds of PC exclusives and numberless fascinating roguelike titles. The genre of the game is loosely based on the core elements of close quarters combat, where we witness players using melee as the primary source of clashing with the opponent. If you are excited to immerse in the best of hack and slash content, our enlisted video games can get you all enthralled.

10. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is an anime styled action RPG that follows two protagonist who are on a voyage of self-discovery and struggling to overcome the oppression of Dahnan. To retain peace in their respective worlds, our heroes are ready and set to fight against any individual or hordes of enemies.

The game might not be the pinnacle of hack and slash, but most of the screen time belongs to close distance and melee combat. The mix of captivating visuals and flawless storytelling is a testament of the game’s brilliance. It’s a incredible video game.

09. Prince of Persia Franchise

Prince of Persia became an epitome of platformer due to the entire series following the platform based gameplay sprinkled upon the hack and slash genre. Throughout its 35 years of history, the game has exclusively focused on hack and slash and platformer, where we witness different eras of Persian Princes performing acrobatic stunts and fighting fantastical creatures.

The recent entry in the franchise, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, features the protagonist who fearlessly and strategically engages in fights. The game involves puzzle solving, exploration and finding secret hidden items.

08. Bayonetta Franchise

Bayonetta is a classic fantasy themed action RPG that centers around a character who specializes in melee combat. In the game, we follow Bayonetta, a powerful witch, who uses witchcraft and magical powers to faceoff against omnious beings. Bayonetta is smart, calm and careful when approaching the enemy. Her fighting style is fluid, not allowing enemy to predict her movements or keep track of where she is.

The character is charming because of her prideful yet caring personality. The video game series follows her adventures as she collides with godly forces. This hack and slash video game is indeed among the best pc titles.

07. NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is an anime-inspired JRPG that serves as a spin-off series to Drakengard. The game features several intriguing characters who showcase terrifying combat style and strength. Among the many characters, the character that is most treasured is 2B, the primary protagonist of the video game. 2B is an android who equips Virtuous Contract, her signature katana.

The game allows for both ranged attacks and melee. Players engage in engrossing mechanics with different combos and playstyles. Certainly, the game boasts graphics that enhance the experience.

06. Diablo Franchise (Especially Diablo 4)

Diablo IV is an action RPG that revolves around the mischiefs of Diablo. Being canonically fourth, the video game presents the gameplay with the same intensity as its predecessors. Diablo IV is a game with rich gameplay mechanics and impressive open-world environment. Players can explore the eerie sites while also fighting creatures that possess immeasurable strength.

The game incorporates hack-and-slash elements and it is evident just by taking a glimpse at the game teaser or the cover because slicing through demonic bodies requires a sharp arsenal, especially a sword that can penetrate mass.

05. Dark Souls Franchise

Dark Souls is infamous for being notoriously difficult and featuring roguelike game experience. The game takes place in 3D from third person perspective and boasts the exploration. The fun in this game lies in its intricate gameplay mechanics, where players are engaged in battling it out against the fictional and mythical creatures likes knights, dragons and demons.

The series swiftly interconnects the environments and narratives of different installments, players can expect to experience resemblance in the core of the game. The game is highly regarded as one of the most-difficult games ever, and that can be comprehensive with experience. Try it right away.

04. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

If you aspire to immerse in a game that provides an impeccable narrative which is loosely based on combat, then Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice shouldn’t be taken lightly. The game challenges players to play as a warrior who is on a perilous mission to rescue a lord of an ancient and valuable bloodline from the clutches of the evil clan of Ashina.

The game begins with the protagonist, Wolf, gaining sanity after nearly losing his life, wreathing in pain and having no idea of how he is in the misery, wolf embarks on a journey to fullfil his goal.

03. Hades

Hades is an indie action-based hack-and-slash video game popular for upscaling the combat every time the player dies. In Hades, players step into the shoes of Zagreus, Hades’ son, who aims to climb Mount Olympus with the help of his. animal companion Cerberus. On his way, he encounters supernatural entities that play a hurdle in his journey. However, Zagreus can tackle all the enemies, as he specializes in hack-and-slash combat.

Zagreus uses Infernal Arms as his primary weapon to neglect his opponent’s attack and strike back. The game is heavily reliant on combat mechanics.

02. Devil May Cry Franchise

Devil May Cry is a game that prioritizes combat, it respectfully presents fierce combat sequences that showcase how beautiful the hack-and-slash and the game itself are. The video game revolves around Dante, a half-demon and a half-human hunter who is popular in the gaming community because of his recklessness and careless personality.

The fighting style of Dante is versatile. Other than his primary weapon, the Rebellion, Dante uses numerous weapons varying from guns to swords. The combos Dante uses are extremely vibrant, they boast uniqueness which allures players to stay immersed for several hours of playtime.

01. God Of War Franchise

God of War is known for its aggressive combat mechanics and for exploiting the elements of hack-and-slash video games in PC. Revolving around a fictional Greek God named Kratos, the game allows players to engage in a narrative play alongside extremely fascinating battles.

In the game, players witness the player character using numerous weapons that are suited for close-quarters combat. Kratos is shown using different weapons which all have something in common, his arsenal is enchanted with mysterious magical, and godly powers.

Conclusion: Hack and Slash PC Games

Hack and Slash features intensity and is alluring than most video game genres. Any game hack and slash game will allow you to witness staggering fights with meticulous details to it. The genre is extensive with hundreds and thousands of games. However, we have dug through the internet to find genres that exploit on the elements of hack and slash. We assure you that these titles will drive you to crave for more similar content.

Share your views on this one of the bests genres in the comments. Elaborate on your experiences and tell us how much do you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. For any inquiry, you can connect with us through Facebook and Instagram.

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