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Civilization: Beyond Earth – Best Colonists to Choose for Victory


After choosing the best sponsor in Civilization Beyond Earth, it’s time to move to the second “chapter” and choose the best colonists for the game. We can only choose from five colonists types and each of them has very focused bonuses, so choosing the best option depends on how do you intend to play: an aggressive game for Total Domination, a peaceful exploration, a rapidly growing civilization and so on.

However, I am here to share with you my opinion on the best colonists to choose in Civilization: Beyond Earth, as some seem to be indeed more valuable in the long run than the others. So let’s check them out below!

Before getting to the best, let’s eliminate what I consider to normally be the worst colonists you can choose: Refugees (they give you +2 food in every city, a bonus that’s not as important because you can work food out easily in the game) and Scientists (although their +2 Science bonus is pretty solid, again you’ll get science from other means and you’ll probably never have a huge number of cities to really rule with the bonuses gained).

From the three remaining Colonists, it’s really difficult to choose as they are all extremely useful. My top three best colonists to choose in Civilization: Beyond Earth are:

3. Aristocrats
I found out during my playthroughs that keeping people healthy in Civ: BE is pretty difficult. So I am welcoming any bonus I can get to Health. Plus, the extra three energy per city gives us more building options without too many headaches. Still, not the colonists to die for.

2. Artists
I find Culture extremely important in the game (especially if you go with the Franco-Iberia sponsor, for example) and you also get +1 Health in your cities. Extremely important!

1. Engineers
I always have a personal debate before going with Engineers of Artists and it’s always a tough choice. Now I have decided to consider the Engineers as the best colonists to go with because the extra production bonus is always welcome and can help your civilization tremendously as you will build everything a lot faster. This is great for an offensive civilization since growth will come pretty naturally and you can fill up the map with troops pretty easily.

Which of the available colonists in Civilization: Beyond Earth is your best? Do you agree with my picks or you have a different opinion?

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  • Billy
    Posted November 21, 2014 at 2:40 am

    I go with artists. The extra production is nice, but I find that the extra health and culture are even more important, as health can be hard to maintain and the +2 C will help fill out virtue trees a bit faster. My second choice would be Engineers.

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