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Civilization Beyond Earth: Best Sponsor for Your New Beginnings


The new Civilization game introduces a bunch of new concepts to the game and we’re going to talk about each and every one here at Vgamerz. We’ll start with the first decision you’ll have to make in every Civilization Beyond Earth game that you start: choosing the best sponsor. These are basically the “old” civilizations from earth and some seem to be obviously better than the others, even though, fortunately, they remain pretty balanced at the same time. So let’s find out the Best Sponsor in Civilization Beyond Earth for a successful colonization of the alien planet.

Choosing the “correct” sponsor in the game is often a matter of personal preference because, just as I said, they are pretty balanced. But in my opinion, a few stand out and I am show you why below. Let’s start with what is, in my opinion, the best Civilization Beyond Earth Sponsor:

Pan-Asian Cooperative
This sponsor gives you a 10% production bonus to any wonders you’ll build, as well as 25% better speed for improvement building by your workers. This means two things: you can easily become a wonder-producing civilization (because the 10%, even though it might not sound impressive at first, offers you a big advantage!) while the workers’ speed means that you won’t need to build a billion and a half of them. You can easily do with just a few if you don’t go completely crazy with the number of cities. So personally, I would always choose Pan-Asian Cooperative as my sponsor.

My second favorite Civilization: Beyond Earth Sponsor for when I want to go all geeky in the game. It offers a great bonus if you put it to good use: a free technology for every 10 Virtutes that you unlock, so you have to focus a lot on culture (and science) to make it matter. Although this doesn’t mean that you will get a ton of free technologies during your run, it’s still freebies that matter a lot and will give you the edge in the tech war in the game.

Finally, rounding up the top three is Polystalia which gives you two more trade routes in your Capital. I am slowly finding out that something that I usually ignored in previous Civ games, the trade routes, are extremely important here and the two extra routes are basically priceless. Combine this with the Ecology tech and its alien upgrade and you can establish extremely profitable trade routes that will help your Civilization tremendously from start to the end.

Now that you have my top three best Sponsors in the game, let’s talk about the worst of them. In my opinion, these are:

– African Union (10% food is not that much, and I found out that keeping your civilization healthy is at some points a real challenge)
– ARC (I rarely focus on the Covert Ops so I really have no need for them)
– Kavithan Protectorate (although it does help a little bit with the Outpost growth at first, it’s not a huge bonus in the long run. Acquiring new tiles is not as important as other parts of the game).

What about you? Which sponsor do you think is best to be chosen in Civilization: Beyond Earth?



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