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Best Tower Defense Games Ever on PC

Best Tower Defense Games Ever on PC

Tower Defense is one of the most exhilarating genres that people enthusiastically long to play but defining tower defense is none of our concern instead we will be unraveling some of the best tower defense games on PC. Without further ado, let’s venture out on a fun journey.

09. X-Morph: Defense

X-Morph: Defense is a top-down perspective shooter and tower defense video game. In this video game, you will be simulating aliens and protecting your bases from humans, quite the opposite of the usual TD theme. Your objective is to protect X-Morph harvesters from the human forces relentlessly charging in. You can strategize where to deploy your forces to protect your base.

Players have access to a wide range of alien weaponry. Each enemy wave comes with a preceded phase, you can observe their path and counter their attacks.

08. Infinitode 2 (The Realistic Tower Defense Games Ever on PC)

Infinitode 2 is the most tower defense-like game you could find. It’s a video about creativity, tactical master class, and inventive mindset. In the video game, you will be fighting aligned enemy forces rushing toward your base. The video game features several different types of towers that could enhance your tower defense experience. Moreover, the video game relatively gets difficult as players start to trample down early levels.

Infinitode 2 offers players a unique set of 400 research options. The researchable also known as the skill slots are necessary to strengthen the defense and offense. Furthermore, if players indulge in cooperative gameplay, they will earn points for winning and participating.

07. Sanctum 2 (The Uniqueness in Tower Defense)

Do you want something unique? Something special that is Tower Defense but with a blend of different niches. Sanctum 2 is a hybrid of Tower Defense and First Person shooter. Players generally dive into the battlegrounds themselves, instead of supervising from the usual top-down perspective. When players start the video game, they spawn into the warzone with one of the 4 heroes, each with distinctive characteristics, powers, and weaknesses.

Your rank will increase as you showcase your strength to the world by defending your position. Which particularly benefits players who long to unlock new skills and weapons.

06. Defense Grid: The Awakening (Finest Tower Defense Games on The Best: PC)

Defense Grid: The Awakening is a captivating mecha-themed tower defense game that revolves around protecting military bases from overpowered aliens. The video game utilizes the cliche idea of humans vs aliens and shapes it uniquely. To protect the bases, players have to place heavy weaponry around the tower as well as strategically construct fortification towers to prevent anything from barging in.

Defense Grid: The Awakening is one of a few that offers fresh adaptations of the tower defense genre. The video game also boasts visually detailed environments, with plain and easy-to-use controls.

05. Bloons TD 6 (Defend Your Base From Mobs)

Bloons TD 6 is an exciting animated tower defense title that depicts the usual gameplay of tower defense with some humorous touches. In the video game, players set their heroes on multiple locations in the pathway in hopes of not letting anything come close. When something hostile rushes in, our heroes are positioned to annihilate it.

You have to battle mobs through a series of courses, each possessing different threats and heroes. Generally, those who strategically make their move can defend their base, that’s the point of Bloons TD 6.

04. Minion Masters (One of the Low-Priced Best Tower Defense Games on PC)

Minion Masters is a gripping hybrid of tower defense and card battle. In this video game, you can strategize your offense and defense with cards. The cards that feature in the video game are available up to 200. Furthermore, masters are helping you in combat, you have to customize them as well as upgrade them.

The exploration is one of the finest traits of this video game, players can embark on a journey and explore legends of various empires, factions, and sacred beings. In brief, Minion Masters offers fantastic gameplay, which players won’t regret playing.

03. They Are Billions (A Game that Can Send Shivers Down Your Spine)

“They Are Billions” is a spooky tower defense video game, where you have been bestowed a task that will decide humanity’s fate. The video game is set in a dystopian world, where a majority of humans have turned into zombies. Your task is to protect the survivors and build them shelter with the tools you have in your inventory.

The gameplay of “They Are Billions” features up to 48 missions, keeping you busy for several days. Moreover, to experience exhilarating gameplay, you can participate in various challenges to test your resolve and defensive strength. Inevitably, the best way to apply tactical advantages and strategic decisions will help you survive hordes of zombies.

02. Plants vs. Zombies (The Classic Adventure in Best Tower Defense Games on PC)

Don’t you love a long session of Plants vs Zombies, the tower defense game where plants protect humanity? If you have never experienced the ultimate fun of this tower defense video game, you are missing out on a lot. This is the type of video game you tune in to play for a few minutes but due to addictive gameplay, you are lost for tens of minutes and sometimes hours. Plants vs Zombies is an ideal tower defense video game with quite a simple premise. In the video game, zombies are just outside of your house, waiting for the space to infiltrate inside. And you might be wondering who’s your messiah. Obviously, the plants. The video game features a variety of plants that protect you in all ways and from all sides.

This intriguing video game is mostly known for its tower defense elements, nevertheless, it also has an astounding plot.

01. Thronefall (The Best in Our List? You Judge it)

Thronefall is a visually beautiful video game that is based on the cycle of seasons, to put it simply, it depicts different environments. In the video game, players are equipped with the role of the monarch on horseback. Players’ task is to build and upgrade their empire in the daytime and prepare to protect their country at night time from the waves of formidable enemies.

The engaging gameplay of Thronefall features city building, tower defense, and thoughtful plans. Moreover, players are free to craft anything as long as they see it standing after a strong attack.

The simple yet captivating gameplay of Thronefall is treasured by all, fans and critics.

Conclusion: Best Tower Defense Games on PC

We journeyed through one of the most captivating video game universes, the games in the Tower Defense genre. These video games are favored by users as well as acclaimed by critics. What side are you on? Do let us know in the comments, further, if you need any assistance, navigate to our Contact Us page or send us a short message, and we will try to reach you.

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