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The Best Of “Free Game Of The Week” On The Epic Games Store

epic games free game of the week

Epic Games Store “Game Of The Week” is a recently introduced event to the loyal users of the service. The Epic Games Store offers a free game to its registered users once every week. So far, the Epic Games Store has featured several massive titles in their giveaway. Inevitably, the giveaway’s status is active, and you can still add free games to your Epic Games Stores’ library. In this blog, we will unravel some of the finest games that were once available for sale. With further ado let’s get right into the list.

06. Tomb Raider Trilogy – 86 Metacritic score

Tomb Raider introduced us to iconic Lara Croft, a brave archaeologist, who is always hungry for unusual adventures. The adventures of Lara Croft have been depicted in the Tomb Raider series in multiple timelines. The latest Survivor timeline trilogy features 3 exhilarating titles that are incredibly fascinating in terms of gameplay. Tomb Raider Trilogy reminds players about the astounding gameplay of Prince of Persia, as players can perform acrobatic stunts as well as free running tricks. This fantastic video game trilogy features countless puzzles in the main narrative play. Furthermore, the fantastical power-ups help players in more than one way. This special power-up or ability is called “Survival Instinct,” players can use this feature to find paths, search for herbs and healings, and solve various puzzles.

Tomb Raider Trilogy is one of a few highly acclaimed video games that was once available on the Epic Games Store, to be more specific, the video game trilogy featured from Dec 30, 2021, to Jan 6, 2022.

05. XCOM 2 – 88 Metacritic Score

XCOM 2 indeed is an exciting choice for experiencing the enthralling turn-based tactics video games. It is the direct sequel to XCOM and the storyline unfolds 20 years after the events of the first addition. In the video game, our planet has undergone a radical change and is now under the oppressive dominion of cosmic entities. The players’ job is to rebuild the last bastion of defense, XCOM, also known as Extraterrestrial Combat, and ignite the rebellion. This tactical excellence allows you to decide when to engage in combat, and where to strike the team. Faceoff against a diverse cast of adversaries, and enhance your tactical flexibility during combat.

The video game was available for free from April 14 to April 21, 2022, on Epic Games Store.

04. Dishonored: Definitive Edition – 91 Metacritic Score

Dishonored is a captivating action-adventure video game that unfolds the story of the plague-ridden town of Dunfall. In the video game, players step into the shoes of Corvo Attano, a supernatural assassin, who is driven by the thirst for revenge. Corvo’s life takes a turn when the Empress of the Isles, whom he used to serve, is murdered in a coup orchestrated by the corrupt Lord Regent. And inevitably Lord Regent accused him of treachery and assassinating Empress. Corvo then adapts the life of an assassin, trampling down every enemy one by one who was involved in the Empress’ murder and blamed him.

The players can creatively eliminate their targets using weird combos and assassination skills. The combat involves stealth, tactical gameplay, and excessive usage of supernatural abilities. The video game was available for free in-between December 30, 2022, to January 5, 2023.

03. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons – 90 Metacritic Score

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an epic fairy tale journey that unfolds the tale of two young brothers. In this captivating video game, players explore the uncanny landscapes encountering fictitious creatures. Their reasons for dwelling in an uninhabited territory are personal. The young men are trying to find a cure for their father’s illness.

The video game emphasizes the gameplay with a unique feature, players can simultaneously control both protagonists at a time. Furthermore, when playing solo, you can revert the setting to the original. The gameplay features puzzle-solving, exploration, and intense combat.

When exactly was this video game for free? Between February 17 to February 24, 2022, the players were able to add this video game to their libraries for free.

02. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s most underrated video game, Guardian of the Galaxy was once sold for absolutely free on Epic Games Store. Surprisingly the offer was available very recently. To be more specific, the video game was free on the first week of January 2024.

If you aren’t familiar with The Guardians of the Galaxy Windows video game, let us unveil how intriguing this video game is. In the video game, you step into the shoes of Star-Lord, the captain of his crew, who is on a mission to keep the galaxy balanced. The video game is rich in storytelling, the characters are likable and the dialogues are witty. Furthermore, the graphics are also astounding because of the vibrant colors and stunning visuals. The enthusiastic gamers and Marvel fanatics are in for a treat, the video game offers hours’ worth of content, which definitely is cheaper even at the price of $60, which is currently the average price on the internet for this game.

01. Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition – 93 Metacritic Score

2008’s immersive RPG and survival video game, Fallout 3 met with universal acclaim and got multiple Game of The Year awards. This award-winning video game’s setting is about descending into a post-apocalyptic world where every minute is a fight to stay alive. Just after winning the awards, the video game launched a dedicated version with additional content, titled Fallout 3: Game of The Year. In comparison to the original video game, the Game of The Year edition included frequent updates. Moreover, Fallout 3: GOTY edition came with 5 add-on packs.

Fallout 3: Game of The Year edition was once offered free on Epic Games Store to all users. The original version of the video game is a few dollars more than the regular version.


Keeping The Game of The Week active is a great decision from Epic Games Store to keep the audience engaged. Every week hundreds of thousands of players log in to their accounts to add the discounted game of the week to their libraries. You still have sufficient time to redeem this week’s free video game. But before you do that, make sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, you will find the latest game news, reviews, and listicles.

What video game are you waiting to feature in “Free Game of The Week” on the Epic Games Store? Let us know in the comments.

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