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Rayman: The Animated Series (Everything You Need To Know)

Rayman Animated series

Most of us grew up playing Rayman video games, there is a diverse collection of video games for Rayman, but do you know there is also an animated series for Rayman, titled Rayman: The Animated Series?

Although the animated Series has some faults, to begin with. But It’s still not just any animated series, it’s about Rayman the legendary limbless character. It’s time to watch him and see how he handles the situations he used to face while playing him as a character.

We are here to reveal everything about Rayman: Animated Series. For that, you have to stick with us to fully comprehend what this series is about. By the end of this blog post your doubts would fly away.

Rayman: The Animated (Review)

Rayman is the protagonist of the Rayman franchise, his dull design is what makes him stand out as the character. He doesn’t have limbs, we came to that assumption because of his initial design and he always wears oval-shaped shoes. His upper body is a few inches above his feet, floating in the air, and so are his hands and his head, but none of his body parts is detachable except his hands.

With his abnormal body, he can do parkour, and jump over obstacles, like crazy. His hand grip for a short and armless being is pretty insane. If you left him hanging on a bar or chunk of block, he would be there hanging for hours. The game’s physics and mechanics are hard to describe, but it’s not a big deal, the game came in the mid-90s.

Coming on to the animated series, its plot is interesting. There is no restriction on who can watch it, and every age and gender can stream it on their TVs.

The narrative starts by telling how Rayman and his friends are enslaved by an evil individual, Rigatoni. Rigatoni, considers them a property of the circus that he runs, forcing them to perform out of their will. Rayman doesn’t like how they are being treated and escapes from his grasp.

Short-tempered, Rigatoni attempts to pursue them, but Rayman is already out of his reach.

Is Rayman: The Animated Series Worth Watching?

The long run time of the Rayman franchise isn’t ending anytime soon. For the past 2 decades, the game franchise has been consistent in releasing newer video games. The latest release from Rayman was in 2019, for a mobile game. But the latest appearance from Rayman as the character was in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope video game.

Consumers who have been playing Rayman for quite a time, won’t get bored no matter how much they played Rayman games. Whenever the Rayman falls short, there is a new release that backs up the predecessors.

The Rayman: The Animated series is faithful to the original franchise. It pays homage to all the previous games by adding many locations from the Rayman 2 video game. If you are not aware of the fact that both the Rayman 2 video game and Animated Series, premiered the same year. Not simultaneously, the animated series aired a little later the same year.

The show has poor animation, and the work seems inconsistent just by taking a glance at the screen about 2 seconds apart. The narrative is nothing special, and the writing is poor, but for an original animated series that had no predecessors to learn from it is all right.

The Rayman franchise as in gaming is good and the animated show is worth watching too. But If you are going to watch the animated series in hopes of getting the same levels of satisfaction, we suggest not to watch it.

Rayman: The Animated Series Season 2

The Animated Series at present only has 4 episodes, which may appear to be very low for a world-class game franchise. According to, The show initially was supposed to have 26 episodes but for more than a few reasons they had to stop it.

One of the major causes was the financial crisis, which led to even more problems. With a low budget, the show wasn’t able to offer quality animation. Which may or may not be the reason for the show to utterly flop.

As of now, the show still has only 4 episodes and hasn’t continued since then. If in the past 2 decades, we weren’t able to hear a piece of promising news, we don’t think we will hear it now or in the future, the show is over once and for all.

Very recently, a series called Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix aired on Netflix. It is a mashup of different Ubisoft video game series and has a standalone story. What’s interesting about Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix animated show is, that it has Rayman as one of the primary characters.

Will the Series be Continued?

There is no reason to continue the series that won’t benefit both the studio and the developers, Unisoft. Before you make any comment, ask yourself if you honestly would watch the animated series from the 90s with a plain and predictable story.

Currently, there is no announcement live regarding the show’s continuation. In conclusion, it’s time to move on to something different.

Where to Watch the Rayman: The Animated Series?

The show is old and it’s nearly nonexistent on first-rate streaming platforms. If you google the title of the series, some websites let you stream in exchange for watching ads.

We suggest you watch it on YouTube, with a video quality that exceeds your expectations for an old TV Show. You can watch the show in up to 1440p, which you might not even find in crisp videos available on YouTube. Germans and French are also in for a treat because it’s available in both languages on YouTube.


How do you rate Rayman games in general? Do you think they deserve all the publicity, and what is Rayman: The Animated Series? It’s a matter of different perspectives, not everyone thinks the same. Our blog tells readers if they should take action or not based on the stats and facts, that we provide.

Rayman series only has 4 episodes that without a doubt are worth watching. If you are a fan of the long-running franchise, you might be in for a treat. Because it has similar locations to that of the video game’s second installment.

Anyways, could you give us your feedback on Rayman: Animated Series? We would love to hear a few words from your side and also don’t forget to share your thoughts on whether there should be a new addition to the animated series.

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