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The Ultimate List of Roguelike Games on Nintendo Switch

roguelike games switch

Roguelike games on Nintendo Switch are astounding, whatever role the players may assume, in this tiny device that fits in hands more or less every perilous journey becomes intriguing. Roguelike games are extremely popular due to their challenging theme, if the player dies by any means in the video game, they are sent back to where they started from. In this blog, we are enlisting some of the most cunning titles that can change your perspective of Roguelike games. Without further ado, let’s start our countdown.

One Step From Eden: Deck-Building Roguelike

One Step From Eden is a deck-building roguelike video game, where you experience the blending of action-adventure with real-time strategy. The video game is set in the world of Eden, where your goal will be to reach the eponymous Eden. To achieve the feat, you will be sent on a perilous journey with treacherous paths. The gameplay features over 200 cards, that you can use to boost your winning chances. There are also 9 playable characters, each shining with their respective abilities. The combat aspect of the video game is intriguing, you will be engaging in fights against enemies with different stats just like you.

Hades: A Greek Mythology-Based Adventure on Roguelike Games Switch

Hades is the heart of roguelike games on Nintendo Switch. In this video game, players step into the shoes of Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he aims to escape the depths of the underworld and ascend to Mount Olympus. Your adventure role-playing as Zagreus won’t be easy, as you will be fighting hordes of monsters that will try to shatter your tranquility.

Like any Greek God, Zagreus has an arsenal of great weapons, these weapons help him fight adversaries with the help of magic, dash, and special abilities. Despite being an indie video game, Hades boasts high-quality graphics with great details. Whether you like the indie genre or despise it, Hades will make you think otherwise.

Spelunky 2: The Sequel to Critically Acclaimed Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is a 2D platform video game where players assume the role of Ana Spelunky, the daughter of the previous video game’s protagonist. In Spelunky 2 players explore caves, fight adversaries, encounter traps filled paths, and unravel mysteries.

The adventure mode of the video game features procedurally generated caves and the difficulty of exploring and surviving increases impressively. If you die at the hands of an enemy, there’s no coming back. You will start from the beginning. The tiny details in video games make it mesmerizing and challenging altogether.

Dead Cells: The Best of Indie Roguelike Games on Switch

Dead Cells is an action-adventure puzzle platformer and roguelike video game, that showcases the elements of Metroidvania. In Dead Cells, you assume the role of an amorphous prisoner imprisoned in a distant castle. Your ultimate goal is to escape the diseased island safe and sound and slay the king of the island.

The video game boasts extremely fascinating visual quality with a vibrant set of colors. Players have access to use up to 150 weapons and spells, including swords, bows, and shields. The video game features nonlinear skills, which you can have in your caliber in your new paths. Do you adore video games with fast-paced action? Dead Cells will satisfy your needs.

Crypt of the Necrodancer; The Best of Music Roguelike Games on Switch

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm-matching roguelike video game. The video game is about matching your movements with the rhythm of the music. Every step you take will be according to how you perform matching the beats. The action is reliant on matching rhythm, you will be engaging in combat against zombies, skeletons, and other fantastical creatures while grooving to the soundtracks.

The video game features original soundtracks, and players can also add their favorite songs from their library. Crypt of the Necrodancer offers 15 playable characters, each with a unique style of play.

There are daily tasks that you can participate in to obtain a handful of rewards.

Into the Breach: Turn-Based Roguelike Games on Nintendo Switch

Into the Breach is a captivating 2D turn-based strategy video game set in the distant future. The video game narrates the tale of humanity’s survival against an existential threat from the army of colossal monsters known as Vek. The players’ objective is to defend humanity from the alien menace with the help of powerful mechs. Each mech comes with distinctive powers and style of play. Strategical gameplay plays a pivotal role in this video game, Vek forces move across the board in a procedural gesture, and you can counter-attack with the deadliest weapons in your arsenal, accurate positioning, and prediction.

Each map hands players with a new goal. Sometimes you will have to defend human civilization, while other times you will be free to achieve other goals.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell dungeon crawler video that centers on a band of misfits who are searching for the ultimate treasure called “the gun that can kill the past.” To get there, players have to shoot like maniacs and strategize multiple ways of reaching their objective. The enemy will attack in waves, to win, players must unlock several different weapons and upgrade the existing ones.

The gameplay is pixelated but comes with great details. Enter the Gungeon uniquely blends fast-paced combat with humor and action, leaving players stunned throughout the entire playthrough.

Conclusion: Roguelike Games Switch

This is where put a pause to our journey for today. We explored the best roguelike video games on Nintendo Switch. These video games shape the theme by representing the modern-day genre of Roguelike. If you are fascinated by these enlisted video games, make sure to tell us in the comments.

Before you depart, make sure to pay a visit to our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we publish the latest and relevant gaming content. We aren’t finished here, there’s a lot more to explore, maybe in the next blog. Until then check out more of our content.

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