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AC Syndicate Guide: How to Level Up Quickly and Easily

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Leveling up in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is quite easy. In fact, you can mostly follow the main story quests and everything will run quite smoothly. Nevertheless, there are always better ways to level up faster. The following guide shows how you can get tons of experience by simply playing through the game.

Even if questing alone might be enough to keep your experience levels up-to-date, it’s never too much to get even more since it means additional skill points, thus more abilities, more gear and ultimately way more power. Here’s a smooth guide with progressive tips that will show you how to level up without much effort – all you have to is to play strategically by taking advantage of everything around you.

Note: This is a progressive guide that features beginner gameplay. If you’re already advanced, you should skip some of the first tips.


1. Kill Enemies in Your Way

AC Syndicate Money LootThe first tip is common in almost every game, you need to defeat your enemy in order to become more skilled. No science here. I’m not exactly saying to kill everyone in your way but every time you get the chance, do not hesitate, just take the kill and the experience. A few kills won’t do much for you but after a while, dozens or even hundreds of kills will certainly make the difference.


2. Perform Special Attacks, Combos and Actions

AC Syndicate AC Syndicate Combat PerkNow, it’s time to show off your true skills. By performing basically any sort of combo or special attack, you’ll be triggering extra experience on kills. So, do not panic or fight blindly, just use your abilities properly in order to end up with a successful combo. The more you do, the more experience you’ll get. Here are some of the innumerous combos you can do in-game: Headshot, Assassination, Death Recovery, Fancy Moves, Vanish on Smoke, Flawless Fighter.


3. Make Your Path Through Fighting and Liberating

AC Syndicate KidnapTo make your journey more experience-friendly, you should move around and make your own path by fighting and liberating. How? London is filled with work. It’s basically everywhere you go, so finding secondary missions are rather inevitable. By other words, if you keep moving while killing enemies, saving allies and going for objectives, you won’t just eventually reach your primary destiny, you will also gain tremendous amounts of experience on the way.


4. Unlock Synchronization Points to Enable Fast Travel

AC Syndicate Sync PointBut walking too much can become a waste of time as you progress, activities will lessen and your conquered land will increase. So, start unlocking synchronization points in early game. Else, you’ll have huge headaches to unlock them later on and you won’t be able to use them either. This is a true advantage in mid-late game because you will need to move a lot across London and this is undoubtedly, a time-saving feature – all we want is fast experience in all stages of the game.


5. Collect Chests, Helix Glitches, Illustrations and Secrets of London

AC Syndicate Collect ChestThis step is nothing but free experience. All you have to do is look carefully for collectibles, some will display in your map others not so much. But yes, basically everything that can be collected in Syndicate gives you experience, things like chests, helix glitches, illustrations and even secrets of London. Think of them as extra rewards in form of experience for exploring and moving around places off the road.


6. Focus on Combat and Stealth Skills

AC Syndicate Money GuideIf you want to get faster experience, you need to be skilled and powerful in combat. It’s all about logic, so if you want to kill fast and go through missions as quick as possible, you need to focus on your combat and stealth trees, that’s where the good abilities are and you really need them for this. I know money is important too but try to keep a balance between both builds.


7. Keep Upgrading Your Gear

AC Syndicate InventorySkills are not so reliable without gear, so another very important step is to keep your equipment updated at all times. Else, you can do all the combos in the world and your damage will still be too low to kill  fast enough. Note that both defense and offense stats are important in this game, so don’t be careless when it comes to purchase better gear.


8. Unlock Combat Perks

AC Syndicate Combat PerkIn Syndicate, you have the chance to unlock combat perks. What do they do? Well, they give pleasant amounts of experience. But they are normally hard to achieve. Combat perks work a bit like small achievements, where players must repeat some sort of combo or special attack for a certain number of times. Once you perform all of them, you unlock the perk and you get the experience bonus for it. Simple enough.


9. Completing Conquest, Associate and Income Activities

AC Syndicate Associate ActivityIf you feel you’re a bit behind in levels you can always engage in any of the conquest, associate or income activities. They can be found all over London and they normally reward you with gentle amounts of experience and money. Thing is, some of them take a while to complete, so choose wisely by always considering the experience reward first.


10. Simply Gang Wars

AC Syndicate Gang War

One of the most experience rewarding activities in game is certainly Gang Wars. By challenging enemy gang leaders and fighting along your gang comrades, you have the chance to trigger huge amounts of XP. This activity takes a while to complete, so make sure you have enough supplies to start this type of conflict. The gang leader is a small boss and it doesn’t go down easily.


11. Club Fighting

AC Syndicate Fight ClubAnother experience candy is the Fight Club. By challenging other fighting opponents and defeating them all (which is normally not as simple as it might seem), you end up with a surprisingly reward, which includes experience, money and occasionally items too. This is a must-do activity for so many reasons, so if you’re close by don’t run away, you won’t regret it.


12. Completing Sequences

AC Syndicate Story Quest SequenceThe ultimate experience machine is nothing more than completing story quests, also known as sequences in Syndicate. In my opinion, you can do just fine if you stick to them for a while but after middle game you need to do other missions too or you’ll get pretty behind in experience. Also, try to always complete the secondary objectives in sequences, as they give you extra rewards when you finally complete them.


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