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PS4 Hack N Slash Games: Don’t Let Anything Come Closer to You

ps4 hack n slash games

In PS4 video games, wielding dual weapons is a genuine feeling, especially when both weapons are swords or handguns, even simple melee tools such as brass knuckles can inflict great damage, this genre is identified as hack n slash or slash ’em up. We have accumulated a list of captivating titles that are available on your favorite console, PS4. Scroll the list little by little, we are sure you will find the most clashing names.

God of War Ragnarök (Records of Kratos, The Legendary Hack n Slash Hero, Now in Your PS4)

God of War 2018 did not seem like a video game from the God of War franchise, the setting, characters, plot, music, graphics, and faithfully everything was new to fans. However, players exploited it and got used to it within 24 hours of gameplay. God of War Ragnarök is a superior PS4 hack and Slash addition to the franchise and a sequel to 2018’s Game of the Year, God of War 2018 also known as God of War 4.

God of War Ragnarök is based on Scandinavian and ancient history, the video game picks up the premise from where the previous one left off, a few years have passed and Atreus has finally become a rebellious teenager who wants to make decisions about his life himself. Kratos and Atreus are still on their everlasting journey to Vanaheim to search for the source of the binding curse. Kratos uses various close-range weapons throughout his journey, his inventory includes, the legendary double-chained blades and a magical axe that works the same as Thor’s Mjölnir.

Devil May Cry™ 5 (The Adventure of Undisputed King Dante)

Our list isn’t compiled from popular characters, but it’s compiled by the characters that shape the story. Dante from The Devil May Cry is the solo star of the franchise, his tales are infamous. The series executes his adventures in different games. The video game takes place 5 years after the events of the Devil May Cry 4. The video game follows the usual protagonist Dante, Nero, and a new protagonist named V. The trio embarks on a journey to put a stop to Demon King Urizen from destroying the human race. However, players can also distract themselves from the main missions and participate in side quests and mini-games.

This PS4 hack n slash video game has meticulously detailed well-optimized graphics, which surprisingly makes the video game run smoothly on low-end devices too, out of all the games you should expect this one to satisfy your dopamine levels.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! (The Uncanon World-Class Game, From the World-Class Franchise)

Like a Dragon: Ishin is a stealth-action video game and is a filler in the Like a Dragon series. The video game is about Ninja’s internal and outside conflicts. It takes place in the mid-1800s, a phase of the late Edo period. The players play Sakamoto Ryōma, who is insecure about himself and can’t differentiate reality and fiction.

The graphics of “Like a Dragon Ishin” come from Unreal Engine 4. Unbelievably, it blows gamers’ minds away, because a 2014 video game has the graphics of a modern 2020s game. The combat style of Like a Dragon Ishin is similar to its predecessor. However, there is a new coin exchange system for players to benefit from. There are also a bunch of side stories that include players.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Experience the Events of the Sengoku Era Before Your Eyes)

Do you want to explore Japanese culture and rituals without visiting the real thing? Do you want to experience the brutality and mass homicides that occurred during the Sengoku Era?

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is an experience that may teach you more than you could initially imagine. The plot of this PS4 hack n slash video game, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is set in the fictionalized Sengoku Era. Where the entirety of the land of Ashina is under Isshin Ashina’s control.

The game is about a Japanese Samurai, Wolf, who attempts to free his lord, Kuro, and take revenge on them. The players face several legendary bosses, that will either make them rage quit or push them to the limit where they will be plucking their hairs out. The video game deliberately pans its focus toward exploration, stealth, and combat. The video game polishes players’ melee skills, reaction time, and how to perform combos. The graphics are a sight to behold, the detailed textures are on Proprietary Engine.

Samurai Warriors® 5 (Indulge in Samurai Experience, and Train How to be One)

Samurai Warriors 5 features a campaign mode that includes 3D animated cutscenes, and creative visual gameplay. The gameplay’s immaculate visual style gets acclaim from critics and it’s the one thing that stands out majorly. Samurai Warriors 5 takes place in the Sengoku Era and features a new revamped original story. Whether you pick a basic sword or one of the legendary blades, the enemies will be sent flying over and over in the air. This PS4 video game offers everything a gamer tries to find hack n games. From immersive gameplay to clean textures, you won’t be upset.

The repeated strikes can keep the enemies up in the air for you to perform either a combo or continue the madness. The coop fun begins right after you complete the first chapter, from there you can begin your journey, and compete against your friends for a reward. Samurai Warriors 5 features various characters, out of which 5 are returning.

Persona 5 Royal (The Video Game Contemporary Defines Hack and Slash and Beat Em Up Genres)

Persona series isn’t limited by any barriers, it manages to break into every list of ours. The diversity of different genres kicked in the plot, the acclaim from all the returning players, and the meticulously detailed characters pushed the game into a void where only Persona fanatics exist. Persona 5 Royal features the same theme of teenagers fighting corrupt adults, who see the world from a different and evil perspective.

Persona 5 Royal amps up and enhances the combat style of the predecessors. Hence why we think it’s the best of the PS4 hack n slash games. Role-playing enthusiasts praise the video game as a “Living Masterpiece.” And undeniably this innovative video game features everything that indicates why it’s a genius’s work and how it catches a larger number of fanbases.

Conclusion: The Best PS4 Hack n Slash of All Time

Hack n Slash can either be boring or boredom killer. It depends on your mood and what you play. The genre traditionally takes users back to the early 1980s, when some of the popular games came to public arcades. However, the origin of the genre remains a mystery, but it’s safe to say that the genre is older than most could imagine. If you are into the genre or one of those who are starting to be loyal, this list features worthwhile content. Our list has all those games, that you may find captivating. All these titles have intriguing plots, stunning visuals, unique combat styles, soothing background music, and lastly, astounding gameplay.

Anyway, share your feedback on our list of the Best Hack n Slash PS4 games. We are eager to hear your thoughts and improve for the better.

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