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Big Bang’s Theory Sheldon Enters the Console War: PS4 vs Xbox One


Apparently, an upcoming episode from the popular comedy Big Bang Theory has Sheldon faced with a huge dilemma: which console to choose between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And by the look on Amy’s face in the image provided, it has been debating all the pros and cons for a long time.

Choices aside (I personally think that somehow Sheldon will end up getting the Wii U to please his girlfriend, or something like that), it’s nice to see that Microsoft took advantage of the moment to tweet about this and maybe get a small advantage over their competitors:

Sony didn’t care too much about this and have remained silent. Maybe they’re not Big Bang Theory fans or maybe they were celebrating the fact that Sheldon actually picked the PS4. We’ll know for sure what happens when the episode airs – and it’s coming soon!

What about you? What console do you think Sheldon will choose?

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