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Summer Game Fest Teased That Indie Is The Future Of Gaming

Future of gaming is indie

It’s been about more than a week since the Summer Game Fest revealed numerous AAA titles that will lead the gaming industry, while the event was mostly about AAA reveals and announcements, it hinted at something unbelievable, the tease was that the future of gaming is indie.

Indie Games Have a Promising Future

The event was considerably long and made several unveils about the imminent anticipated titles. Just as you guessed, the games introduced were either from big corporations or linked with big companies like Square Enix. The reason behind the process is that many enthusiasts aspire to immerse in sequels and new entries.

Geoff Keighley, the host of the Summer Game Fest, showcased a list of the best-selling games of this year. In the list, there were 8 indie-titles produced by individuals and small companies.

The recent game events have conspicuously emphasized indie gaming as they exploit creativity, instead of following the generic ideas that big game companies do. Similarly, Summer Game Fest showed that the future of gaming is indeed indie. Most of the upcoming titles dominating the charts would be patently indie, and the indie dominance has initiated already.

The AAA game development has became largely unsustainable, the budgets are increasing and so is the creating those exclusive. Grand Theft Auto 6 is an epitome of how long it takes for one of the most expensive video game to hit the gaming world. On the other hand, the indie games are available globally and broadly. People from different regions of the world tune in everyday for a mesmerizing gameplay experience. While the medium of indie games seem to be risky as full-time, it can be a suitable option for the livelihood once you enable yourself to thrive on your success. Here’s a brief overview of how much indie gamers globally earn.

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