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Civilization VII Has Been Confirmed And It Will Come Next Year

Civilization VII Confirmed

Civilization VII is confirmed and it’s going to hit consoles and PCs next year. The announcement was made following the leaks. This year’s Summer Game Fest brought a string of surprises and among the astounding news, we witnessed 2K Games and Firaxis announcing Civilization VII.

Civilization VII is Coming Next Year

The keyword “Civilization 7” has been the center of rumors and speculations on the internet for more than 2 years. But finally, after waiting for years, the game enthusiasts can take a breath of peace.

Shortly after the announcement was made regarding the Civilization VII release date, the game publisher dropped a teaser that additionally confirmed the game’s release date to be 2025. The new entry showcased the historical leaders and societies facing off against each other. The game will bring about the same experience with additional content. Civilization 7 will present history as near-perfect. And this time people can expect to encounter more dominant leaders and their civilizations.

The cinematic trailer is what we received from the publisher, there were no additional details or messages from publisher 2K Games or Firaxis Games. However, Sid Meier confirmed a few things about Civilization VII. Sid revealed that the game will launch simultaneously on PC and console next year.

Meier also confirmed that there would be a full reveal taking place this summer. People should tune in for that as it would be staggering and provide a closer look at how the game would turn out to be.

Sid Meier’s Civilization game series is known for providing an intense turn-based strategy experience. With meticulous details of history, stunning visuals, and addictive gameplay. For the past 8 years, people have been relentlessly asking for a new installment and fortunately, Sid Meier has fulfilled all your requests.

If the release date of Civilization VII is confirmed, we will let you know through comments or Facebook, and Instagram.

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