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Valorant the PC Exclusive is Finally Hitting Consoles

Valorant Console

Valorant the infamous PC exclusive is finally hitting console. The game’s developer has finally provided some details on one of the highly anticipated first-person tactical shooters.

Valorant Console Release Confirmed for Xbox and PS5

After years of rumors and speculations, the video game’s console ports are finally coming. Released in June 2020, the video game thrived on PC for more than 4 years. And now after allowing PC players to have a captivating experience, the video game is set to enchant console enthusiasts too. Riot Games announced in Summer Game Fest that the video game will be released on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The game’s beta will begin next week following the announcement.

The press release sent after the game unveiled more than what people expected after hearing the announcement. According to the press release, the imminent Valorant console version will feature “Custom-built gameplay” which they will introduce for the first time.

Along with some astounding discloses, there was also a fair share of considerably bad news. And that was the video game won’t support cross-platform. However, cross-progression will work extremely fine.

Riot Games has promised consistent updates in Valorant console versions. The game won’t compromise on delivering quality content such as new maps, characters, and several other features.

The production director Arnar Gylfason said in the press release “We knew if we want to offer the same intensity in gameplay as we provided to PC players we need to make the gameplay more natural in terms of both gameplay style and combat mechanics.” His talk in the press conference reveals that the game is going to emphasize content delivery. This is why they are including a new shooting mode that will feature the elements of hip-fire with reduced sensitivity.

The video game is surely going to revolutionize the way console players look at tactical shooters.

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