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200 player support is coming to Warzone, just not quite yet

When Warzone launched on Tuesday many players found themselves asking the same question. Why is it limited to only 150 players? Currently, you can only play in 150 player lobbies and teams of up to 3 people. However, we now know that the rumoured 200 player game modes will be coming at some point in the future.

In an interview with USA Today, Infinity Ward co-head Patrick Kelly gave various details on Warzone’s future. Most notably, the Modern Warfare dev confirmed that 200 player lobbies are coming to Warzone, just not quite yet.

200 player Warzone is on the way

According to Kelly, Infinity Ward itself is “already playing with 200 players.” Also, he makes a fair point when saying that its impressive Warzone supports 150 players from the get-go, as most other battle royale settle between 60 and 100. The biggest takeaway from Kelly’s remarks though is that Infinity Ward is planning to release a 200-player game mode “a little bit later.”

Given the sheer scale of Warzone’s map, this isn’t too surprising. It implements every Ground War map bar Aniyah Palace as well as a further six regular Call of Duty maps. Specifically, there’s Scrapyard, Vacant, Atlas Superstore, Killhouse, Broadcast, and Gulag.

activision blizzard map warzone

It’s clear that a lot of time and care went into the development of Warzone’s map. Some players have caught on to a potential Easter egg of sorts, although details are still sparse. What we do know is that scattered across the map there are various computers you can interact with. Equally, there’s a secret bunker with a keypad you can also interact with.

The future of Warzone looks promising. As well as a 200-player update, it’s these small hints that suggest Infinity Ward has big plans in store for its battle royale. It’s possible we could see something akin to Fortnite’s seasons where large areas of the map change over time. Alternatively, perhaps a PUBG styled content release plan could be a more suitable path.

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