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Korea Challenges The World For A Hearthstone Match



South Korea is the most prominent country when we talk about eSports. This time, they want to prove themselves to the world once again in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. In a tournament hosted by Korean organization OGN, a team composed by a dream team of players from Korea will challenge a team composed by players from Europe and Americas.

The Hearthstone Masters Season 2 championship will take place at South Korea on July 6 and 7. The winning team takes $12,000 home while losing team get only $8,000. Players will compete each other in three rounds with different rules from one another. See full lineup below:

Championship Logo

Korean Team:

Yun “Taesang” Tae Sang: Taesang isn’t afraid of making risky plays. At Hearthstone Masters Season 1, he beat finalist Palmblad by 3:0;

Kim “Surrender” Jung Soo: Plays for team KOO All-Killers and was one of the finalists at WEC 2014. Currently holds second place at Korea servers with 191 points;

Jeong “Seulsiho” Han Seul: Also competes for KOO All-Killers team. Was a finalist at Hearthstone Master Season 1 and is the current rank leader at Korea servers with 300 points;

Choi “Cocoa” Min Kyu: Plays for team RD. Before being a pro at Hearthstone, Cocoa conquered many titles as a Yu-Gi-Oh player.

Global Team

Aleksandr “Kolento” Marsh: Ukrainian player from team Cloud 9. Won first place at Viagame House Cup and Dreamhack Hearthstone Championship. Currently vice-leader at European servers with 135 points;

Jon “Orange” Westberg: Member of Archon team playing from Sweden. First place at ESL Legendary Series – Katowice. Currently 8th place in Europe with 110 points;

Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert: Also from team Archon, but representing Germany. A semi-finalist at SeatStory Cups II and III. Currently holding 11th place in European servers with 90 pts.

Leonardo “Leomane” Almeida: The only player representing the Americas hails from Brazil. Playing for team Jayob eSports, Leomane was a finalist at season 2 of America Cup 2015 and is currently 1st place at Latin America servers with 70 points.



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