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Life By You Canceled Due To The Unrealistic Expectations

Life By You Canceled

The upcoming life simulator Life By You got canceled, this devastating news is hard to swallow as mostly the fans are to blame for it. On Monday, the 17th of June, 2024, there was a short note about the game’s cancellation on the main page internally linked with a statement.

In the statement, Paradox Interactive spoke about the cancellation of their highly anticipated video game with great grief. The note was brief, and they started by expressing how difficult it was to make the call about its failure and shutting down. Then they began breaking down how difficult it was to keep the promise of delivering the best. They reminisced with players about how they made sure the gameplay would be top-notch. Which became the reason for multiple delays. While the video game was turning out practically perfect, it still was nowhere close to being a complete piece.

After careful consideration, Paradox Interactive finally came to the conclusion to put a pause on the exhilarating journey.

Life By You Canceled: How The Fans Are Equally Responsible For The Game’s Cancelation

It has become explicit now that despite the hard work and dedication, the results just weren’t there. After working endlessly for weeks in and weeks out, they felt disheartened. At some point, they realized that they wouldn’t get the version they were expecting and ultimately thought it was better to stop.

The fans technically don’t have anything to do with its cancelation but any in-development game would try to land to today’s standards including the indie games. Paradox Interactive was aiming to provide an impeccable gameplay experience of Life By You. However, the development took a substantial amount of time and still had a long way to go before becoming complete. All odds were against the going-to-become captivating video game.

The fans still are sad about the game’s cancelation and most leave strings of criticism and negative reception. Paradox Interactive’s fear ultimately ended up being their nightmare which led to ever-ending suffering. The game was doomed for trying to live up to the people’s expectations.

The hype revolving around it began after the March 6th, 2023 announcement. A few days later, on March 20th the full reveal of the game was available with the trailer. The failure he Life By You became evident after the three delays of early access before ultimately getting canceled.

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