FaZe members could be facing jailtime following crypto scam

FaZe members could be facing jailtime following crypto scam

Last week exposed one of the most serious content creator scandals we’ve ever seen. Four FaZe members alongside YouTubers RiceGum and Sommer Ray were placed as ambassadors of a new crypto currency. Branded ‘Save the Kids’, it was supposed to raise funds for various charities. However, the reality was far darker.

After pushing their fans to buy Save the Kids tokens, it immediately crashed in value upon launch. The demand of their fans raised its value but this value disappeared once the currency went live. Why? It is thought that these ambassadors sold their stocks in mass, causing the supply to greatly outweigh the demand. Leaving their fans out of pocket just to make some quick money.

Will there be consequences?

FaZe crypto scam jail time tweet

To some extent, there already has been. FaZe Kay has been kicked out of the popular esports organisation. Meanwhile, FaZe Teeqo, FaZe Nikan, and FaZe Jarvis have been suspended whilst their involvement with crypto are further investigated.

Furthermore, legal action is not out of the question. FaZe owner Richard “Banks” Bengston said on the Moms Basement podcast that the lack of responses to allegations is due to the legal implications at play. In other words, speaking up is dangerous right now as it’s possible that someone will be trailed and jailed over this scandal.

However, esports journalist Jake Lucky posted on Twitter that RiceGum is unlikely to go to jail. According to Lucky, his lawyer told him to “have more 6ix9ine energy,” effecting pushing him to snitch on the other ambassadors. It’s currently unclear how far this situation will end up escalating.

If this was a stock market scandal jail time would be certain. The stock market is heavily regulated and any attempt to bend the rules is met with an iron fist. However, the crypto currency market is less established and therefore also less monitored. This shortcoming of legal responsibility in the crypto market could be the get out of jail free card the ambassadors and FaZe need.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 may adopt a free-to-play business model

Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 may adopt a free-to-play business model

In 2018 Konami withdrew from the video games industry to focus on other priorities. However, even after that decision was made it has continued to support one franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer. Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 is expected to continue this trend and release later this year. However, recent rumours suggest that Konami is looking to change things up.

For the first time in the football franchises’ history PES may be going free to play. Instead of charging an upfront fee to play PES 22, Konami intends to offer it for free with in-game transactions making up the bulk of revenue.

Is PES going free-to-play?

pro evolution soccer 2022 free to play spain belgium

The rumour that Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 will be free to play has come from VGC editor in chief Andy Robinson. On the official VGC podcast, Robinson reported that he had heard that PES would be going free-to-play.

Andy Robinson is by no means a well-known leaker but he does have some strong credentials. As the editor in chief at one of the UK’s most successful games media websites, his word means more than most. However, a source for this information was not provided. Therefore, this news should be taken with caution.

On paper the move does make sense. PES has struggled to compete with EA’s FIFA For some time now. It’s unlikely that FIFA’s core audience will transition to Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 or any of its sequels. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some untapped market potential to take advantage of.

A well-made free to play football game doesn’t currently exist. With its aggressive microtransactions and steep up-front cost, FIFA isn’t accessible for everyone in the world. Konami can offer PES as a more affordable alternative for those with limited income. This tactic will likely be particularly effective in the Asian market where free to play games often thrive.

Gear Club Unlimited reaches one million sales on Nintendo Switch

Gear Club Unlimited Switch

Publisher Microids has revealed that Gear Club Unlimited has passed one million sales on Switch. It is just the second racing game on Nintendo’s hybrid console to achieve this feat after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This is an impressive feat for a third-party game on a Nintendo console.

In a post on its official website, the company’s CEO Stéphane Longeard spoke about the achievement. He states: “The great results of the Gear Club Unlimited franchise illustrates the strength of the brand and allows Microids to be confident in the future of the franchise.”Longeard also reassures that Gear Club Unlimited’s success justifies Microids focus on “Adventure, racing, retro and strong IPs.”

The rise of Gear Club

gear club unlimited switch gameplay

Gear Club Unlimited is developed by French studio Eden Games. By no means a rookie in the racing games genre, Eden Games were responsible for the now loved Test Drive Unlimited games. However, following the collapse of Atari in 2013 it moved on to work on other projects.

Since reforming Eden Games has dabbled in mobile development but got its big break with Gear Club Unlimited on Switch. The arcade racer was an instant hit on Nintendo’s hybrid console, a platform lacking in the racing game department.

As for the publisher, Microids has been around for some time. It was founded in 1985 as a robotics development company. Its shift to video games happened shortly after and it hasn’t looked back since. Although still relatively small, the publisher has grown as of late largely due to the success of Gear Club Unlimited.

What the future holds for Gear Club Unlimited on either the Switch or elsewhere is unclear. A second game was released in 2018 but was considered more of an expansion than a true sequel. Hopefully if we do get a third title Eden Games will use the opportunity to create something great. Who knows, if those Switch Pro rumours come true it could even be one of the best-looking games on the market.

Upgrading to Windows 11 will be free but not until 2022

In its initial announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft wasn’t overly transparent about when the OS is coming out. However, a follow up tweet posted on the official Windows Twitter account has cleared things up. Windows 11 will launch later this year but consumers won’t be due a free upgrade until 2022.

The tweet explains that “Windows 11 is due later in 2021.” However, current Windows 10 users won’t get the option to upgrade straightaway. Instead, upgrades “will begin in 2022 through the first half of that year.” In other words, you can expect your free upgrade sometime between January and June of next year.

Am I eligible for an upgrade?

Windows 11 2022 operating system appearence

Consumers may be concerned that their PC won’t support Windows 11 when it becomes available for free in 2022. Thankfully, Microsoft has released an app to check if you are eligible. Named the PC Health Check app, it can be downloaded over on Microsoft’s official website.

Not everyone is entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 11. To get the offer of a free upgrade you’ll need to own an existing, licensed copy of Windows 10. Otherwise, a key will have to purchased separately once the new operating system launches. Furthermore, Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0 which some motherboards don’t support.

Even if you’re not entitled to an upgrade, it isn’t the end of the world. Microsoft has vowed to continue supporting Windows 10 until 2025. That means there’s still four years left until running Windows 10 could become a problem.

Remaining on Windows 10 beyond that point is ill advised. Once Microsoft stops supporting it the OS will become prone to security risks. The last thing you want is to risk losing important data or information due to your operating system of choice. For those eligible, upgrading to Windows 11 in 2022 should be well worth doing.

Borderlands 3 now supports cross play, unless you’re on PlayStation

borderlands 3 crossplay feature

Today’s patch finally brought crossplay to Borderlands 3. That means that players on different platforms can now party up and work through the campaign together. It’s a great pro-consumer move that opens up more possibilities for gamers. That is unless you happen to be on PlayStation.

That’s right, neither the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 versions of Borderlands 3 support crossplay. According to Gearbox Software founder Randy Pitchford, this is due to ‘certification’ reasons. Regardless of justification, it leaves PlayStation owners with a now inferior product. This is especially unfortunate on PlayStation 5 where the required Next Level Edition of Borderlands 3 costs $70.

Why is there no crossplay?

borderlands 3 crossplay enemy psycho

When Pitchford says it’s down to ‘certification’, he’s mostly telling the truth. The reality is that when making a game crossplay on PlayStation, Sony charges the publisher an additional fee. Evidently, Gearbox is not prepared to pay that fee.

The reason games like Borderlands 3 have to pay for crossplay is related to market share. Simply, PlayStation currently owns the largest market share in the games console industry. It doesn’t want to support crossplay because doing so effectively surrenders a portion of that market share.

It may not be very pro-consumer, but forcing gamers to buy your consoles to play your games is an age-old business strategy. Microsoft were just as guilty of this during the years where the Xbox 360 reigned supreme. However, Sony’s approach isn’t to ban crossplay entirely. Instead, it wants publishers to pay an additional fee to make up for that potential market share loss.

For those that can take advantage of crossplay in Borderlands 3, it is made possible with SHIFT Matchmaking. Just enable the opt-in option and then add other players through the in-game social tab. The platforms that currently support crossplay are Xbox, PC Mac, and Stadia.

A new PUBG map called Taego has been teased by developer Krafton

PUBG Taego new map reveal

One of the unique selling points of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, is the regular content drops it receives. From maps to guns to cosmetics, PUBG is always benefitting from constant updates. The next major update for PUBG has been revealed with the Taego expansion being right around the corner.

Taego is the name of the next map being added. Like Miramar, it will be an 8×8 kilometre map making it the joint largest in the battle royale. Regarding the setting, Taego is based on the Korean countryside and has already been praised by the community for how accurately it depicts it. This isn’t too surprising given that developer Krafton is based in South Korea.

Everything we known about Taego

PUBG Taego new map fishing dock

A second trailer was posted by Krafton showcasing some of the map’s exclusive features. Although the trailer only provides brief clips of Taego, we can take an educated guess as to what will be introduced into PUBG with this update.

The following features are hinted at in the follow up trailer: self-revive, a new airdrop mechanic, a coupe like car, and two new guns. The coupe car seems to resemble a classic Hyundai Pony. This makes sense given the setting with Hyundai being by far Korea’s largest car company.

As for the guns, Taego seems to have two new weapons. The first gun shown is a DMR of some sorts. It looks like the MK12 5.56 which was a staple of the US special operation forces until just a few years ago. The other gun appears to be a K2 assault rifle, the standard service rifle of the Korean military.

Taego has a lot of long-term PUBG fans excited due to its close resemblance to the game’s original map, Erangel. Thankfully, these fans won’t have to wait long to try it out. Taego will make its way onto the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds live servers in update 12.2. Assuming there are no delays, this update is expected to release on July 7.

Microsoft had to trust Sony with Series X developer kits because of MLB 21

The MLB series of sports games are owned by Sony. Designed to be a simulation of Major League Baseball, it is the only licensed sports series to be owned by a console developer. Earlier this year, MLB 21 because the first game in the series to make its way onto the Xbox Series X. To port MLB 21, Microsoft had to trust Sony with Series X developer kits ahead of the console’s world launch.

Sarah Bond spoke to Axios (via VGC) about the decision to provide Sony with developer kits. She is responsible for the business side of Xbox as well as the platforms ever growing ecosystem. In the interview she admits that Microsoft had been trying to get MLB on Xbox for years prior to this agreement.

A deal with the enemy

MLB 21 sony pitching screenshot

Bond says “The Show always came up. We always said, ‘We love this game. It would be a huge opportunity to bring it to Xbox.” However, achieving that was not an easy task. As it is owned by Sony, Microsoft had to hand over a pre-release dev kit of the Series X.

According to Bond this was a “real sign of industry trust.” The risk to trust Sony to have paid off though with MLB 21 being the current bestselling sports game on Series X. This will likely not remain true once FIFA and NFL release, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Sony have claimed that the decision to bring MLB to Xbox was the license holder’s decision. In other words, the MLB organisation itself wanted the series to make its debut on Xbox consoles.

The MLB wanted to bring the franchise to more players and baseball fans in general. For gamers, this is a positive move that shows change in the industry. Once two sides of a console war, both Microsoft and Sony have been working together more and more as of late. Perhaps Sony handing over MLB 21 is a sign of even better things to come.

Microsoft is releasing a real Xbox Mini Fridge to capitalize on the memes

xbox mini fridge announcement

Ever since it was revealed in 2019, the internet has been making constant jokes about the Xbox Series X’s appearance. To be frank, it looks like a fridge. Most companies would write off these comments as simple jokes and move on. Not Microsoft though. Instead, the tech giant has revealed a genuine Xbox Mini Fridge that you will be able to buy.

As announced at the Xbox and Bethesda E3 conference, an Xbox fridge is on the way. The mini fridge will release later this year at some point during the holiday season. A price point has yet to be given and it is still unclear how many units Microsoft is planning to ship.

Keeping things cool

xbox mini fridge technology

There’s no doubt that the Xbox Mini Fridge has been released in response to the memes. Companies are well aware that tapping into social media culture the right way can be hugely profitable. Both in regards to actual money but also as an efficient method of marketing.

This isn’t actually the first Xbox fridge that we’ve seen. Last year Microsoft revealed a full-scale Xbox Fridge which was made as part of a giveaway campaign. However, only one was ever made and it was exclusively designed for that competition.

In contrast, this mini fridge will be a regular product that consumers will be able to buy. It seems likely that it will only be available through specific market places like the official Xbox website. Although who knows, it might become more mainstream than anyone expected. Perhaps you’ll even be able to pick one up at your local Walmart.

The Xbox Mini Fridge is hardly the first time we’ve seen Microsoft look to tap into the social media market. Its Twitter account won a poll for the best brand on the platform last March. The account regularly replies to various content creators and often reaches out to its community. People appreciate that personal touch and it’s one of the reasons Xbox is where it is today.

Next-gen console version of Battlefield 2042 set at a premium price

Yesterday publisher Electronic Arts revealed the latest release in its popular Battlefield series. Named Battlefield 2042, it will be an online only near future first-person shooter. But it’s the revealed details of its pricing that has gotten gamers frustrated. Owners of next generation version of Battlefield 2042 will have to pay a premium price compared to the other platforms.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S release will cost $70 at launch. In contrast, the PC and current gen versions of 2042 will come in at the industry standard $60. Given that the PC version is likely to provide the best overall experience, the bumped-up price on next-gen consoles is difficult to justify.

Why the added cost?

battlefield 2042 price

Truth be told, this increase of price isn’t uniquely a characteristic of Battlefield 2042. Many other AAA games have matched the price hike for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst these is probably just because they can. If the publisher if confident consumers will still buy a product for more, they will inevitably want to take advantage of that.

This is why we don’t see the price hike on PC. PC gamers are generally less willing to spend big due to the sheer quantity of great free-to-play and on sale games available. Unlike consoles, placing 2042 at $70 wouldn’t be profitable on PC.

There are some other genuine reasons for this change too. Video games are more expensive to make now then they have ever been before. 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2 was reported to have cost Rockstar a record $200 million to make and a further $250 million to market.

Battlefield won’t be on that level as it doesn’t have a single players campaign. No campaign means there’s no need for cutscenes and expensive voice actors. Regardless, it is a large-scale first-person shooter with a state-of-the-art game engine supporting it. Neither of those are going to be cheap to produce and maintain. However, customers probably won’t buy into the narrative that alone justifies the price increase of Battlefield 2042.

The next Battlefield will be Battlefield 2042 according to new leak

Battlefield 2042 leak feature

In just two days the next Battlefield game will officially be unveiled. However, thanks to a new leak we don’t even have to wait that long to find out what it’s all about. A Reddit post was posted which details several aspects of the next Battlefield. Chief amongst these is the rumor that it will not be called Battlefield 6, but rather Battlefield 2042.

It doesn’t see too farfetched an idea as several Battlefield games have previously taken place in the year xx42. The original Battlefield 1942 and the futuristic Battlefield 2142 come to mind. Having a near future game that slots in right between them does make sense from a marketing point of view.

The future of Battlefield

Battlefield 2042 leak cinematic gameplay

According to the leak, Battlefield 2042 will feature a brand-new attachments system. Alongside the attachments equipped to your weapon, each player will also be able to carry two attachments on them. It will be possible to switch these out on the go to better adjust your gun to a specific team fight.

Furthermore, the SQUAD & Heroes mechanic from Battlefront 2 will be making its way across to Battlefield. Called ‘Professionals’ this time around, it will see one player on each squad function as an enhanced specialist unit.

Specialists gain access to a unique gadget that can help give your squad the edge. The provided example is that the Medic professional receives a healing dart that allows for long range healing. Also, the professional of a squad can call down vehicles for transport such as jeeps & ATVs.

64 versus 64 games are expected in Battlefield 2042. To accommodate for this, the maps will be the largest seen to date. Each sector is now made up of three to four smaller capturable objectives. A single sector is roughly the size of a Battlefield 3 map. Given that each map is made up of several sectors, you can expect some huge maps to play on in the near future.