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God of War Ragnarök is Reportedly Going to Hit PC

God of War Ragnarök PC Announced

The PlayStation-exclusive God of War Ragnarök is reportedly coming to PC. The popular action-adventure video game is going to hit PC after thriving on PlayStation consoles for more than a year.

God of War Ragnarök Reportedly Is Going to Hit PC

The infamous PlayStation store leaker billbil-kun made a post regarding the imminent portation of the God of War Ragnarök, claiming Santa Monica Studio’s famous video game is coming to PC and the announcement regarding its release will probably be made this month. Billbil-kun professed that there is no definitive release date. And the God of War Ragnarök enthusiasts should be a little more patient.

Sony has generally launched high-quality PC ports. They put effort into optimizing console games, ensuring smooth performance, and enhancing visual fidelity. Sony tends to port console games to PCs after a certain period, and God of War Ragnarök is the epitome of the statement. Which realistically helps them maximize sales on the existing platforms and captivate PC users. However, Sony is relatively transparent when the talks about bringing more PC games are in place. Despite all of this they have openly discussed their intentions to expand beyond the PlayStation consoles.

The titles Sony has ported before God of War Ragnarök have indeed performed fantastic. Open-ended games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone have received acclaim for their impeccable content delivery.

Sony is strategically launching the AAA console titles to PC, certainly knowing that the PC players are immaculately too large in numbers. So making them wait is worth it.

The sequel to the winner of Game of the Year 2018, The God of War, will continue Kratos’ journey through an epic blend of Nordic mythology and science fiction. It promises epic battles and emotional depth on PC. Stay tuned for the official announcement, it will be unveiled anytime soon.

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