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God of War Ragnarok Metacritic: A Factual Review

God of War Ragnarok Metacritic

It’s time to reveal why God of War Ragnarok has received positive reviews on Metacritic and why fans are going crazy over it. Since the game’s release, the video game is widely breaking more and more records, with no sight of stopping. But before we begin breaking down the reviews, let’s start with the series’ introduction.

God of War Ragnarok: The Everlasting Enjoyment

How long has it been since the release of the very first God of War video game? Probably about 2 decades already, each year more and more mind-boggling video games are coming from the franchise. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a new video game pops up out of nowhere.

Imagining the tales of Greek mythology without the rage monster, the killing, and the spartan warrior machine Kratos is impossible. He later is associated with Nordic mythology too.

God of War Ragnarok is the ninth installment in the series and the sequel to God of War (2018). The video game continues 3 years after the events of the prequel. This time we see a God of War video game not only elaborates on Kratos’ life, which is usual but what’s new about the God of War Ragnarok video game is that it also reveals more about his son Atreus’s life and value.

Just when Kratos and Atreus thought they were about to have some peace of mind. They get themselves into more trouble. The video game tells about their mission of saving Tyr, a Norse God of War from the wrath of Odin, the father of Thor, who is one of the strongest gods in Norse mythology.

Along the way, they had to face many challenges such as fighting Thor, the god of thunder, and Freya, the god of fertility. They were seeking revenge for their brother and son respectively.

Like many games, each route the player chooses has different consequences.

Gameplay and Control Mechanism

The gameplay mechanism of God of War and God of War Ragnarok isn’t very distinctive. Only some minor aspects in animation and after-effects of seriously color-stuffed frames look more realistic than ever. There is no denying that the God of War franchise as a whole is infamous for its brutal graphical scenes and addictive gameplay style. It’s fascinating to watch the way Kratos throws the Leviathan axe at his opponent and it comes back. Also, the lip-syncing of the characters exchanging words is executed impressively.

The God of War Ragnarok features most of the Norse gods that were teased previously. Even though the God of War 2018 video game was a surprise in itself, Ragnarok doesn’t fall behind, piercing right through players’ hearts by showcasing some nostalgic moments.

Characters’ Growth in Comparison With Early Video Games

God of War 2018 was a wake-up slap to the series’ consumers, the trailer for that game revealed more than enough about Kratos. He had become old and was living a peaceful life, which he always aspired to have, but despite watching him having a peaceful breath for once, the players still weren’t satisfied they wanted more blood and tears. In the end, we got to witness some of the best fights, and these fights weren’t meaningless. He wasn’t fighting to save himself, he was fighting for his son.

The change in Kratos was drastic, he was once a merciless God of War, who didn’t even care if the God Zeus was against him, he would finish him off. And because he had aged tremendously his stamina, agility, and strength decreased to a big number.

Other than the Kratos, mostly all-powerful gods and entities from Norse mythology were promoted in God of War Ragnarok.

Animation and Art Style

Words can’t be enough to describe how beautiful the video game is. The mashup of different biomes, beautiful landscapes, and some seasoned fights with a lot of violence brings the most of this game’s animation.

The predecessors of this video game were bangers, but they weren’t even on par with the God of War Ragnarok. The art style of the God of War video game is without any doubt realistic. Keeping everything aside for a moment, just take a quick glimpse at the sky, it’s beautiful beyond anyone’s understanding. We bet if someone were to clip it out and crop only the weather part. Most wouldn’t be able to tell the difference versus reality.

One thing we can’t forget is the camera angle when a cut scene comes up on the screen, it shakes corresponding to the tone and the setting. The other thing praisable about the camera angles is that the playable character sticks to the left side of the screen, instead of taking over the whole screen. This may not seem much of a difference but this tiny change, turns the video game upside down, in a good way. The fights look more lively and we get to see our surroundings which helps players successfully deflect any third-party attack.

Summarizing the art style and animation of God of War in about a few hundred words can’t be enough. It’s a topic worth a whole different blog. Interested in more information about God of War’s production? Check out PlayStation’s official YouTube video dedicated only to the video game’s behind-the-scenes development.

Metacritic on God of War Ragnarok

Metacritic promotes only real reviews, that speak from the heart of the fans and critics. With the game’s description and considering everything, we ought to say that surprisingly, there couldn’t have been a better score for God of War Ragnarok.

The video game holds a massive Metascore of 94/100 on Metacritic, along with an 8/10 user score. According to Metacritic’s best video game of all time, Ragnarok slips in the list at number 91. It is unbelievable, to think out of millions of video games not one but multiple God of War video game sneaks into the list.

The God of War Ragnarok holds the badge of must-play from Metacritic, that is more than enough evidence for you to install the video game right away.

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Conclusion: God of Review Based Off Metacritic and Fans’s Perspective

The God of War Ragnarok has all that you need in a fantasy video game, probably more than that. The anime tells about the adventures of a peace-loving god against the whole world, who was once a beast. The game’s arguably the best from the God of War series, with a cunning story and mind-playing elements, nothing comes closer.

If you don’t believe in records or others’ mouths. Try playing the video game and see if you find yourself getting crazy over it. What do you think about the video game in general? Do you think Metascore of the God of War Ragnarok is fair? Let us know in the comments, we will be hearing every single one of you.

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