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Everything you need to know about the redesigned Mage Tower in World of Warcraft

redesigned Mage Tower in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMO RPGs due to the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance for control of territories, new Dragon Islands and many events and activities that expand the player’s options. Beginners should read about all the potential updates and the addition of new and reworked old content in order to get a gaming advantage, and today we will talk about the Mage Tower.

The Tower of Magic is a piece of content from an old update that was first removed from the game and then reworked and brought back in the Shadowlands and Dragonflight updates.

What is Mage Tower

The Tower of Mages is located on the Broken Isles and is a series of tests for all classes of players, in order to complete the event, the player has unlimited time and the number of attempts in case of failure.

Mage Tower Features

What you should pay attention to in the Tower of Magic and what features are there:

  • The character must be level 45 or higher to begin the challenge.
  • You do not need to complete special tasks and quest chains to unlock access to the Tower of Magic.
  • The event is not limited in terms of execution time and way of passing.
  • To begin your Mage Tower playthrough, travel to the Broken Isle and speak to War Councilor Victoria.
  • The Tower of Mages event is always available and has no time or seasonal restrictions.

You can buy mage tower boost to complete the Mage Tower challenges and complete all stages to get a unique mount and equipment. In the Tower of Mages, the same principles work as in the time travel mode, which includes the principle of scaling.

All characters will be equalized in terms of level, equipment and weapons relative to each other to equalize the overall chances. The level will be selected according to the requirements of the event. The situation with the equipment is more interesting, when the level is set to general, but the passive characteristics remain the same, which gives some advantage. If the equipment is above the required level, then it will be balanced, but if it is lower, it will remain at the same level.

The character’s level will be set to 45 if the level is above this value, but lower level characters will not be affected. The level of equipment and jewelry must not exceed level 50, otherwise the value will be forcibly lowered. The limitation will not apply to passive characteristics and bonuses, so having good legendary equipment in your inventory you can get a good boost.

The principle of equalization also applies to consumable items that help in the passage. Potions, potions and other materials. Equipment scaling and variability allow you to choose equipment from different upgrades to make the most progress in the Tower of Mages.

What won’t work in the new redesign

  • Cannot use class or Cavenant abilities.
  • Media Talents.
  • Shards of Dominion.
  • Effects of legendary items Shadowlands, Legion and Battle for Azeroth. Legendary rings from Warlords of Draenor, afflicted gems from Mists of Pandaria, and other items from older expansions.
  • Old bonuses, effects and properties.
  • Heart of Azeroth, essences and talents.

Once in the Tower of Mages, you will still be able to effectively use all the legendary equipment due to the basic characteristics.

New rewards

Completing the Tower of Mages quests will provide players with equipment from the Tomb of Sargeras, recolored to match the game class. Druids will receive the Corrupted Werebear skin uniquely. Players who manage to cope with all the challenges will receive a unique reward – a flying Grimoire.

  • Completing the 1st Challenge will grant the player a level 720 Tomb of Sargeras Altered Armor set, and the Druid will receive a Corrupted Werebear unique skin.
  • After completing all 7 unique challenges, you will be able to get a unique flying Grimoire.
  • Completing tests for all 36 classes will bring you a unique achievement, without any additional rewards.

Trials of the Mage Tower


Trials of the Mage Tower

One challenge to get the first rewards will not be a problem for many players, including newcomers to the World of Warcraft universe, but each class is limited to no more than three tests. The exception is druids, who can complete four trials at once for their class.

You will need at least two characters to complete the Mage Tower and get the flying Grimoire. To fully pass all the tests and get not only a physical reward in the form of equipment, but also all the achievements, you will need at least 12 characters.

In terms of usefulness, you should stop after completing 7 challenges and obtaining a flying Grimoire. Often, most players have minor characters on their account and it will not be difficult for them to pass the Tower of Mages.

Please note that the event is a good way to get equipment for minor characters and earn your mount.

Did you already tried the World of Warcraft feature redesign? Let us know how you fount it.

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