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Palworld Video Game is Better Than Pokemon, and Here’s Why

Palworld Video Game

The initial gameplay of Palworld is similar to that of Pokemon, the concept is there, and so is the gameplay. But what is all the madness, why are two separate fan bases exchanging fierce words, what makes Palworld video game better than Pokemon video game? Frankly, we will be speaking on that matter and pointing out the aspects of the video that make it a solid title. Let’s start with our review and unveil how it has become a praiseworthy title.

Introduction to The Palworld

Palworld is a Japanese survival video game that recently came to Xbox and Windows. The video game was developed by Pocket Pair, a small company based in Japan. Palworld is entirely an open-world video game, where players simulate humans and befriend friendly creatures like Pokemon, called “Pals.” Players can use Pals to engage in close or long-range combat, Construct hideouts, and craft essentials. “Pals” can be used in any sort, such as food, defense, or Traversal. Internet is praising the video game for pushing the Pokemon ideas into something big, we can use “Pals for a lot of things” one of which is setting them into dungeons or caves to mine minerals.

The game works solo player or cooperatively with up to 32 players. The game’s premise is unique, players can equip guns to hunt as well as use “Pals” to do so. Palworld is currently available on Xbox consoles and Windows but will come to PlayStation consoles soon. According to Forbes, Palworld won’t come anytime soon this year, but we can see the video game happen maybe in the next year or later.

Gameplay Mechanics

The process of capturing Pals is quite similar to players, players are handed sphere balls that can be used to capture Pals. The drop rate of Pals can vary from species to biome, and from level to health. If a Pal is low-leveled, players will be able to catch it more efficiently than the ones with high levels. If players manage to decrease their opponent’s health, it boosts their chances of capturing them.

Spheres also come in varieties and tiers, and you should always aim to unlock high attributes spheres.

The combat style of Palworld isn’t something praise worth, but it isn’t also despicable. It involves controlling characters from a third-person camera. The video game allows players to control various melee and ranged weapons.

Graphics and Animation

It’s not often that you come across a well-optimized open-world game, while the video game certainly is a competitor to Pokemon, it is still superior when it comes to the graphics aspect. You rarely are going to see any frame drop and sudden crashes. Because the Palworld is on Unreal Engine 5, you need to have a strong system to play the video game on FHD and 4K.

The animation style is kind of default, it is similar to that of an action-adventure game. To explain this more simplistically, the video game gives off the impression of Fortnite. Players carry a weapon, run with arms forward, and attack by swinging their hands. The after-effects of each action look incredibly real.

Players will love indulging in Palworld, or most call, “Pokemon but with guns.”

How Does the Internet Rate Palworld?

Whether it is critics, public, or entertainment blogs, everyone generally has said something sweet about Palworld. If you were to scroll through the reviews on Metacritic, you would mostly find the same one comment from the critics and users, “Palworld offers everything you’d expect, and so much more.” and “Palworld is equal parts, charming and dark, with a massive world and no restrictions on exploration.”

The majority of the reviews acclaim the video game, and so do the entertainment websites. On a scale of 1 to 10, Steam rates the video game 9, and IGN rates it a solid 8. Since the video game’s release, IGN has been consistently uploading content related to the video game Palworld, praising it, and updating their viewers on additional content, news, and tips.

How Did Palworld Became The Video Game to Gross Over 1 Million Concurrent Players Within 3 Days?

We recently covered the same topic in one of our News Blog. At the time, the video game Palworld had just reached the 1 million peak concurrent players. The video game came to multiple platforms on 19th January 2024. And within a week the number has escalated to 2 million concurrent players. As reported by SteamDB, the video game leaped from 1 million to 2 million active users in 3 days, and then 1/3 of the concurrent players either deactivated their accounts or uninstalled them. The number still exceeds 1 million concurrent players but it was a massive upset.

However, the biggest question yet remains unanswered, Palworld video game’s die-hard fans are now questing if the video game will overtake PUBG: Battlegrounds’ mind-boggling concurrent players record or if it will fail to overcome the 2 million mark. The undelusional fans think that the video game will stick to the current number, and there won’t be another all-time peak concurrent record.

Conclusion: Why Palworld Video Game is Better Than Pokemon?

If you ever wanted to play a role-playing game from Pokemon? We highly encourage you to spend your money on this product. The video game has been breaking records over records since its release. Surprisingly, the number of Pokemon fans waiting for the video game was more compared to the people who never played Pokemon. The video game is getting acclaim from the critics and experts who have played both Pokemon and Palworld. We suggest you try out Palworld, it offers captivating gameplay, an engrossing premise, stunning characters, and soothing music.

But if you already found yourself immersed in the video game. We can only request one thing, please drop your review about the video game in the comments. This may help fellow gaming enthusiasts to have a grasp of how good this video game is. Before you leave, make sure to check our Facebook and Instagram, where we post everyday game news and all things game.

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