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PSP Anime Games: Unveiling The Hidden Gems

psp anime games

PSP inevitably was the greatest portable console from PlayStation, the console featured some of the finest action, adventure, and anime games. The console lit the innovative idea of packing the action into a compact screen. The games then were utilized to run smoothly even on the highest graphics settings possible. The device was even more successful than its predecessor, the PS Vita, which failed to generate sales. However, people’s biggest and only concern is to discover a unique set of video games. Keeping that in mind, we surfed the internet to find some of the most exceptional video games. Here’s the list of them.

01. Persona 3 Portable (The Best Of The Best Anime PSP Games)

You got a video game from the Persona franchise for your PlayStation Portable, what more could you ask for? Persona 3 Portable is a story-driven JRPG video game about a bunch of high school students with supernatural abilities, who are battling against adults with corrupt mindsets. The video game’s narrative perfectly matches to Japanese anime style, most shounen anime initiates a plot of teenagers fighting against adults or antagonists about the same age. Which is existent in Persona 3. The video game’s animation is stable and smooth, making the players experience the ultimate excellence of role-playing.

02. Initial D Street Stage (Experience The Hardcore Racing)

Traditional anime series are either about the romance between a couple or a bunch of individuals facing hardships. But there is another side to the anime universe, and racing is one of its niches. Initial D Street Stage is a hidden PSP Gem, it’s an adventure racing video game. The game doesn’t have any plot, it is purely a racing video game that features quick racing as well as versus modes. In the Initial D Street Stage, most of the tracks, cars, and characters featured are from the original anime. If you want some action in your adventure of searching for the best PSP anime games, we recommend you try out Initial D Street Stage once.

03. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact (Take the Initiative, Train Yourself and Become a Ninja)

Naruto is one of the big three anime of the 20s, and don’t be surprised when it miraculously makes it into the list of Best PSP anime games. The video game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact out of many games narrates the plot uniquely and enthusiastically. Instead of following the usual theme of complete mission after mission, players can now accept the quests that aren’t canon but more or less stick the video game to the franchise.

Furthermore, there are a bunch of different modes that you can play to kill your boredom. Tag team mode especially is unbelievably fascinating.

04. Fate/Extra (A New Story to The Anime)

The premise of both Fate/Extra anime and manga are the same. It unfolds in a parallel universe to the visual novel Fate/Stay Night. In the video game, players accept the role of master, who is aiming to win the Holy Grail War, that will grant them any one wish. Each master has one servant, who does all the fighting work, players must train their servants to be able to withstand attacks and counterattacks.

Players can train their skills by playing the “Arena” mode, where they will be facing AI opponents. Moreover, the video game has done a praiseworthy job in adapting the anime’s graphics.

05. Toradora Portable (Experience Love Digitally in One of the Greatest PSP Anime SIM Games)

About half the anime community is based on romance fanatics, and they regard Toradora as one of the best if not the best. The anime lets you experience all kinds of emotions, but relying only on anime isn’t enough to satisfy our hunger for the Toradora series.

Toradora Portable ups the narrative of the anime and features a new setting from midway through the anime where our protagonist gets flu and tries to recover. But in the PSP game version, he also has amnesia. So pick your PSPs and simulate your favorite character in a new tale.

06. Ghost in the Shell:
Stand Alone Complex (A Shooting Chronicle Now in PSP)

Stereotypically, anime features fantasy narratives and supernatural beings. And the number of anime where we get to see characters carrying guns is not even one-third. Ghost in the Shell is something special, it features a wild protagonist carrying guns and shooting rotten evil. The video game runs from a third-person perspective and features a mesmerizing combat style. Both playable characters are busy unraveling their pasts and battling the people who are the cause.

The plot of the video game is the same as the original installment, but it comes with a new and original story that follows similar concepts to other incarnations.

07. Digimon World Re:Digitize (Indulge in Immersive Gameplay Of Digimon, One of The Finest PSP Anime Games)

Digimon World Re:Digitize is a JRPG about a teenager named “Taiga,” who is transported to the digital world of Digimon. Which is an online game in his universe. Players are going to experience the same gameplay mechanics as the original video game. The graphics and animation are fairly good for the PSP.

The video game is critically acclaimed by critics and longtime Digimon fans. It adapts the story incredibly effectively. Furthermore, players must train their Digimon, feed them, and help them evolve to their best forms.

08. Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force (Battle Using Cards and Win Using Most of Your Brains)

Yu Gi Oh is a Japanese novel and anime series focusing on battles that are sorted with card duels. Like Pokemon, the cards come in a variety and classes, and the series in general is a long-time active competitor to Pokemon. The video game came to the PlayStation Portable console a year later after its release. The video game takes place in the Duel Academy, where you choose one of the infamous dorms and begin your journey from there. Yu Gi Oh Gx Tag Force features a tag team, where you can polish your and the teammate’s skills.

09. Kuroko no Basuke: Game of Miracles (An Anime PSP Games List Without Sports Isn’t a List)

Imagining basketball on digital devices is mind-boggling, you may not be able to consume the basic gameplay, but you sure can quench your thirst for the sport. Kuroko no Basuke: Game of Miracles is not just a sports game, it goes beyond that, the video game narrates the story of our primary characters, introducing them and unveiling their reasonings for why they are playing the beautiful game.

You are going to simulate the exact characters from the anime in the video game. Moreover, the video game only features a single main mode, in which the players learn from how to play football to how to become a world champion. The graphics aren’t bad for an anime game, however, the adaptation style is rather hilarious.

10. Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment (The Most Realistic Depiction of VRMMORPG)

Sword Art Online brought the fascinating idea of transporting it into Isekai and video games. The series focuses on Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, who is trapped inside the VRMMORPG and his only way of escape is to complete the video game. Plot-wise, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment is different than anime. Instead of following the parent story, the video game goes for an alternate setting where Kirito can’t escape Sword Art Online despite defeating Heathcliff. This setting is unique and something most SAO, short for Sword Art Online, fans didn’t expect.

The video game is great in every aspect, but if you dislike an overly filled HUD, Sword Art Online Infinity Moment isn’t something you might find pleasing. Every corner is brimming with some sort of stats to keep you busy in balancing them all.

Conclusion: The Best PSP Anime Games Ever

We journeyed through the captivating universe of PSP games, where hidden titles hide deeper and exposed names reach horizons. This concludes our list of the best anime PSP games, up there you will indeed find some of the most acclaimed PSP video games. You can use your PSP to indulge in the everlasting feeling of excitement, if you don’t have one, install a trusted emulator on your Windows or mobile to get your adrenaline running.

What do you think about our accumulated list? Have you found any engrossing titles in this list? Make sure to leave your feedback in the comments section. Before you sign off make sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages. You are going to find the latest trending game news and all things games.

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