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Drag Racing Games PS4: Become the Undisputed Champion

drag racing games ps4

The traditional game of drag racing is a hundred times more intense because all the drivers in the madness already know that their run will be limited and if they can’t accelerate the vehicle early on, the results won’t be pleasing, but this isn’t the question internets asks for, the internet asks for games to play in PS4, more specifically PS4 drag racing games. This is why we have accumulated a list of the best PS4 drag racing games that the racing fanatics won’t be able to resist.

NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed For All (Speed Breaks Barrier)

Drag Racing is simply about showcasing cars and your levels as a driver. NHRA Championship drag racing is an excellent experience of drag racing in the NHRA series. This realistic video game has various modes where players can show off their skills as drivers, and how immaculate their reaction time is. The video game features a career mode where you can create your driver, and vehicle and emerge as the legendary driver.

The video game has a few more competitive modes that spice up the tension in the room. There is also a split-screen mode, where 2 players can compete against each other on the same screen.

The Crew (Join a Ride with Rapid Racers, Be the Champion)

Drag racing is fun and all, but after continuing the gameplay for hours, you are bound to get sick with it. The Crew is a racing diversity, players can not only play drag racing mode, but they can also indulge in normal racing, competing against loads of formidable opponents. The Crew also has a story mode that centers around Alex Taylor, who infiltrates evil factions. Story mode may be challenging, but it is also the most rewarding mode.

There’s also the traditional mode of drag racing, where you will be competing against players online and go coop to play with or against your friends.

Need for Speed 2015 (The OG of PS4 Drag Racing Games)

Need for Speed is a classic cult, the franchise is about car simulation and innovative racing. The franchise has been alive and active since the early 1990s, and it is known to be the fastest video game to adapt the unique trends and cultures. Need for Speed 2015 is one of Electronic Arts’ products, which came a year after the film with the same name. Need for Speed 2015 features various modes, countless cars, and numerous drivers. Drag racing is one of the video game’s primary modes, you can choose any car from your collection and bet your odds against the opponents.

The gameplay aspects of the need for speed are always mesmerizing, it is smooth and not overly done.

Gran Turismo Sport (You Can’t Expect Anything From GT Sport But Quality)

Gran Turismo has always been the competitor to the Need for Speed franchise. To this day, both racing video game series are competing against each other to produce the best. Gran Turismo Sport is a 2017 sim racing video game only available on PS4. The video game features various modes and Drag racing is one of them. Unimaginably the 3D graphics suit the video game and enhance the experience of drag racing.

In comparison to Need for Speed and Asphalt, Gran Turismo focuses more on realistic racing and gameplay. Players can customize their inventory, upgrade vehicles, and challenge the extremely tough racers.

Street Outlaws: The List (Join the Reality Show, as a Racing Veteran)

Street Outlaws is a video game where players will race with and against random and street racing personalities. The video game features fast cars that quickly escalate hundreds of miles within a couple of seconds. However, the real challenge is controlling them. The video game praises drag racing mode by showcasing and advertising it publicly.

Nevertheless, the video game features quick racing, where players face off complete racers. You are going to find vehicles that were in the television show as well as a variety of supercars. The gameplay doesn’t abuse the racing aspect, the challenges and action will get your adrenaline running.

Assetto Corsa (Quality Matters in PS4 Drag Racing Games)

If you want to immerse in fast-paced gameplay with high-quality graphics, you must sacrifice something of the equivalent value. We are referring to gameplay, frankly speaking, the video game is all good and great but the gameplay isn’t so soothing. The video game’s advanced physics provides a realistic driving experience, including the features of a real car that you might not see in any other racing game.

The video game is available in both single-player and multiplayer and has a variety of different gameplay modes. Every exclusive car that features in Assetto Corso is licensed with the same traits as the original. What’s great about this video game is that it allows the players to install different mods. Drag Racing isn’t available in-built, however, players can install it manually.

The Crew 2 (Improved and Polished Experience of Drag Racing)

Do you enjoy playing The Crew video game? Do you want to up your experience and have the freedom to a variety of different features, then The Crew 2 is what you should immediately, install. The significant difference between both games is graphics quality, The Crew 2 is much more polished when it comes to graphics, animation, and aerodynamics of the car. There’s also the sound setting that’s changed to a great extent, and the cars make realistic sounds.

The video game offers a vast collection of vehicles, including the Lamborghini Huracán and Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and many more, each coming with a different speed, characteristics, and performance. It’s up to players to choose which vehicle they want to use to participate in street drag races.

Conclusion: Drag Racing Games PS4

Since the beginning of the 2020s drag racing games have decreased significantly. The developers and corporations aren’t exactly benefiting from producing drag racing games. But there are still some, that either feature drag racing as a mode or generally focus on drag racing. And you don’t need to find such games because we have already enlisted drag racing games that are available on PS4. Additionally, some of these video games are also available on PS5, Windows, Xbox, and other devices. Now’s the great time, don’t miss out on immersing in engrossing titles.

Share your feedback on the enlisted games here. If you find a captivating title, make sure to mention it in the comments. This would help players who are discovering the best content. Also, before you leave make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram. These social handles can become your primary sources of game news and trendy gaming topics, just hit the follow button.

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