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9 Best Nintendo 3DS Sports Games of All Time

nintendo sports games

Nintendo 3DS is a successor to the Nintendo DS and arguably a console that features the best sports games, the quantity may be low on number but quality is up top. But among the countless fascinating titles, there must be a few fan favorites, and today we are digging out the best there is among the best.

09. OlliOlli

When playing OlliOlli, you must calm down, take a deep breath, and throw away what you were doing before. OlliOlli is a challenging skateboarding video game that offers stressful but satisfying gameplay. The players need to complete main and side quests while enjoying the immersive gameplay.

OlliOlli showcases the real side of skateboarding, you can perform various tricks and earn credits from it. The graphics may not be appealing but the content definitely is.

08. Pro Evolution Soccer® 2012

Soccer is an England-born sport but now it has spread its wings all over the globe and has received the crown for being the widest sport of all time. PES 2012 also known as Pro Evolution Soccer was a masterpiece, and don’t take the word lightly. PES may be shadowed by FIFA or EA nowadays but it was more astounding than any other company.

Pro Evolution Soccer offers nearly all the same features as any other football video game. You are going to find career mode, training mode, and the default quick match mode. Which is why it’s an undervalued game.

07. Deca Sports Extreme™

Nintendo Switch Sports or Nintendo Wii sports are open sources for Nintendo console extremists to indulge in the ultimate diversity of sports. Unfortunately, Nintendo 3DS doesn’t have any sports games from the Nintendo Publishers, but we can check out alternatives to play. Deca Sports Extreme is a video game from Konami for Nintendo 3DS, it offers various sports games including soccer, basketball, bowling, wrestling, and many more.

The video game may not be comparable to the Nintendo’s official sports game, but it’s better than your expectations.

06. Mario Tennis Open

Mario Tennis Open is a classic video game from Mario’s tennis series. It features the traditional gameplay from the previous Mario installments. The objective is to win against NPCS and local players by scoring 60 points. Each miss from the opponent gives you 15 points and four consecutive hits to the opponent’s court crown you as the undisputed victor.

The video game offers the availability of a gyroscope. A Player can set their console vertically and make the most of the feature. Later, you can disable it in the setting or by holding your console horizontally. Overall, the gameplay is special in the Mario Tennis Series as well as generally.

05. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Mario franchise has always been inventive, there are tons of different genres combined with Mario. But Sonic and Mario’s universes merging for a quick video game or series was what both series’ fans had been wishing for for a very long time. The video game features the original Olympics-based events and sports. Players can indulge in fascinating gameplay using Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Tails, and many more characters from both franchises.

The fun doubles when you can host a party with your friends and play against each other. The video game is available in multiple languages.

04. WWE All-Stars

WWE or Previously WWF is a popular entertainment show. Everyone around the world knows a few superstars at minimum. WWE All-Stars is composed and published by THQ. The video game pays homage to previous WWE legends by featuring them on the cover and keeping them in the spotlight.

The release of WWE All-Stars brought a massive wave of players to the show and the video game series in general. The gameplay features a variety of skills and combos, making it a little distant from reality.

03. FIFA 15

FIFA 15 is an immersive sports game from the EA. Football or Soccer, is either about winning or losing with clear results. Renowned football teams defend the opponent with their might and counterattack with aggressive forwards. FIFA 15 is a realistic single-player football video game.

Players in FIFA 15 used to grind for hours to collect coins and FIFA currency to unlock their dream team. The career mode was intriguing, it was a massive than previous video games of the franchise. Inevitably the game got the recognition it deserved and the fans still play it for nostalgia.

02. Mario Golf: World Tour (The Best in the Nintendo 3DS Sports Games in the Catalogue)

Mario Golf World Tour is probably the finest video game from the Mario Golf series, as stated by fans. The video game features multiple different characters, you can either choose one from the library or create a custom one. There are also, dynamic backgrounds with different visuals, themes, and colors. The players experience the ultimate gameplay with friends and local players.

Other than the challenging gameplay, players can indulge in tournaments against tons of experienced individuals. The gameplay depth is the reason for all the praise.

01. Inazuma Eleven GO (Immerse in the Best Nintendo 3DS Anime Style Sports Games)

Inazuma Eleven is one of the most iconic soccer anime series. It comes in two versions Light and Shadow, both have minor differences. It’s an RPG game that revolves around a middle school soccer club, led by Mamoru Endou. Instead of following the usual protagonist, Mamoru Endou the video game features a new protagonist named Matsukaze Tenma, he is presented as a member of the Raimon Junior High soccer club.

The gameplay combines the elements of resolve, suspense, passion, adrenaline, and hard work. It showcases a soccer team that has no words like giving up in their dictionary.

Conclusion: Best Nintendo 3DS Sports Games

3DS is one of the most gaming-efficient consoles, players can travel along with it, and use it while doing house chores or day work. It brought a new phase of gaming that most gamers at the time were not ready for. One of the most popular genres in 3DS games to this day is Sports. While there may not be that much diversity in the genre, we still have access to the elite games. Some of many are enlisted up there, you should check them out immediately, before Nintendo slashes them out of the store.

With this, our blog comes to an end. If you found any video games engrossing, make sure to drop a review, we want more enthusiastic gamers like you to find out these classic bangers. Also, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, if you feel like being up to date with the latest game news and hottest video game recommendations.

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