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10 Best Xbox 360 Indie Games of All Time

xbox 360 indie games

Xbox 360 is still one of the most successful consoles, it still has a massive fan base and a collection of thousands of live-service games, the indie genre especially is very intriguing, it features unique and finest games. What are some good indie games? Let’s figure that out right away.

10. Contrast

It’s a fact that indie games are more innovative and original than any big title or franchise. The video game Contrast is a work of perfection, especially the lore, the video game narrates the plot through a series of flashbacks. It revolves around Didi and her family, who are on the verge of separating, and Didi can’t let that happen. She embarks on an adventure to prevent her parents from separating. The plot may be cliche, but the execution is all that matters, and this video game nails it.

The players must solve the puzzles and pass through paths that require movement between the 3D and Shadow worlds.

09. Bastion

Bastion is an RPG video game that takes place in a fantasy world. The video game takes place in a dystopian world and revolves around a character briefly called “The Kid.” Who still hasn’t lost any hope and embarks on an adventure to the Bastion. While exploring the ruins of once a beautiful world, he bumps into an old man, who navigates him to the correct path and also narrates the plot, that’s the only other human he comes across in the entire lore.

The video game’s dynamic setting and the path appearing in chunks, alert the players to be ready for anything and everything.

08. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

The title indicates most about the video game, and if you wonder if it’s about battling cosmic beings, then yes it is exactly that. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is an innovative puzzle exploration game. You take control of an alien flying saucer, a UFO, and navigate through the thinnest and extremely dangerous routes. On certain areas of the map, you may find weapons and tools that will help you escape quickly.

The video game has the same scary environment as horror or survival video games, and it does feature unoriginal more.

07. Mark of the Ninja

Have you ever played 2D versions of the Splinter Cell franchise? You could feel the gameplay of the Mark of the Ninja emitting the same vibes. You control a ninja, who uses stealth to navigate through levels and complete the missions.

Mark of the Ninja is a fascinating side-scrolling platform game where you take over the role of a Ninja, who is stuck between real and fictional. And falls into the trap of betrayal. The gameplay involves quick-paced fighting, rapid attacks, and quick reflexes.

06. Trine 2

Generally, you start a fantasy video game by choosing your character’s class. It’s either a wizard, a thief, or a knight. In Trine 2 you could play all three characters at the same time. It’s a side-scrolling puzzle and platform adventure. The narrative speaks about the dangers of the rediscovered Trine that has hit the three characters. Our primary trio must overcome the challenges and get through the obstacles blocking their way and in the end eliminate the cause of all mischief.

05. Slender: The Arrival (Arguably one of the Most Scariest Xbox 360 Indie Games)

Slender Man is a creepypasta, a lanky faceless fictional creature that haunts people even when they are conscious. The video game is up top when it comes to difficulty, people spend hours completing a video game that is about an hour long. The lore is presented through a girl named Lauren, who is headed toward her childhood friend Kate to help her move out of her old house. Lauren amid her travel comes across a fallen tree that has covered the entirety of the road. Unfortunately, she leaves her car behind and heads straight toward her friend’s house, not realizing what lingers through the forest in the darkness. Just the narrative alone sends chills up the spine. It’s a horror indie game that may be hard to find.

04. BattleBlock Theater (One of the Coldest Xbox 360 Indie Games)

BattleBlock Theater is a 2D violent platformer video game, where you control an undefined main character, who is shipwrecked on a strange island. The character is forced to perform in a theater that is run by cats.

The gameplay of BattleBlock is average, and so is the storyline. But the presentation makes up for everything. BattleBlock Theater features single-player and multiplayer campaign modes. Making the video game more interesting than ever.

03. Limbo (Hold Yourself Tight Because its a Journey to the Eternal Darkness)

Do you want to explore the darkness? Do you want to conquer your fears? According to surveys and scientific theories, humans can only mentally conquer their fears and insecurities. While Limbo is a video game that might certainly not guarantee anything, by the end of the narrative you might have a change of feelings.

Limbo is a 2D side-scrolling dark-themed puzzle video game that incorporates a physics system that governs environmental objects as well as characters. It’s presented in black and white tone. Critics and users praise the video game for its captivating music, fascinating lore, and stunning visuals.

02. Fez (From Phil Fish, One of the best Developers)

Fez is the genius of Phil Fish, an enthusiastic Canadian indie developer. The game is about players controlling a 2D character named Gomez, who is exploring a newfound 3D world to unveil its secrets.

The video game works with a rotation mechanic, which allows the players to view four 2D views of the 3D world to solve puzzles by rotating. Fez intervenes in its gameplay somewhere between reality and fiction. However, the innovative feature will change your perspective of the platform games.

01. Terraria (A Finest Open-World Game in Xbox 360 Indie Games)

Terraria is like Minecraft but in 2D, the video game features a vast randomly generated world with endless boundaries that players can explore, just like Minecraft. The exploration is filled with multiple biomes, such as deserts, jungles, underground caves, moon biome, and many more, and each biome brings challenges.

The players’ main objective is to survive in a world brimming with a variety of mobs. Terraria also features multiple bosses that enhance the gameplay experience.

Conclusion: Xbox 360 Indie Games

From the early 20s, when the indie genre got recognition from the world, video game production increased tremendously. Since then countless titles have been in a race to be called the greatest indie games, while we are not sure which one is leading in the title race, we still have created a list for ourselves that may pique your interest. Our list consists of immersive Xbox 360 indie games, we are sure you found at least a few playable games. Share your feelings in the comments section and don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Moreover, we are dedicating ourselves to bringing you the latest game news and the list of hottest recommendations.

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