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What are the best Indie Games on Switch?

Best Indie Games on Switch

2023 has been Nintendo’s year when it comes to first-party titles, it seems. From Super Mario RPG and Metroid Prime Remastered to Super Mario Bros Wonder and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo never fails to cook. However, that doesn’t mean you can sleep on some third-party stuff, especially from the indie side reason why we have sorted some of the best Indie Games on Switch for you here.

There are plenty of cool games that studios with lower budgets can offer for the Nintendo Switch, including Tunic, Hades, Hollow Knight, Fez, Celeste and lots of other goodies that you need to try today. So without any further ado, here’s our list of some of the best Indie Games on Switch:

1.   Death’s Door

If you crave something that’s a mix of Legend of Zelda mechanics with a side of Dark Souls difficulty, then Death’s Door is what you need to grab. In this isometric action adventure, you’ll be in control of a crow that collects souls for your boss, who happens to be Death himself.

The game’s premise has you placed in a situation where you have to go through three dungeons to collect enough souls to open up “Death’s Door.” The game is riddled with things you need to investigate as well as challenging Souls-like bosses that you need to best use a mix of magic, weapons, and dodging.

2.   Cuphead

StudioMDHR’s debut game is renowned for its challenging boss fights, but more so for its rubber hose animation style of the Golden Age of Animation from the 1930s. Under the guise of a 2D action-adventure platformer, you control the titular character Cuphead who must venture across the world of Inkwell Isle to best the Devil.

Considered one of the best indie games on Switch. This game was originally released for the PC and Xbox One back in 2017, but then eventually found its way onto other platforms in later years, including the Nintendo Switch in 2019. And if you’re looking for more Cup head greatness, then The Delicious Last Course should be next on your to-do-list.

3.   Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is among the best indie games on Switch for a reason. It is an 8-bit side-scrolling platformer that not only provided a nostalgic treat to retro gamers of the bygone era, but also stood out as its own game, and one of the best of all time at that. It takes some of the best elements from the Nintendo Entertainment System era, including Mario 3 and Castlevania.

As the title of this game indicates, you are a knight with a shovel that you can use to dig for buried treasure and fight your foes. Not only that but with a mix of upgrades and weapons, even those new to platforming will gravitate toward Shovel Knight.

4.   Fez

Fez was released in 2012, which at that point was said to have been in development for about 5 long years. Once it was finally released to the world, it made a grand impression upon the world not just as an indie game, but as a game in general.

The game lets you control Gomez who wears a titular fez on his head. The real pull of the game is that you control and navigate this character in a 2D setting but with a 3D feel to it. What’s also different about the game, is that it is mainly about traversing the planes of 2D and 3D without having to battle any enemies.

5.   Hades

Here’s another one of the best indie games on Switch. If roguelites with interesting storylines, characters and endless grinding are your cup of tea, then Hades will feel right at home for you. You play not as Hades, but as his son Zagreus who is on the search for his mother Persophone. It’s an isometric hack-n-slash roguelike that makes each new run after death fresh and enticing.

On your journey, you will be aided by multiple gods from Mt. Olympus, who will bestow their Boons or abilities that can best the numerous enemies and bosses that stand between you and your quest. The world is swimming with colorful and vibrant character designs, alluring music and a narrative that pulls you right in.

6.   Neon White

Describing Neon White is a chore on whether it wants to be a first-person shooter or a puzzle platformer. However, that doesn’t stop players from experiencing a good time with this fast-paced shooter/puzzler. Speaking of fast, the game was specifically crafted for speed running in that you need to beat the level in the fastest time possible.

The game puts you in control of the title character Neon White, a sinner among others who has been plucked from Hell to defeat demons that have invaded Heaven to earn their place there. Players must choose their weapons from playing cards to destroy demons at each level.

Interestingly, these cards can be discarded to have the players either dash or double-jump.


So these were some of our best indie games on Switch. If we didn’t mention any of your favorite titles here, then do let us know in the comments down below. Stay connected for further gaming updates at vGamerz and via our social accounts Facebook and Instagram.

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