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Bazalth: Don’t Trust the Signs Combines Beat ’em Up with… Puzzle Solving

One of the reasons why I love indie developers is that they try and usually manage to create amazing products that would, otherwise, not be available. Take the new Belgian developers Helium games who decided to mix Beat ’em up elements with puzzle solving in their upcoming title, Bazalth: Don’t trust the signs.

The game comes with a funny story too: in a peaceful world where cute little creatures called Gloupsies lived, everything was perfect… except for the fact that every once in a while – every 28 days, of Fridays – the Gloupsies were attacked by demons who raided their village. Not the brightest creatures around, the Gloupsies always rebuilt their village, even though the weekend was coming, and waited for the next invasion.

All until a mysterious stranger arrived and decided that it’s time to help the poor little creatures get the peace they deserve and banish the demons once and for all. This is when the player becomes active and starts working their magic: either by solving puzzles or by doing the extreme opposite: using brute force to destroy demons.

There’s a quick trailer for Bazalth: Don’t trust the signs which you can check out below:

This promising indie game is coming sometime by the end of the year and it will be available on PC, Linux and Mac.



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