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Steam Greenlight Pick: After Reset RPG


It’s enough for you to tell me that your game is inspired by the first two Fallout titles, and I’m sold. If you add to that list Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment, it’s even better. And that’s exactly what Richard Nixon, the creator of the After Reset RPG did to spark my interest in this really promising game.

It’s one game that doesn’t even try to follow a route different to that of Fallout: the earth has become a radioactive wasteland followed by a nuclear attack (from terrorists, from alines… nobody knows for sure), some survivors have crawled back underground, living in vaults and waiting for the day when they can get back, and other survivors managed to keep on living in the surface hell. When the time finally comes for you to open the vault’s doors and investigate the surface, the people who are already there are not too keen on meeting you and there will probably be some blood shed. In an truly amazing post-apocalyptic setting.

And this is what matters the most in this type of games, where Wasteland 2, one of the best Early Access games ever, is the living proof. After Reset RPG comes strong from behind and even though I am yet to see some actual battle footage from the game, an early release of gameplay mechanics shows a lot of promise. It’s extremely early in the game so there’s just walking around, but you can feel that it’s the walk towards something good:

The game reached a relatively modest Kickstart goal of $12,500 without a problem, was Greenlit in just 5 days and managed to gather a small fan base that should expand more and more and more as the game gets closer to that final release. And we’re highly anticipating it, as you should do too!

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