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Best Indie Games of the Year 2022

best indie games 2022

We are long past 2022 and 2024 is already knocking on our doors, but our memories of those precious years are not going to vanish away that quickly, for gamers it was those were the golden years, we saw countless video games competing for the title race of who is the best, and the most special moments was for the Indie video games developers they finally got the recognition they deserved. Let’s take a look back at the year 2022 and see what indie games it brought to gamers.

10. Nobody Saves the World

Do you want to play a creative video game where you could turn into a mob, an animal, or a robot? Nobody Saves the World follows the playable character named Nobody, who has a wand that he uses to transform into any creature. Each form of Nobody has two different skills at the start, and as you progress, you will unlock more abilities.

You would be so engaged the entire time playing it. The more you play the more you earn, and in the end, you can use the currencies to redeem better rewards.

09. Tinykin

Because indie games have less budget and employees, they go through work crises and face countless problems. Despite being an indie video game, Tinykin has great details to it. It is a 3D platform video game, with only the characters in 2D. You control an astronaut Milodane, he is even smaller than insects.

Milodane’s ultimate quest is to collect Tinykin, colorful critters, which give him power and skills.

08. Neon White

Neon White is a speedrunning first-person shooter video game. In Neon White, you play as an assassin from hell, who is competing with other demon slayers, the winner would be awarded to live in Heaven forever.

The video game features “Soul Cards,” which enhance player’s abilities as well as grant them newer attributes. You need to take your actions carefully and merge the cards accordingly to create a player who could give competitors a very hard time. The video game requires fast reflection and wise decisions.

07. Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is a video game that features text more than the actual gameplay. The Citizen Sleeper is divided into two vertical sections, one belongs to the gameplay, while the other is a wall of text. The video game is set in Erlin’s Eye, a space station in ruins, that is also the home for thousands of people. You play as a “Sleeper,” a human whose mind has digitized into a robot, who is fighting for survival and freedom from indentured servitude.

The game requires patience and a gamer who can endure all the reading. In short, the game requires a brain.

06. Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes is a role-playing fantasy video game, and it is an impressive effort from a single developer. People often compare it to video games like Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger. In chained Echoes, you take up your sword, cast magic, or board the mech.

The game begins right after you choose a playable character out of 8 available, and embark on a journey to end the ongoing war between three kingdoms. Chained Echoes has a pretty immersive plot, with twists and turns, it will keep you excited through the end.

05. Vampire Survivors

Have you ever dreamt of being the main character of a zombie film or video game, where you would be mowing down thousands of evil mobs? Vampire Survivors makes your dreams a reality because, in this video game, your goal is to survive up until dawn. The game works in a way that the playable character’s decisions direct the video game to different routes.

Its setting may not be very unique but you get to experience suspense and anxiety all the time.


Norco is a gem, it’s a critically acclaimed video game on the internet, especially at the Metacritic. The video game Norco takes place in a fictional city of Louisiana. It follows a young woman named Kay, the narrative starts by introducing her and tells how she is back home after her mother’s death, and her brother is also missing. The video game then leads you to research Kay’s mother’s affairs and uncover what her true motive was.

Players explore the nooks and crannies of Norco as well as solve mysteries to unravel the story.

03. Stray: The Best in Indie Games of 2022?

When talking about indie video games, Stray always sneaks into the list. The graphics, animation, and everything about the video game looks as if some big company has worked on it. Stray tells about a stray cat, stuck under a scary underground isolated region. The cat lives in a dystopian world where humans no longer exist and the world is overrun by robots and androids. The cat’s main objective is to find a way up to the surface. The video game presents the screen through the third person’s perspective.

02. TUNIC (One of the Best Indie Games of 2022)

The Tunic is an action-adventure role-playing video game that follows the journey of a little anthropomorphic fox, who is exploring the Land of ancient powers, lost legends, and misplaced treasures.

Players have to navigate the fox through thin paths, and different biomes, and fight hostile creatures. If the players are more familiar with the gameplay mechanics, video game’s theme, settings, and everything in general, they have a fair advantage in winning. If you are a sucker for fantasy video games, Tunic offers most of it.

01. Cult of the Lamb (Arguably the Best of Indie Games of 2022)

Question yourself once, what are indie games? The games you play from any developer? No, the composition of video games by an individual or small company with utmost care and clear details. Cult of the Lamb is a video game with meticulously detailed graphics, lore, and above all animation, you can see the visuals and change in the atmosphere.

Cult of the Lamb tells a Lamb’s story, who tries to show gratitude to the stranger who aids him by forming a new cult that would guide Lamb’s people as well as oppose the false cults.

Conclusion: Best Indie Games 2022

What is the best indie video game of all time? This answer to this question may be controversial, just like our list of the best indie games of the year 2022. Our list consists of the titles that gamers still find fascinating.

That was it, our list concludes here. If you wish to read more of our content, please head to our previous blog. We value content over everything. Also, Before you go make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we publish game news, new releases, reviews, and everything you may need to know about gaming in general.

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