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Indie Horror Games that Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Indie Horror Games

Indie games are the current generation’s bread and butter, and the people who never played these games before are now showing some interest, especially in horror games. Let’s unravel the list of the best horror video games, that you can play right away.

10. The Voidness

The Voidness is a gloomy and dark video game, it might not have ghosts or monsters in large numbers, but its silent gameplay haunts the gamers in consciousness. The video game features a playable character, who is sent to a strange planet to research a mysterious void. You could use tools in your inventory for more efficient research.

Your job is to explore the void, roam around to find clues, and uncover the secrets of the void and the newly found planet holds.

09. Dredge

Dredge is regarded by many gamers as a video game that’s cool to play after a long stressful day. The game follows a fisherman who is on a job to become the local angler of his town. Fishing is nothing sort of extraordinary, there can’t be anything that could go wrong with it except having illusions of cosmic beings, sudden weather changes, and strange objects appearing out of thin air. Fishermen find this phenomenon to always occur at night. While searching for a solution, the fisherman finds some clues that could end it all.

08. Darkwood

Darkwood could easily snatch the number one spot, but because of its low-quality retro-style graphics, we don’t get to see the details, it has to offer. The video game is way ahead of its time. Darkwood approaches the horror genre in a new sensational way. Players play in an overgrown mysterious forest ravaged by a devastating plague, which turns all creatures and flora in its surroundings to become monstrous.

The player finds himself trapped in the forest and then embarks on a journey to escape safely. While he also faces fearsome creatures and deadly otherworldly beings.

07. Devotion

Devotion is a first-person psychological video game entirely driven by the lore. The video game is set in the 1980s in the country of Taiwan. The video game narrates the story of a religious family, who live their life happily but with minor problems, such as financially unstable. To help her family, the only daughter of the couple joins a singing contest to make some fortune out of it, but shortly, she loses her ability to sing, and her condition worsens. Her delusional father performs unholy and evil rituals. These events generate the climax of the video game.

06. Signalis

Signalis is a survival horror video game that takes place in a dystopian world. The Signalis is a pixelated but detailed video game that follows an android named Elster, who is searching for her missing partner, Ariane, as well as her dreams. The humans of the earth have colonized the entirety of the solar system. The game’s true objective is to explore the vast map and figure out what is good for you.

The video game features 2.5D gameplay, and you mostly can progress to higher levels by solving perplexing puzzles.

05. Orange County

Orange County is a skateboarding and horror video game developed by an individual Nicholas “Pastasfuture” Brancaccio. The players play Orange County from the first person’s perspective. The video game features an endless journey through the dark streets with the playable character skateboarding and trying to avoid the incoming traffic.

The video game doesn’t have any terrifying creatures. What makes it scary is its unpredictable gameplay, the vehicles appear out of nowhere and it is too dark to see.

04. Omori (One of the Indie Horror Games that are Relatable)

Omori is a Japanese psychological role-playing video game, and there’s no doubt that Japan generates the best story-driven video games. The protagonist of Omori is a socially awkward boy, his real name is Sunny, and Omori is his alter-ego. The boy lives in White space, where he spends a huge fraction of his day, doing normal to weird activities. However, the boy is living in his past, and can’t manage to look forward.

The video game is about him trying to overcome his fears and insecurities as well as reconnect to his childhood friends.

03. Amnesia: The Bunker

Amnesia The Bunker is a first-person shooting video game that is critically acclaimed because of its addictive gameplay. The video game takes place in the event of World War 1, where players control a French soldier named Henri Clément, who is looking for his missing companion, but things don’t turn out well for Henri as he finds himself locked up in a bunker all alone.

Furthermore, the bunker he is trapped in is peculiar, one can’t predict what would come out of it. Many soldiers had experienced strange phenomena, now it was Henri’s turn to feel the terror.

02. Outlast (The Runner-up in Indie Horror Games)

It’s hard to believe Outlast is an indie game with all that it offers. Outlast is a first-person horror video game, where your primary objective is to make it out safely. It’s not your typical shoot the monster and you are free type of video game. Moreover, It soothingly blends reality and fiction.

In the first place, the video game introduces your character, you play the role of a freelance detective who has accepted the mission of investigating the Mount Massive Asylum, a psychiatric hospital in the mountains of Lake Country, Colorado.

01. The Forest (Arguably the Best in Indie Horror Games)

The Forest is a survival video game from Endnight Games, a company with a countable number of employees. The video game takes place on a heavily forested Peninsula. In the Forest video game, you find yourself stranded with no food and shelter. Your primary objective is to find the protagonist’s son while battling your way out of the town brimming with cannibalistic mutants.

The players find the video game compelling, because of its vast map and open-world features. With little to no plot, the players must find the necessary tools to stay alive as well as shelter to protect themselves from multiple dangers.

Conclusion: Best Indie Horror Games at the Scene

Indie horror games are growing in number, and so are the companies and corporations. Furthermore, most games in this list are developed by developers with under 100 employees. And with ever-growing success, the capacity of employees is also widening more and more. This concludes our list of the top 10 horror indie games to play on console, PC, as well as mobile games.

Let us know what you think about our list in the comments. And also make sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram Channels, where we keep you all updated on game news and stuff.

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