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Geralt of Rivia Voice Actor Doug Cockle Eager to Return for More

Geralt of Rivia

The infamous monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, might come back anytime soon, the voice actor of Geralt of Rivia, Doug Cockle, has revealed to the media that he is eager to play the character he adores and wishes to do it for as long as he possibly could.

Doug Cockle’s Loyalty to the Witcher Series

Doug Cockle is a voice actor, an actor, a teacher, and a director, he is a man of many talents. He is and was a part of many infamous, TV Shows, Films, and video games. Doug Cockle features in various video games, but The Witcher franchise is what he is mostly known for. He has played the role of the Geralt of Rivia more than 6 times as a main character and has also fulfilled his role in cameo appearances.

Throughout the years Cockle has remained loyal to the series. And if CD Projekt Red announces a trailer, we might see him make a comeback.

Doug Cockle’s Love for the Series

In a recent conversation with IGN, Cockle said that he feels connected with the video game and the character. And he never lost his passion for playing Geralt of Rivia. Cockle’s love for the series is the same as a child getting their first toy.

Cockle also stated that he was thrilled whenever CD Projekt Red called me and said “Are you available to play this or that role” to which he responded enthusiastically “Of course, I am, I love being there.”

The Witcher series also is coming up with a remake of the very first video game. The release date is TBA, but there’s no denying that Cockle will nail his role as Geralt of Rivia once again that is if he gets to play it, and it is likely to happen once again.

Geralt of Rivia Voice Actor Will Make Be Back and Here’s why

Cockle will once again emerge as Geralt of Rivia in upcoming installments of The Witcher, and there’s no point starting an argument. And there’s no better candidate to fulfill the position than the legend himself, Doug Cockle. He has been the one and only voice actor since the very first video game of the franchise, and if things are going to be at the same pace when the sequel or remake comes, we are going to hear the soothing voice of Cockle.

On the other hand, Cockle made something clear that fans are very happy about. Cockle says he isn’t very familiar with any big game company and only knows a tiny fraction of indie developers. He spoke about how he wants to stick to playing Geralt of Rivia at the moment. Nothing else piques his interest anymore. And he respects the CD Projekt Red, stating that he doesn’t work for them, he works with them. He enjoys his time spent at the company and often sits outside the building to feel the breeze. And upon their call, he gets inside to do his stuff. And he always had a positive experience.

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