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Why Post Cat Memes When You Can Play Cat Games? Meet Paper Cat!

It’s difficult to resist cat memes and Grumpy Cat don’t let us say the opposite (we tried, but he looked at us and said “NO”). But a cat game? That’s something you don’t see every day, and when you happen to actually find one, it’s the usual pet simulator. But designer Israel Terenzi, from studio Ilusis Interactive Graphics, is working on something different.

Following the adventures of Slick, a cat whose owner lives surrounded by exotic items, you must turn his house upside down just for the joy. After all, you’re a cat! However, this must be done at night, evading the watchful eye of your Frank, the owner.

The game is named Paper Cat, a 2D platformer game with puzzle elements.  Every night you get access to new and special items, only to break them all by provoking a chain reaction. The plot, however, hides a mystery: Slick’s close relationship with the moon may have something to do with his urge to destroy things. Or just because he is a cat that loves some good old chaos.

Ilusis is a studio from Minas Gerais, Brazil. They plan to open a crowd funding campaign to fund development of the game soon. Besides the campaign, the game is being created with an NGO dedicated to finding new homes for abandoned cats. Paper Cat don’t have a release date and did not inform on which platforms might come to, so, stay tuned!

Source: Geração Gamer (in Portuguese)



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