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Gamestop Helps You Upgrade To The New Nintendo 3DS

From now until July 26th, you can trade in your 3DS XL, 3DS, 2DS, or PS Vita for a $100 credit towards the purchase of the NEW Nintendo 3DS. This means you can buy the upgraded system for only $100. (The system typically retails for $200.) Now, why would I do this if my 3DS works just fine, you ask?

The New 3DS has updated facial recognition that will actually follow your movements to optimize the 3D wherever you look. Remember that pesky sweet spot that you had to hit perfectly so that your eyes didn’t burn? That’s gone now. The updated system gives players a reason to slide that 3D back on.

The new system also has a second, smaller control stick on the right side of the machine that helps a great deal with the pesky cameras in the rebooted Legend of Zelda games.

The Start and Select buttons have moved to a more convenient location just under the character buttons, which feels more appropriate for a Nintendo device, and there are additional bumper buttons at the top that, at this point, don’t serve an exclusive purpose, but will likely be utilized in the future.

Another thing to consider moving forward, if you’re still not convinced to upgrade, is that Nintendo will soon optimize some of their games to run only on the New 3DS. So, if you’re a big 3DS player looking forward to whatever they have in store, you’ll be left out of the mix in the near future if you don’t take advantage of it now.

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