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Warframe: Saryn Prime Is Here

And word was true! Saryn prime was indeed the next prime warframe to hit and it’s the star of the new Prime Access pack which is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Other items in the access pack are: Nikana prime and Spira prime, 2625 platinum and unique Saryn prime avatars.

Meanwhile in the accessories pack you can get the Cycuta prime syandana and Cycuta prime sigil along with 1365 platinum, 90 affinity booster and 90 credit booster.

If you’re not wanting to spend $109 NZD on the prime access pack you can go farm the items. Unfortunately you won’t be able to get the items in the accessories pack by grinding; they’ll need to be bought.

Saryn prime’s 3 polarities are Madurai, Naramon and Vazarin. So for all those builds with those polarity mods that will save you some time and formas. I’m excited, I really enjoyed leveling up Saryn and Saryn prime gives me a little more to work with without spending all those formas.

Well, first I need to farm for the parts so wish me luck! And if you’re like me and going for the grind, good luck Tenno!



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