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Mobile Ports of GTA Trilogy Receiving Praise for Refining the Series

GTA Trilogy

About a week ago, on December 8th Rockstar Games released the definitive versions of the original GTA Trilogy, Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Rockstar hasn’t made any major changes, everything about the game remains the same, but the abiding fans of Grand Theft Auto discovered something that neutrals didn’t pay any attention to.

Grand Theft Auto Series Definitive Editions Killing the Indefinite Bugs and Faults

“What is the reason behind Rockstar Games launching their video games years after releasing the first trailer” This same question always comes to the surface when Rockstar Games announces the release date of a certain video game from their popular series, such as a new sequel to the Grand Theft Auto or the Red Dead Redemption. What do you think they are doing once the announcement is made? There’s no doubt that Rockstar Games is the biggest video game corporation, with a large number of employees. Every video game they produce is crafted carefully with meticulous details.

After announcing a video game, Rockstar Games spent time polishing and removing malicious bugs. In two years of span, the video games technically more or less don’t have any bugs or glitches left.

The Definitive Edition initially came to Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and lastly, Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, they flopped beyond belief, and unsurprisingly we saw the same events recurring once again. But Rockstar won’t let their followers think, which is why they are constantly improving the bugs and glitches.

Glitches and Bugs that were Reported

Gamers and Rockstar Games themselves are constantly monitoring and searching for errors in every nook and cranny of the video game. These were some bugs in the initial release of the video game.

Random and frequent frame rate drop is killing all the experience of the gameplay. What’s more, saddening is that the series’ lifelong fans hate the entire GTA series, let alone the GTA Trilogy. While playing any of the three video games, the lag would be ruining your gameplay experience. Some fans have also reported sudden crashes and black screens.

With the most recent patch, Rockstar claims that they have fixed more than 100+ bugs, and currently are still working.

But worry not, unlike the console GTA Definitive Trilogy versions, Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition Mobile won’t let the fan’s expectations of it vanish very quickly. The game’s improving and we still have to see the peak of it.

Different Versions of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition in Mobiles.

Well, I got some good news and some bad news. Let’s hear the bad news first, the video game costs you around $20, which is frankly too much for a mobile game. But comparing it to the console version, Rockstar is offering us something that is considerably cheap.

There’s also a free way to snatch the video game quickly and for free. And we are sure, that more than 50% of you are going to have your hands on the video game this instance. 1 in every 2 adults have Netflix subscribed. And if you are one of them, you are going to enjoy the Grand Theft Auto trilogy for free. It’s not exactly a free source, you are paying hundreds of dollars for annual Netflix plans.

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