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What are Indie Games and Where to Find the Best?

What are Indie Games

Sometimes we need to play video games, that are solo, not a part of any big video game franchise, even though they might not fill the space of richness in your heart, they still bring a new experience, which is why we decided to dedicate this blog to people who overlook the fun in Indie games and reveal What truly are the Indie Games.

Introduction to Indie Games

The word indie refers to video games that are independent of any big company. To phrase it even more simply, Indie is a video game class that is either developed by a party of small creators or a single video game developer.

Like any other class of video games, indie also comes in various genres. Most creators try a different approach instead of imitating big names, which in fact results in positive.

While most indie video games are short in gameplay and limited in budget, they leave a massive impact on the video game industry, well if they hit the success mark that is. Coming on to success, there are countless problems independent video game creators face. Some of these are low on budget, anxiety, fear, lack of experience, can’t promote it to a wide audience, and tons of more problems.

If they overcome all that they still have to find sponsors and at least pay their debts. Only a tiny fraction of developers manage to overcome all these problems.

Overall, the Indie class focuses on innovations and to make some change in the gaming industry in any way possible. Players can play original and new ideas in just a very small amount.

History of Indie Games

The birth of the word “Indie” isn’t too old. Before the world knew what Indie was. There was excessive use of the term amateur or hobbyist development, to describe the contents of the video games.

The early indie games came in the 1970s and 1980s. It was the time when developers used to do everything with just basic coding patterns. Most even created them at home. However, after the evolution of computers and the recognition of the PC’s. This led to high-end 3D production of video games. And realistically this was the time when the class of indie video games started to pop up. The indie video game developers at that time were few, out of which mostly were gamers who started coding out of pure interest.

Independent developers nowadays have to rely on a massive budget, if they want to achieve success. And that’s why today’s indie video games are hundreds of times better than old-school video games.

Future of Indie Games

No one knows what the future will be, but we are sure of one thing, it won’t be better. The indie developers know better than anyone that success requires money. And if you compare the most recent popular video game to a 10-year-old indie game, the results would be shocking.

Each year hundreds of indie video games are released, and there’s no doubt that the number will increase twice to thrice every year. Indie games had rapid growth in the past 3 years, thanks to developers for launching their games enthusiastically and the video game stores that are recognizing their worth.

Indie Games to Try

Enough talking about what are indie games and what their history is, it’s time to test out some of the finest video games. Check out our recommendations. We bet you are going to enjoy them.

3. Braid

Braid is a puzzle platform video game developed by Number None. It’s a small company consisting of a bunch of individuals doing everything by themselves. The lore and gameplay of The Braid are unoriginal but it brings a unique, immersive setting. The Braid also features new additions and mechanics to the side-scrolling, where players can unlock more levels by solving perplexing puzzles.

2. Stray

Stray is a video game from a small team of French developers. Unlike Braid, Stray is a much more detailed video game with high-quality graphics. It’s an adventure video game that narrates the lore of a cat living in a dystopian world, where humans no longer exist, and the city is brimming with robots. The cat’s goal is to reach the surface safely, with the help of a drone.

1. Inside

Inside is a critically acclaimed video game. It was developed by Playdead ApS, an independent video game creator, who is also known for creating another infamous video game, Limbo. Inside is a 3D video game that takes place in a dystopian world, where the players try to survive dangers by solving puzzles. Inside features a dark atmosphere with no sound and black and white colors whatsoever. The players can solve puzzles by shape-shifting into different bodies. It’s a creepy but satisfying video game.


Minecraft was an indie game, you might be surprised because you have never looked into its origins. The video game was designed by Markus “Notch” Persson. But he later sold the video game to Microsoft for a large sum. The video game was at its peak during the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite not being an indie game anymore, the internet still regards it.

Conclusion on What are Indie Games

What most gamers do is play a video game after judging its statistics and reviews. People don’t check the whereabouts and origin of a video game and often play indie video games without realizing themselves. All we request is your support for small creators and companies that spend their money, time, and effort.

Anyway, leave your feedback in the comments section, we are eager to hear what you have to say about indie video games. We find joy in creating blogs that gaming fanatics such as you find helpful. We want to hear your thoughts, so we can direct our website to readers’ liking.

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