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Adventure Time Games: 10 Best to Play Today

Adventure Time Games

Adventure Time is a nostalgic cartoon show, we grew up watching it, and for most, it was the very first show that blended horror and humor genres, how would you feel if you were to imitate the actions from the Adventure Time show into the video games? Let’s make it happen, we are listing the 10 Best Adventure Time video games that are still best in the business.

10. Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo

Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo has about the same art style as the cartoon show, only with a few sloppy details. The video game’s narrative revolves around Finn and Jake trying to retrieve the Princess Bubblegum, Princess Hot Dog, and Princess Slime. The only way to save them is by solving puzzles and getting clues from them. These clues will help them break the Ice King’s spell.

Furthermore, the video game is straightforward, you don’t need to pull off a big brain play. All you need to do is point the mouse where you want the playable characters to move.

09. Jumping Finn Turbo

Jumping Finn Turbo is an innovative video game, the gameplay and setting may not be original, but it matches perfectly with the cartoon’s roots. We all know that Jake is undoubtedly a mysterious dog with anthropomorphic features, he demonstrates his power by hitting Jake or other characters often, sending them into thin air. The video game follows their story of saving Princess from Ice King. Moreover, It starts with Jake sending Finn into the horizon with a kick, the main objective is to stay up in the air by using boosts and upgrades.

08. Card Wars: ADV Time

Have you watched the Adventure Time episode titled “Card Wars.” This video game is inspired by that episode and to make it more interesting the video game adds up a few more things such as more playable characters, newer cards, and more detailed animation.

You start by choosing a playable character of out the 20 available and make them compete in 1v1. The players can summon creatures and cast spells on their cards, the more newer and different cards you use the better you have chances of winning.

07. Adventure Time: Righteous Quest

Adventure Time is a platform video game that depicts the journey of Finn and Jack in the Land of Ooo. The video game has three different levels, where both Jake and Finn are tasked to retrieve the Enchiridion, fight ninjas together with the Enchiridon, and save Princess Bubblegum.

You can control Finn and Jake to overcome complex paths and their abilities also help greatly. There are also bonus levels in the video games, you can unlock them by finding different sticker prints in each level.

06. Adventure Time: Battle Party

Adventure Time Battle Party is an online battle arena video game, where you can indulge in fierce battles using the characters from the Adventure Time series. The video game features various modes, one of which is fighting 3v3 with your friends or random players. The narrative is straightforward, Princess Bubblegum trying to discover why are people of Ooo fighting too much.

According to many fans on the internet, the game resembles League of Legends.

05. Ski Safari: Adventure Time

Ski Safari: Adventure Time may not be as good as the video games we have listed, but the fun and immersive gameplay is there. This video game depicts how fun skiing could be if you have cosmic abilities. Players shred the slopes of the Ooo land in an everlasting downhill adventure. You can slide through Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, Mysterious Mountains, Candy Kingdom, and many more biomes.

Players can also change costumes, buy upgrades, and various vehicles.

04. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!

Now’s the time for real adventure, the Adventure Time. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know! Is an action-adventure co-op video game. The video game begins with Princess Bubblegum sending the playable character to the depths of an enormous Royal dungeon, to find out why the prisons that were held captive for a very long time, are escaping now.

The players can choose various characters from the ones that feature in the show.

03. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

This video game is by far the most meticulously detailed on our list. Its retro graphics may give you second thoughts but in reality, this video game’s cutscenes, lore, characters, and animation all are stunning.

The video game features a simplistic but immersive plot. The video game’s main goal is to save 3 princesses from 3 different kingdoms and in the end defeat the root cause of the problem, Nightmare Princess. The exploration in the video game requires players to pass through complex paths and life-threatening objects.

02. Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!

Adventure Time video game has the wildest titles, these titles are kind of similar to the episode titles, and the past 2 games we enlisted were inspired by the Animated Show, along with this one. The video game revolves around Jake and Finn. Who wakes up to discover their garbage has been stolen? And to retrieve it, they embark on a journey, to stop the Ice King once and for all.

Furthermore, with the combo of retro and platform, this video game brings everything an Adventure Time fan would desire. The video game is available on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

01. Adventure Time: Finn And Jake Investigations

The Adventure Time is- wait it’s Investigation time. Adventure Time: Finn And Jake Investigations speak about the tale of Jake and Finn. Who discovered a machine called Tickertype, in the land of Ooo. This machine gives them intel on criminal cases, and where they are occurring. After testing if it’s real, both Jake and Finn decide to become real detectives and experience real.

In brief, the game features puzzle-solving, exploring, and investigating. The graphics, animation, and gameplay mechanics, are all top-notch. Without a doubt, this video game is going to exceed your expectations. With all that you won’t run short on content.

Final Words

That was our list of the best Adventure Time Video Games to try. We tried our utmost best to put in effort as well as time and make the best of the list. Furthermore, our list consists of video games that a neutral person or a neutral gamer could enjoy without knowing their origin or whereabouts. To sum up the whole thing, we want you to try out these enlisted Adventure Time video games, and leave your feedback here. Your review will significantly guide people reading this.

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