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Anime Games Online: Play the Best in Your Browser

Anime Games Online

Watching anime and playing video games is a whole different feeling, in anime, you can’t control your favorite character, but in anime video games, you can, to some extent, so we have a question for you, Do you want to Play anime games online? We are enlisting anime video games, that don’t occupy storage space all you need is an internet connection. Let’s start without further ado.

10. Felspire

Felspire is a fantasy video game set in the Middle Ages. It may not have the modern MMORPG Graphics, but it still is a lethal video game. The video game has a vast map full of greenery and other beautiful biomes. The video game is challenging, it is one of the hardest MMORPGs, players are to engage in everlasting battles, which require a strong playable character or a strong team.

Felspire has many different outclass features, one of which is automated progression. If you use AFK helper and leave the video game, your progression in the meantime will be growing.

09. Bleach Online

Bleach is one of the big three anime of this generation alongside, Naruto and One Piece. The video games they create are always filled with tense action and immersive plots that leave fans stunned.

The video game follows the playable character, who wakes up from a thousand years of slumber due to an injury, they have lost all their memories, and are looking for a way to reclaim their past experiences. It’s an online MMORPG video game where you duel players online and take your actions strategically to be the victor.

08. SAO’s Legend

Sword Art Online is an anime where players are held captive by the evil developers inside the video game. The anime is brilliant, with many characters, countless bosses, and beautiful landscapes.

Sword Art Online Legend narrates the same plot as the original series. The protagonist, Kirigaya “Kirito” Kazuto gets trapped inside an MMORPG video game, but he has a fair advantage, he has better attributes, skills, and knowledge, just because he was a beta tester of the video game.

07. Clash of Avatars

Clash of Avatars is a 3D MMORPG, light-hearted video game. You play as the commander, the head of some troops, who guides them to protect their god of war. The video game doesn’t have a plot to begin with it has a lack of depth to it. But that might be its only con.

The video game features, realistic battles, characters in anime style, and an impressive collection of emotes. Any age or gender could play it. The video game focuses on building a vast community of gamers where they can share opinions and link up together to play Clash of Avatars.

06. Gods Origin Online

A big fraction of our list is MMORPGs, that’s because MMORPGs are popular among anime fans and video games also load up very quickly in the browser. The video game begins by directing the player to choose the class of the primary character, a female mage, and a male warrior. Both classes have different attributes, but there also are some cons that affect players’ performances.

As the players progress through the campaign mode, they unlock new features and various characters. The companions also come in different classes, from tank to healer and many more.

05. One Piece Online 2

The One Piece anime is like water waves, one minute you feel bored and the other minute you have a big grin on your face. One Piece Online 2 is the second installment in the One Piece Online series. It’s a 2.5D platform video game where you engage in fierce battles and internal conflicts. The players can use unique boosts and original skills that also feature in the series.

One Piece 2 also has a variety of ships, new gear, and bosses to fight. The video game also offers 4 new classes to play. It’s a video game that One Piece fanatics are going to love to a great expanse.

04. Fantasy Merger

Fantasy Merger is an online card battle that you can play on any device, all you need is just a browser, that’s all. The objective of the video game is to battle different mobs, and while sustaining as minimum damage as possible. The players get a random tool every few seconds that would assist them. You can merge those tools and weapons to create even more powerful tools.

Players can land a critical hit, players can charge and release the card. This could be done multiple times.

03. Flyff (The Best in Online Anime Games specifically designed for Gamers.)

Flyff is a cross-platform MMORPG video game that can be played on any browser, whether it’s a mobile phone or a PC. The video game takes place in the fictional world of Madrigal, a vast map with many continents, brimming with people from different cultures. The players start by creating and customizing an avatar and take control of it to progress in the video game.

Your objective is to gain experience and level up. The players also choose their class out of the 4, mercenary, acrobat, magician, and assist.

02. Naruto Online (Brings the uniqueness in Anime Games Online)

Naruto Online is an MMORPG video game designed for both gamers and neutrals, players get to experience how living in Konoha feels like. The video game features a variety of modes, characters, combos, and boosts that are going to up your gameplay skills massively as well as bring you a point-of-view of the anime. The gameplay doesn’t only involve fighting, you could do more normal tasks such as joining a profession.

There are other various Naruto online video games, but this edges over them all.

01. Genshin Impact Online (One of the best Anime Games)

Can you believe Genshin Impact, arguably the best anime game on the planet is available on your everyday use browser? In Genshin Impact, players embark on an adventure to explore a fantasy world called Teyvat. It kind of gives a sim video game vibe, because of the similar medieval setting.

When the video game starts, you have to choose a character out of two, both characters are twins. The ultimate goal of the video game is to find the other playable character, who goes missing the moment you choose the other character over them.

Conclusion: The Best Anime Games Online

How do you rate our list of online anime games? The games we mentioned won’t suck your pocket empty, you just need to look up the title on your default browser, and the video game loads within a few seconds.

Before you leave please fulfill our two wishes, comment your feedback in the comments sections, and visit our social media handles, preferably Facebook and Instagram, because there we share everything from game news, reviews, and plot summaries. Thanks for joining us, we are happy to have you reading our blogs.

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