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Anime Fighting Games For PC: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Anime Fighting Games For PC

Japan is known for its entertainment industry, hundreds of brilliant video games are made every year, but a video game that has a connection to anime and has intense fighting in it may be too difficult to find. And if you fear spending your money to buy a video game and in the end, it turns out to be awful, check out our list. It consists of fighting video games that are packed with action that never seen before in any of the anime games. The lore, characters, and gameplay mechanics, are all amazingly done in these games. enough with the praising now’s the time to check out our list.

10. Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

We anime fans remember Sword Art Online as one of the early anime to split the Isekai genre, instead of going for a premise that elaborates on transportation to the other world, the anime depicts the people transporting to a virtual video game.

Since the popularity of the anime or the series as a whole, there have been many games from Sword Art Online. But Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris tops it. The reason why this game is on this list is because of its unmatched lore, it goes for an original plot, never seen by series’ fans, and it demonstrates it very well.

09. Dragon Ball FighterZ (One of the best Anime Fighting Games)

Are you a Goku fan? Maybe you love Vegeta more, everyone has their preferences, it doesn’t matter who you like or who you hate, but you can enjoy Dragon Ball FighterZ heartedly. In this video game, you have to choose a character, or more than a single character to begin the video game. And with your favorite character from DBZ World, you can fight the character you despise the most.

The game’s in 2.5D graphics with meticulous detail, which makes the game more fluid and quick combat action. There are also different modes that a gamer can play, such as training, multiplayer, and single-player modes.

08. Elsword (Deserves the Spot in Anime Fighting Games)

Talking about anime games and not mentioning an MMORPG video game may be a crime. There are tons and thousands of MMO games from the country Japan. We thought adding Elsword was worth it.

The video game tells us about a group of people residing in the country of Elrios. They are searching for a way to restore the magical power of El, the source of life for Elrios. The video game has a diverse collection of characters and has up to 14 playable characters. Just like any RPG video game, Elsword has the same upgrading, chatting, and exchanging items system.

07. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece had always been there, many anime came, went viral, and suffered losses. But for One Piece it remained constantly at the same place. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 covers some of the most iconic arcs of the manga. It also features an original story, that you could enjoy playing with your friends.

The video game showcases most of the Luffy’s gear transformation and it adds Bounce Man and Snake Man Luffy too. The game’s 4th installment to the Pirate Warriors 4 video game. It also has some scenes that reappear from the previous installment.

06. My Hero One’s Justice 2

What do you know my Hero Academia for? Is it All Might, Midoriya, or the whole class 1-A? Whoever may be your favorite but you can’t deny that almost everyone watches it for All Might’s strength and Deku’s passion to become a hero.

The title itself reveals that this is the 2nd addition to the video game. The video game covers the events of the third season when Class 1-A goes to pass the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc. The video game can be played from multiple characters’ perspectives, and you can freely use their powers to conquer the battlefield.

05. Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

Are you ready for an all-girls action-mecha video game? Because the Neptunia series is packed with intense battles, where girls go all out to defeat their opponents.

The game’s lore is pretty complicated, it tells about 4 girls who are candidates to become Goddesses of Gamindustri, but after waking from the slumber they find out how the world has drastically changed. They find a phenomenon that is causing the monsters to summon, and all that is because of a phone, named rPhone. The game explores various characters throughout the game, each has its inhuman abilities and power.

04. Dragon Quest XI

As of 2023, the isekai genre has evolved to different routes. The genre began from reincarnating into the other world as nobody to reincarnating as a hero. Dragon Quest XI tells us the adventure of a young hero, who goes through hardships and grows as a fine and kind young man. He is pointed at when his country is on the verge of collapsing but he turns out to be the destined hero, who is supposed to save the world. And as he travels further and further to find the cause of darkness that struck upon their country. On his everlasting journey, he meets allies and becomes friends with them.

The adventure tells about their journey through different biomes, and the players can explore the vast map to find the treasure. Gamers can play Dragon Quest XI in 2D-Retro style and 3D, which is probably the reason every age can enjoy it.

03. Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is an action role-playing game, the game is from a world-famous franchise, the Tales. The came in 2016 and is about a young woman, Velvet Crowe. She is seeking the man who killed her brother and also turned her into a Daemon, a deadly creature. The game’s about the girl’s hustle to win, and her involvement in conflicts.

The game takes gamers on a journey to beautiful landscapes and stunning visuals but the animation is sometimes slightly off, and the after-effects of the combat look dull. In the end, it lands the most important aspects of the video game that rank, and that’s lore and the characters.

02. Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia is a Japanese RPG game that, anime fans on social networks such as Reddit call a masterpiece, and some also rank it as one of the top 3 JRPGs. Not just those fans’ are biased but the critics rate it good too.

The video game’s a party who are on the search of a way to save the Sylvarant, the world they reside in. Sylvarant is dying out of mana, and while trying to save it they find the connection between Sylvarant and Tethe’alla. If one is out of balance it leaves some effects on the other. They try to find the possible outcomes to solve it all.

01. Persona 5 Royal (The Best game of Fighting Video Games)

For most, this franchise is their childhood and their future, for the past 10-15 years Persona franchise has been consistent. They have been launching games for as long as someone can remember.

The video game deserves the first spot more than any video game on this list. The narrative begins by showcasing a teenager who is standing against the evil group, Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They have supernatural powers to manipulate corrupt adults’ hearts.

The Persona 5 Royal video game has an immersive story and beautiful characters with strong backgrounds. Also, don’t mistake this as a sequel to the franchise, it’s just a reboot with minor changes to it.

Conclusion: Anime Fighting Games

The action genre is always there, whether it’s racing games, Western games, Retro games, and futuristic games. The genre just isn’t limited there, it is much more beyond your expectations. It is also the primary and most used tag in anime games, and we have listed some of those thematic video games.

This was it, this concludes our list of the top 10 anime-fighting games. How do rate this list? Tell us in the comments and if there is any video game that looks intriguing to you, list it below. We love to read a diversity of reactions.


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