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Solo Leveling: Arise, A Solo Leveling Video Game

Solo Leveling video game

First anime and now a video game, Solo Leveling is on a journey to achieve the feat of becoming both a great anime and an immersive video game. The popular manhwa is coming on mobile and PC, marking a new era of anime games. In this blog, we are unveiling everything you need to know about the upcoming Solo Leveling video game called Solo Leveling: Arise, from whether you will be able to play it on the devices you own to what to expect from the video game. Let’s commence our review.

What is Solo Leveling?

The setting of a protagonist achieving limitless power is cliche, consumers have watched countless anime with the iteration of this idea. However, Solo Leveling is different, despite staying faithful to the theme, the video game features a protagonist who can seamlessly grow.

The protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, used to be an E-rank hunter, but after getting struck by a catastrophic event that nearly cost him his life, he achieved the power sufficient to use mana. He also has a magical program, which he calls the System that records his strength and progress.

The secret behind Sung Jinwoo’s strength lies behind the mysteries of the Shadow Monarch, The strongest monarch. Jinwoo inadvertently acquired the power of the Shadow Monarch. Which gave him access to command shadows and create allies out of the enemies he killed.

Solo Leveling: Arise (The Solo Leveling Video Game)

Solo Leveling Manhwa has remained a favorite of many Manhwa enthusiasts. This webtoon features an interesting set of characters, an intriguing plot, and a fascinating art style. However, the fans certainly didn’t want it to be limited and fancied getting an anime series and a video game if possible. Here and now we have both an anime series packed with intense action and a video game that’s launching anytime this spring.

What is the Solo Leveling video game going to be about? The perilous adventures of “The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind.” The video game took inspiration from the Webtoon and is set in the same world, where human-threatening portals opened up, bringing new challenges for humankind.

The video game offers three engrossing modes, Story Mode, where you will be immersed in the story, Hunter Mode, where you will go ferocious to show the world why you are the strongest Hunter and lastly Time-Racing Mode, where your greatest foe will be the existence of time.

Your objectives in each mode will be different. Sometimes you will be diving into the story, while other times your goal will be much different than the initial missions.

The gameplay reveal of the video game is available on YouTube. Which showcases the visual quality and detailed battles centered around Jinwoo. The first impression of every Manhwa and anime fan of Solo Leveling: Arise is relatively surprising.

Graphics (Visual Quality)

The video game has a sharp and mesmerizing visual quality. Solo Leveling: Arise presents top-tier quality graphics that are conspicuous even in the trailer. The video game is aiming to bring Manhwa’s stunning art style to life.

The video game has yet to officially launch but the gameplay in the leaks and reveals showcases the groundbreaking animation style, art, and details in quality. Solo Leveling enthusiasts will be excited to see the character they cherish engage in an action-brimming sequence.

The aura covering both friends and adversaries is vividly lively. People had doubts if the video game would live up to the expectations in terms of adapting the action sequences. So far, the cutscenes and gameplay reveals are proving those assumptions wrong. Nevertheless, the video game will stun gamers even more after making the entry.

Initially, the video game was supposed to launch in 2023. But they had to extend the release date due to not being able to finish on time.


Solo Leveling is all about the intensity of the battles that center on an individual achieving the feat of leveling up entirely alone, he doesn’t have a team and is hideous about his power.

In the video game, you will experience the battles that occurred during the anime. How much? We don’t know anything yet, but there are high chances that the video game won’t be able to cover the entirety of the Manhwa in just Story Mode. However, the iteration of DLCs can make it possible.

Solo Leveling: Arise will be faithful to the plot, covering the one-sided battles of Sung Jinwoo. However, there could be additional content to the video game. Either way, the video game will be as astounding as the Manhwa itself if not more than that.

How Much Will The Solo Leveling Video Game Cost?

Netmarble has yet to unveil the cost of the Solo Leveling video game. However, you can keep an eye out for the information on their official website, social handles, or the video game’s official YouTube channel. The price will unfold before the release date.

Pre-orders for the video game are currently available to a few regions, the Canadian server is one of those few. But fans need to worry not, because the video game’s pre-registration will be available sooner than most speculations.

Once pre-order opens, you will be notified through their official accounts across all platforms on the internet. You will have a chance to secure your own copy and embark on an epic adventure.

Similar to the One Punch Man World, Solo Leveling: Arise will only be available for Windows and Mobile.

Conclusion: Solo Leveling Video Game

Solo Leveling is a revolutionizing series, the Manhwa is already at the pinnacle, and the anime is progressing too. But fans needed more, something they can virtually connect to, and Solo Leveling heard them. Solo Leveling: Arise is Solo Leveling’s first video game that is going to offer the enthralling adventures of Sung Jinwoo on Mobile and Windows this Spring. The release date isn’t confirmed but the gestures made by the Netmarble indicate that the arrival is not too far.

What is your impression of the Solo Leveling video game? Do let us know in the comments.

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