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Action Nintendo Switch Games: 10 Games to Try Immediately

Action Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo Switch is best when it comes to pocket gaming, it’s the most efficient way of gaming. There are thousands of video games we can get access to from anywhere in the world, but finding a quality game is not a kid’s job, we are here to back you up, check out our list of 10 Best Nintendo Switch action games.

We guarantee at least a few games would pique your interest. Let’s start with our countdown.

10. Metroid Dread (One of the best Action Games for Nintendo Switch)

The Metroid is a long-running video games franchise that launches new games twice a decade. Metroid Dread is also one of their games, that launched in 2021, and is the latest installment.

This video game follows Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who is on a mission to unveil the secrets of ZDR, an alien planet that is infested with parasitic creatures.

Before Metroid Dread, there have been many brilliant action-packed video games from Metroid, but we thought of picking one that stands out above the rest and is a fully seasoned video game.

09. Mulaka

Mulaka is a video game that not many know about, it’s a game that speaks about the tradition and the mythology of the Rarámuri or Tarahumara people.

The game follows the journey of Sukurúame, who can transform into different animals and demigods and can use their abilities. Sukurúame is relentlessly trying to find the root cause of the corruption that is making animals and plants hostile.

The game has impressive graphics, with details of physical combat and humanlike character interactions. There is a vast map where the gamers can roam around freely. The map also holds secret locations where you can find treasure.

08. God Eater 3

People appreciate God Eater 3 for developing some of the best Role-Playing video games. God Eater 3 is another one of the successful video games from the series. It features a fast-paced plot with flabbergasting gameplay.

The game introduces us to a group of special people who are on a mission to hunt down Aragami, a race of monstrous creatures. The narration begins with revealing a humanoid Aragami, who can stop Ashland, a phenomenon.

God Eater 3 features customizable weapons, that players can upgrade anytime. The video game also executes different forms of melee combat brilliantly.

07. Skyrim

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a masterpiece of a fantasy video game? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim without a doubt takes a place on this list, the video game may be old and ordinary but it takes gamers on a journey to unexplored worlds.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim introduces a protagonist who can use the power of dragons. The video game is tells the tale of Skyrim, a country where humans and Demihumans coexist. After the invasion of a dragon named Alduin, Dragonborn learns that he is the chosen on to stop him.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim involves, dragons, a complex plot, civil war, and everything a fantasy maniac would want in a video game.

06. Dark Souls: Remastered

How you do rate dark-themed video games? We hope you aren’t frightened by games with gloomy atmospheres because Dark Souls Remastered is a representation of such games.

Dark Souls Remastered follows the same story as the original video game, with some minor changes. The game’s about the Chosen Undead, who is cursed to revive endlessly. Shortly after the introduction, we learn that he is the only man that can fulfill the prophecy. It says to ring two bells of awakening which will open the gates of freedom for King’s chosen knight.

Dark Souls is a challenging video game, with rich lore. Gamers always find themselves stuck at a certain fight or level, and overcoming it requires intense precision and skills, which can be improved once you start playing it.

05. Hades

It’s time to dive into the world of Greek mythology, where Greek gods rule over the world. There are many Olympian gods, known as merciless and brutal, but the video game narrates the tale of Hades’s son Zagreus.

Zagreus is one of the strongest gods in Greek mythology, the game speaks about how he is relentlessly trying to reach Mount Olympus, where the other gods reside. But the journey isn’t easy for him, along the way he faces various bosses and different challenges.

You are in for a treat if you enjoy playing quick combat with fluid mechanics, the video game is all about action.

04. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Norse and Greek mythology both are known for their heavenly gods. While there are many games based on the mythology of both Norse and Greek. There is hardly any video game that can be compared to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

It’s a video game that speaks about Senua, a Celtic warrior who is suffering from psychosis. She is traveling to the Norse underworld to rescue her dead lover’s soul.

The game’s combat style is meticulously exquisite and has some impressive visuals. Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice explores the horror and psychological themes, which a God of War lover may enjoy.

03. Monster Hunter Rise

Hunting monsters becomes boring if you are playing a weak character, but on the other hand, it’s fun to slaughter such beings with a strong playable character. Monster Hunter is an Action-RPG video game where we hunt down evil monsters.

The game speaks about how a calamity phenomenon known as “Rampage” causes the monsters to attack civilians. The players have to defend the civilians from the hordes of monsters and find the root cause of “Rampage.”

There are hundreds of different weapons a gamer can use, it’s worth giving this video game a try.

02. Dead Cells: Action Games to Try on Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells is famous for its side-scrolling quick-paced action gameplay. The game is about solving puzzles and advancing to higher levels.

Failing frequently in action video games is nothing rare, we always wish for a video game where no matter how much damage we consume, we can’t die. Luckily Dead Cells is the game that matches the description, but nothing comes for free we have to pay the equivalent price or maybe more. Each time you fail, you are sent back to the beginning.

Dead Cells undeniably is hard, but taking action careless is an idiotic act. In Dead Cells, fast reflection and quick decisions make your gameplay quite stronger.

01. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (One of the Best Nintendo Switch Games)

Finally, it’s time for arguably the best action-adventure video game on this list. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a mashup of different video games or rather different characters.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is primarily a PvP video game, although it is available for single players and team battles. The game is also real-time, you can win exclusive rewards by logging in and participating in the promos.

Fans praise Super Smash Bro Ultimate for its fast-responding controls, you can engage mid-air, and use the abilities your character holds.

Conclusion: Action Nintendo Switch Games

Just like any other gaming console Nintendo Switch has a variety of video games, but it doesn’t stop here, newer video games are coming every day. Playing all those games is not possible, and that’s when our list comes in handy. We list only the successful and deserving titles, not the exaggerated ones.

That’s it for the list. What are your thoughts on this list? Was there any video game you found that is going into your play-next list? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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